Hot Wash Toilet Benefits for Construction Sites

hot wash hands benefits,Benefits Of Hot Wash Toilet For Construction Sites

Construction sites often have no access to regular toilet facilities, which poses problems around worker comfort and hygiene conditions. This blog shares the benefits that come from hiring a portable hot wash toilet unit that solves the problems you face at your construction site.

What Is a Portable Hot Wash Toilet?

hot wash toilet is a portable toilet unit that includes facilities for hand-washing with warm or hot water (and cold, of course!). This type of portable toilet for hire contains the standard chemical toilet setup and a washbowl that provides enough space for washing up to your elbows.

Features of Our Hot Wash Toilets

You can find even more features on our Hot Wash Toilets page, but here’s a quick overview:

  • Includes facilities for hand-washing with warm or hot water
  • Provides increased sanitation benefits
  • Available for immediate long or short-term hire
  • Next-day delivery available
  • Encourages more frequent and longer hand-washing
  • Provides workers with constant access to premium facilities

Benefits of Having a Hot Wash Toilet on-Site

Yes, installing high-quality facilities complete with hot running water is an expense. But ultimately, hot wash toilets pay for themselves. Here’s why:

Improved Productivity

Did you know that the construction industry is plagued with one of the lowest average productivity levels in the UK? While it’s a complex and multifaceted issue, small changes like upgrading your toilet facilities can make a big difference when it comes to productivity.

Why? Primarily because easy access to clean and comfortable hygiene facilities reduces the time employees spend travelling between the construction site and the toilet blocks. This helps reduce workflow disruption and keeps teams productive.

Dehydration can also be a big issue on construction sites. The last thing you want is employees cutting down their water intake because the trek to the toilets is a pain. Well-placed hot wash toilets will not only keep your workflow moving along nicely but will also encourage employees to stay hydrated. Both these reasons mean boosting productivity is one of the key benefits of hot wash toilets for construction sites.

We’ve recently written an article that outlines the many ways in which a portable toilet hire can increase on-site productivity. These benefits encompass all of our units, including our hot wash toilets, so check it out on our blog to learn more.

Health and Safety Compliance

The most obvious benefit of these specific toilet units is they comply perfectly with UK Health & Safety Regulations. This is a great example of two-birds-one-stone because these toilets comply with the ‘toilet facilities’ section of the requirements and the section on washing facilities.

The Health and Safety Executive has the final word when it comes to employee wellbeing on construction sites. Guidelines on toilets and washbasin facilities are crystal clear which means there are no excuses for non-compliance.

Plain and simple, meeting HSE requirements is one of the top benefits of hot wash toilets for construction sites. Fines for failing to meet HSE standards can be much higher than the costs of renting portable toilets for the duration of the project. This alone means hot wash toilets pay for themselves in the long run.

Better Sanitisation

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of good hand hygiene. Installing hot wash toilets on your construction site makes it quick, easy and enjoyable for employees to wash their hands. After all, construction workers shouldn’t have to sacrifice hygiene simply due to their environment.

Having hot or warm running water encourages more frequent hand-washing, particularly in winter when the thought of cleaning up in cold water will likely fill your workers with dread. It also provides better sanitisation and contaminant removal than using cold water. With that in mind, for any construction sites that work with contaminated environments, hot water access — along with space for washing up to the elbow — is crucial.

Hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of pathogens, which can quickly become an issue in tight-knit construction teams. If one team member comes down with cold or flu-like symptoms, chances are their colleagues will soon follow suit. Before you know it, your entire team could be calling in sick. While hot wash toilets won’t completely eliminate the risk of employees falling ill, they do help to improve hand hygiene standards on your construction site.

Environmentally Friendly

We take our Environment Agency accreditation seriously here at LetLoos, which is why all of our units are more eco-friendly than regular toilet facilities. Portable toilets typically save between one and six gallons of water every use, due to the safe disposal of waste without the requirement of using water to completely flush the waste away.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Far too many employers underestimate the value of employee satisfaction. The concept goes beyond wages and measures the level of happiness and contentment employees feel towards their jobs and workplace. Employee satisfaction can be hard to achieve in the construction industry as environments can be tough and physically demanding.

Small gestures, like treating employees to high-quality hot wash toilets instead of facilities that offer the bare minimum, are a great way to improve satisfaction. Investing in decent facilities shows employees that they’re valued and respected within the company, not simply cogs in the wheel. This will encourage them to stay with your company, reducing your staff turnover and saving you time and money.

Why Hire Hot Wash Toilets for Construction Sites from LetLoos?

We have over twenty years’ experience in welfare and toilet facilities here at LetLoos. We don’t believe that temporary toilets should be unreliable, cramped or unhygienic. This is why all our units come with 24-hour cleaning and maintenance service, offering our clients peace of mind and complete round-the-clock care. Our services are suitable for every type of site — from brand new countryside builds to urban refurbs.

Your construction site could benefit from hot wash toilet hire as early as tomorrow with our next day delivery option. Get in touch to see which of our portable toilet units will fit your specific needs on 0800 368 8373 or use our contact form.