Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are a few common queries we get from our customers. If you have a question that is not covered below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0800 368 8373 or send us an email [email protected]

We guarantee a weekly clean/service of the toilet(s) whilst on hire. Please note this does not necessary mean it will be serviced on the 7th day of hire but will be within the working week from 7am – 6pm Monday to Friday. The service will be carried out by our highly-trained team and includes fast and hygienic vacuum waste removal. We’ll also restock the loo roll, hand soap or sanitiser and paper towels as needed. Plus, as we have a master key for all our unit, no one will need to be onsite while this takes place.

Unless you have permission from the landowner or local council it is illegal for us to leave toilets, trailers and welfare units on someone else’s land without written consent from them acknowledging they give you permission to do so for the duration of the hire. You’ll therefore need to apply for a licence from your local council highways department to place a portable toilet on any part of a public road. You may also need to gain permission for a temporary crossing if our delivery lorry has to cross a public footpath to reach the site – whether public or private.

If you plan to use your portable toilet at home, it must be positioned outside the address stated on the licence or within a specific area if required.

Our mobile shower units are fitted with a heater that supplies temperature controlled water so you can have the water as hot or as cold as you like for each individual shower. We also supply hot wash chemical toilets for construction sites. These offer the same practicality and functionality of our standard portable toilets, with the addition of hot water to improve hygiene levels and cut down on the spread of illness.

You will need a high pressure mains water connection for our mobile shower trailers. We recommend speaking with a plumber to discuss your options before proceeding with the hire.

Inside our luxury trailers you can find a configuration of toilets, hand wash sinks and urinals. These trailers have been designed to a high spec and even come with luxury hand wash soap, hand lotion and toilet tissue to give your guest that extra comfort.

In our portable event and construction site toilets, you’ll find a chemical toilet, a hand sanitiser dispenser or forearm sink and an automatic LED light for use after dark.

We also supply welfare units for construction sites with no kitchen or bathroom facilities. Each unit comes with a kettle, microwave and seating area to make rest breaks more comfortable for up to 6 members of staff. There’s also a chemical toilet with hot wash facilities and a separate drying room.

Depending on the size of the cubicle or trailer you select, the space you need to make available will vary. Just remember, if you plan on having several portable loos side by side, you’ll need to leave enough space between each unit to allow for the door to open and close without catching. Please see dimensions below:

Luxury toilet trailers:

1+1 Trailer: H 3.1m, W 1.98m,D 4.4m

2+1 Trailer: H 3.1m, W 2m, D 6m

3+1 Trailer: H 3.1m, W 2.3m, D 6.7m

Portable construction and events toilets: H 2310 mm, W 1118mm, D 1219 mm

Wheelchair accessible toilets: H 2220 mm, W 1575 mm, D 1575 mm

Mobile shower trailers: H 3050mm, W 2100 mm, D 6000mm

Yes, we have a team of professional cleaning attendants who can stay the duration of the event to make sure the toilets are always clean, fully stocked and in pristine  condition for your guests. This will help to free up your own staff for work in other areas and lets you concentrate on running the event to ensure attendees have a great time. Dedicated attendants will also give you peace of mind that your facilities adhere to the necessary welfare requirements at all times. Contact us for a quote.

We are very transparent with pricing, the price you have been quoted is the price you pay. There will only ever be extra costs if there is damage to the unit. Here’s what you can expect to pay for self-contained portable toilet hire for your construction site, including a weekly service and restocking of hand sanitiser and loo roll:

Standard Portable Loo: £25 per week

Hot Wash Toilet: £35 per week

Mains Connected Toilet: £40 per week

Looking for event toilet prices? Our event toilets are priced on a quote by quote basis, so please feel free to fill out the online form on our homepage for a free quote.

All of our toilet and shower trailers need power to operate and a normal 240v extension cable is adequate. However, you’ll need a 110v power supply onsite if you opt for our hot wash portable toilets. Please note we do not run cables and the power supply should already be in the location the unit will be placed before we arrive, so be sure to arrange this in advance.

Alternatively, our portable chemical toilets are fully self-sufficient and don’t require a power supply or a plumbing system. Our welfare units also run off a diesel generator.

Urinal hire will drastically reduce queuing times for stand toilets at everything from sports events to festivals where you anticipate a large number of male attendees. They are lightweight, fully portable and compact, which means they are quick and easy to install. Plus, they’re ideal for sites where there is limited space to work with.

We have privacy Heras fence panels that we can use to enclose the urinals and create a barrier between them and public areas. Once constructed, the fencing can be covered with waterproof tarpaulin or woven mesh netting to block the urinals from view.

The number of people our units can service depends on the size you choose and the frequency of its use. However, our luxury toilet trailers can typically service the following number of guests:

1+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer: up to 125 guests (2 WCs & 2 Wash Basins)

2+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer: up to 175 guests (3 WCs & 4 Wash Basins)

3+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer: up to 250 guests (4 WCs & 4 Wash Basins)

Sure, our portable chemical toilets are ideal for festivals and other large events where there’s no access to mains connected facilities. Plus, they’re a substantial upgrade from the traditional festival drop toilets!

Every unit comes ready to use with hand sanitiser and loo roll, and we can also source attendants to keep your toilets clean and tidy throughout your event.

We also provide urinals to help cut queues down for men, as well as wider units that cater to wheelchair users or those that need some extra space when using the toilet. And if your festival has a dedicated VIP area, we can supply luxury toilet and shower trailers for an extra-comfortable experience.

No, we do not providing baby changing facilities with these units. The walls on these units are not strong enough for such equipment and any company who does provide these units with changing facilities are putting babies lives in danger.

Yes, our event toilets come with solar powered motion sensor night lights as standard so your guests won’t ever be left in the dark when trying to use the loo. This makes them ideal for late-night festivals, parties and wedding receptions, as well as construction sites which regularly require evening work. The inner light is also useful for better visibility on dull days where natural sunlight is limited.

Typically, the recommended toilet ratio is 1 per 100 people for an event up to 6 hours long. However, if you’re serving food and drink, you’ll need at least 1 portable toilet per 75 people. For full day events, double that initial figure. Plus, bear in mind that you’ll need to provide separate toilets for men and women.

For week-long onsite use, 1 toilet can serve up to 7 full-time workers. For longer projects or those involving lots of workers, our mains-connected portable toilet units may be a more practical option. Learn more about how many portable toilets you will need on our blog or use our calculator at the top of the page to work out how many toilets are suitable for your event. Please use this as a base – the ultimate decision is yours and how comfortable you wish your guest to feel at your event.

Your toilet(s) will arrive ready to use, including a flushable toilet with chemicals to break down the waste and reduce odours, a hand sanitiser dispenser, toilet rolls, a mirror and an air freshener. The toilet also comes with an automatic LED Light and a lockable door as standard. Next day delivery, installation at your chosen location and eventual collection are all included in the cost, as well as a full weekly service and empty. You can learn more about portable toilet hire prices on our blog.

While the chemical portable toilets we hire out for construction sites and events are the same models with the same facilities, there are some differences. As our construction toilets are used for building and construction projects, their condition does reflect this. Our event toilets have never seen a building site and always arrive pristine so you can rest assured you won’t receive one of them toilets you’ve seen on a building site at your event. We can also supply luxury VIP toilets, hot wash units and portable showers if you want an additional upgrade.

No, our event toilets do not have sinks instead they come with hand sanitiser dispenser. This means that our portable toilets can be positioned wherever you like, including remote areas, as they don’t need a water supply or drainage connection.

If you would like a unit with a sink for more effective hand washing, our luxury trailers come with multiple toilets and basins to accommodate your guests. Alternatively, for longer events, you could opt for one of our mains connected portable toilets instead.

Our mains connected toilets operate exactly the same as the toilet you have at home, directly linked to mains water, electricity and a sewer system. Meanwhile, our standard chemical toilets and luxury trailers use a chemical flushing system similar to that found on aeroplanes. This is activated by either a hand pump or a foot pedal, which pushes the waste down into a leak-proof holding tank until it can be emptied. Learn more about how portable toilets work on our blog.

We don’t service/clean mains connected toilets as they are connected direct to the mains sewer supply. As a result, they don’t require weekly emptying like temporary portable toilets. However, they will arrive fully steam cleaned and ready for use.

Although we’d recommend hiring portable toilets to the majority of our clients over buying them, we do sell units too. This could be more convenient for you if you want the freedom to transport the toilet anywhere you like or you have somewhere to store your toilet for use over a long period of time. However, you will need a waste disposal licence if you plan on emptying the unit yourself. If you do decide to buy one of our portable toilets, there is a lead time of 4 weeks from the date order placed to the date it arrives at your location. Please contact the sales team for more information.

Mains water, electricity and sewer connections are required for you mains connected toilets. You’ll also need mains water access if you’re hiring a mains-connected portable toilet. These are ideal for long-term jobs or scenarios where heavy use is likely. Plus, they have the added benefit of reduced odours and less maintenance, as they are connected to a mains sewer rather than being emptied once a week.

Our chemical portable toilets, on the other hand, contain a chemical reservoir for flushing and a holding tank for the waste, so they don’t need to be connected to a water or drainage supply. As a result, they offer more flexibility in terms of placement.

All our drivers are health and safety trained and wear the correct PPE to enter Construction Sites and Rail Sites to enable them to carry out their duties in safe and professional manner.

Our servicing teams work Monday – Friday 7am to 6pm. We therefore do not provide construction site toilet servicing on weekends. However, we do guarantee a weekly service and you can book extra cleans as needed by contacting our sales team.

If you decide to purchase your own portable toilet for a longer project, we can service and empty your unit weekly or on an as and when needed basis. Get in touch with us today for a free a quote.

Our fencing is delivered kerbside and it would be the hirers responsibility to erect the fencing and dismantle. If you need help with construction and take down, we can arrange for this to be completed by us but additional charges will apply. Contact the team today to get a quote.

As all fencing requirements are different, we hire out our fence panels on a quote by quote basis. Please contact our sales team and they will be able to provide you with a tailored quote.

Whether you require privacy fencing for your festival toilets or temporary barriers to fence off different areas, we can provide fencing for a range of events and scenarios. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Our single shower units are reserved for use on construction sites and their condition does reflect this. If you require showers for your event, we can provide luxury shower trailers for your guests instead. Each shower unit comes with spacious changing areas, a water heater to regulate the temperature of each individual shower and anti-slip flooring to prevent slips as standard.

As with our portable toilets, our single shower units for construction sites can be hired for long or short term projects to fit your needs.

No, as our shower units connect to your mains water supply, we do not provide cleaning services on these units. However, they are steam cleaned prior to delivery and will arrive ready for immediate use.

Yes, just like our luxury trailers and hot wash toilets, our mobile shower units require a mains water supply for the fresh water and a drainage connection for the waste water. You’ll also need a power supply to run the heater for the hot water tank.

No, we do not hire out water bowsers. However, we do provide a fresh water replenishment service if you have your own tank that requires refilling. For peace of mind, our water delivery tanks are all tagged and lockable for security reasons, as well as being fully compliant with UK water regulations. Learn more and get a quote on our fresh water replenish page.

Our water replenish service is the ideal solution for sites without access to clean drinking water. We’ll make sure you always have a regular supply of fresh water for drinking no matter where you’re based. We also supply water for IBC tanks and welfare units, however, this isn’t drinkable.

Used primarily for welfare units, flushing toilets and washbasins, our IBC water tanks can hold up to 1000 litres of fresh water. If you’re based on a large site, we can also supply you with multiple tanks as needed. All our tanks are translucent so you can keep an eye on how much water you have left to avoid running out, and we can deliver 1000 litres of fresh water to any location in London or Essex on the same day.

When hiring a welfare unit from us we will attend weekly to clean and remove all waste from the toilet area and refill your water tanks. We do not clean the Canteen area or drying room – this is the hirers responsibility.

Your welfare unit will arrive with a full tank of diesel. It is the hirers responsibility for the fuel that’s used in the unit, when the unit is returned it must have a full tank otherwise charges for replacement fuel will incur.

Any person / company wishing to hire a Eco Welfare unit must have an account with us and their own In Hire Insurance policy. You can open an account with LetLoos by sending an email to: [email protected] and one of the team will get back to you.

As with all of our portable toilets, we guarantee a weekly clean and service of our welfare unit toilets. This includes tank emptying to remove waste and replenishment of toilet roll and hand soap as needed. For your convenience, we have a master key for all our units so no one will need to be onsite while this takes place.

Our hot wash toilets for construction sites are available to hire across London and Essex, at a rate of £30 per week. That’s just £5 more than our standard portable toilets and provides access to hot water and soap for more effective hand washing. Plus, we include a weekly service and empty as standard.

Want to compare the cost of a hot wash unit with another style of toilet? View our portable toilet price list for full details.

Providing access to welfare facilities is a legal requirement for any construction job lasting more than one month, unless there’s a suitable alternative nearby. Our hot wash toilets are all HSE compliant with flushing toilets and forearm sinks that enable workers to wash their hands, forearms and faces properly – a must on sites where contact with hazardous substances is likely. Learn more about HSE compliance for construction sites on our blog.

Hot wash toilets offer all kinds of benefits, from helping you to meet HSE compliance to increasing the productivity of your workforce. Having access to hot water also makes washing your hands after a cold day outdoors much more enjoyable, encouraging a more thorough clean to help prevent the spread of illness. Find out more about all the benefits of a hot wash site toilet on our blog.

No mains water or drainage is required with our self-contained portable chemical toilets. They arrive ready to use and maintained by us. However, if you plan on hiring a mains connected or hot wash toilet, you’ll need access to water and power, plus a drainage system for the waste. Contact the sales team to find out more on 0800 368 8373.

A chemical toilet features a chemical flushing system which is activated by either a hand pump or foot pedal. The waste is then pushed down into a holding tank containing chemicals to break it down to minimize odours. As a result, chemical toilets are entirely self-contained, and they don’t need to be connected to mains water or sewerage. You can find out more about how portable toilets work on our blog.

All toilets are serviced/cleaned once a week. If extra cleaning is requested, this can be carried out for an additional cost. Please contact us either via phone on 08003688373 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to get that sorted.

The weekly hire price for our portable chemical toilets includes the following:

  • Removal of all waste and tanks replenished with fresh chemicals
  • 2 x toilet rolls
  • Hand soap refilled when needed
  • Sink water
  • Air freshener when needed

Next-day delivery, on-site installation and collection are also included in the cost.

One of our tankers will visit your location and vacuum all the effluent liquid out of the tank, and at the end of each day, our tanker trucks visit Thames Water treatment plant and pump the effluent fluid into the sewage system so it can be processed.

All our staff have the correct training and use the proper PPE to carry out this job. We are also regulated and licenced by the Environment Agency to remove waste safely.

We deliver our toilets, welfare units and tailers in some of the remotest locations in the U.K. We have a range of lifting HIABs, trolleys, barrows and skates. If you feel your site will be a tricky delivery, then please do make sure you contact the team before you place the order.

If our delivery truck has to cross a public footpath to reach your chosen site, you may also need permission from the council to install a temporary crossing, so be sure to check that out before booking your toilets.

No, you don’t. We supply mobile toilet solutions to both trade and domestic customers across London and Essex, regardless of whether you have an account with us. However, if you wish to hire an Eco Welfare unit, you will need an account and your own In Hire Insurance policy. If in doubt, please contact us for clarification.

To hire a unit for your event, all you need to do is fill out our online form to get a quote, and a member of our sales team will be in touch to run through your requirements with you.

When you hire a toilet or shower unit from LetLoos, you can rest assured that any problems will be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. In fact, we are on hand to help 24/7, so feel free to contact us at any time of day or night to have your issue remedied.

At LetLoos, our team is on hand to deliver portable toilets and showers in London, Essex and Hertfordshire, when you need them. So, as long as you place your order before 12pm, we can guarantee next-day delivery for both long and short-term contracts throughout those areas.

All toilets are serviced/cleaned once a week. If extra cleaning is requested, this can be carried out for an additional cost. Please contact us either via phone on 08003688373 or email [email protected] and we will be happy to get that sorted.

Generally speaking, our specialist team clean site toilets between 7am – 6pm Monday to Friday, and you don’t have to be on-site when we visit as we have a master key. However, as we offer our customers 24/7 customer service, if you have any special requirements regarding delivery, collection or servicing, please talk to our sales team and they will be happy to assist you with bookings outside of those hours.

Based in Barking, we are an accredited provider of portable toilet and shower hire, plus related services in London, Essex and Hertfordshire. We are rapidly expanding and starting to cover larger areas of the UK. To check and see if we cover your area, simply enter your postcode into our online postcode checker.