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Portable loo hire is a critical part of construction site planning. These facilities provide easy-access relief for on-site operatives, reducing the burden on the surrounding public and private amenities and improving working conditions. For the vast majority of construction companies, they're essential.

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Portable Toilet Hire Cost


How much portable loo toilets cost to hire, however, remains something of a mystery to many companies in the industry. In this article, you’ll learn how much you can expect to pay and how our prices compare to the competition, giving you a clear sense of the value we bring. 


At LetLoos, we believe that portable toilets for construction sites should be more than just a box workers use as bathroom facilities. They should be convenient, environmentally friendly, luxurious, highly mobile, and, of course, affordable. 


For this reason, we offer a range of on-site toilets, welfare units, water replenishment services, maintenance services and shower units. The following table shows the prices of our products compared to our leading competitors:


Important note: the cost of event toilets differs from that of construction toilets because they are different products. Our basic Chemical Site Toilet, for instance, comes with HSE-compliant features, including forearm sinks that fulfil all regulatory requirements at work. Building site toilets also need specific features. For this reason, our portable bathrooms for construction workers feature grid-style flooring that helps to prevent workers from dragging in mud and creating slippery floors. 


Portable Loos for events have their own set of needs. Events, for instance, often take place at night. Our event loos, therefore, come equipped with LED light sensors to prevent people from having to go for number twos in the dark. We also provide all event toilets with powerful hand sanitisers demonstrated to kill more than 99.9999 per cent of germs. 


Events may also host guests with disabilities. Our Easy Access Toilets provide extra space for wheelchairs and prams – facilities that are not usually required on a regular building site. Finally, event toilets often have to cope with high volumes of users at the same time. Portable urinal stations for men are a great solution that can help you reduce wait times during peak periods. 


Remember, our guaranteed weekly clean also comes as part of the price. This service keeps your loo facilities looking and smelling fresh, no matter how busy they get during the week.


Benefits Of Portable Toilet For Construction Sites


Construction sites are hectic communities in which workers spend an enormous amount of day operating equipment and carrying goods from one side of the site to another. Providing on-site toilets is, therefore, essential. Here are some of the benefits that they can bring. 


Improve Worker Productivity


Making sure that your workers can be in and out of the bathroom quickly is a crucial consideration for construction companies. Taking a 20-minutes break to go to an off-site toilet three times per day could result in more than £100 of lost wages per employee per week.


For this reason, construction companies should deploy portable toilets on-site to reduce travel time and ensure that employees are performing productive activities for as much of the day as possible. The great thing about portable loos is that you can place them pretty much wherever you want strategically around your site, reducing travel time for workers, no matter where they happen to be. 


Improve Worker Morale


Portable loos can also improve worker morale. Employees don’t want to walk for ten minutes to find a toilet. They would much prefer to use facilities close by on-site. Remember, there may not be any public toilets in the vicinity of your building site. And even if there are, workers might have to pay for them – something which can, again, harm overall morale. Coffee shops, restaurants and libraries usually require you to be a paying customer to use the facilities. 


Provide A Better Experience For Your Clients


Construction companies often host clients on-site, showing them the progress made so far. Naturally, clients may want to use the bathroom at some point during their visit. Instead of directing them to the nearest coffee shop, portable loos allow you to provide facilities on-site. It might seem like a minor touch, but it can have a tremendous impact on how they perceive you. 


Maintain Strict Control Over Sanitation And Hygiene 


Construction companies need to keep their workers safe and healthy throughout the construction project to avoid absenteeism, tribunals and litigation. 


Here again, portable loos can help. 


Third-party providers such as LetLoos, operate services to rigorous hygiene standards. Each unit incorporates a variety of technologies that minimises the spread of disease and maximises the availability of personal hygiene facilities, such as soap, handwashes, and dryers.


Maintain Regulatory Compliance


Construction companies have a regulatory duty to provide “suitable and sufficient” toilet facilities on-site. The law leaves the precise number vague but, in general, you’ll want to scale your portable lavatory deployment in lockstep with the number of people on your site. 


Check out this chart which shows how many toilets you need: 


Source: BS6465-1:2006


BS6465-1:2006 regulations recommend that you have one toilet for every seven people on your site if you empty your facilities one per week. If you empty your loos twice per week, you may need two toilets per seven workers. The National Building Specification suggests that construction sites develop lavatory strategies which prevent workers from waiting excessive lengths of time to access the bathroom. 


Keep The Planet Healthy


LetLoos provides state-of-the-art wastewater processing services, helping to keep the planet healthy. We process waste following all appropriate HSE standards, which include:


  • Providing plumbed toilets where possible and well-ventilated, chemical toilets if not. 
  • Maintaining chemical toilets in a sanitary condition for all those on-site who might use them, including workers, visitors and site staff
  • Quality washing facilities that supply hot and cold or warm water, soap, hand drying facilities, and large sinks for washing the face and arms


Compact Size


The compact size of portable loos is another substantial benefit. You can place one of our chemical loos (or equivalent mains version) practically anywhere on your site without it getting in the way of your plant and equipment. Furthermore, because each unit is standalone, you can optimally place facilities around your site, minimising the time your workers must spend getting to and from the loo. 


Cut Your Admin Costs


Cleaning and maintaining portable loos are significant drains on your time. You have to think about everything from restocking the loo roll to pumping out the wastewater. It is a substantial challenge. 


All-in-one services, like the one we provide at LetLoos, helps you get around this problem. We offer a weekly maintenance service where we eliminate waste materials, replenish all your supplies and remove any foul odours. Construction site managers and executives can rest assured in the knowledge that we carry out the process discreetly, without the need for any time input from you.


Our Construction Hire Products


LetLoos offers a range of facilities for construction hire. Take a look at all of the construction hire products we provide in the section below:


Chemical Site Toilet


Our Chemical Site Toilet is our primary product, designed to provide you with effortless lavatory facilities for your site. 


We designed our site toilet with convenience in mind. Every unit is compact, robust and durable – just what you need on a heavy-duty construction site. 


Chemical Site Toilets are the basic building block you need to provide on-site bathroom facilities that help improve worker productivity and morale. The toilets are not only comfortable and hygienic but also fully-serviced by our crack team of cleaners weekly.


This option is perfect for construction sites that are cut off from mains supplies. It works with no need for a separate septic tank, ground hole or connection to the conventional sewer system. 


Installing the Chemical Site Toilet is a breeze, and we offer guaranteed same-day or next-day delivery. All our chemical site toilets come with basins complying with Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations, 1992.


Hot Wash Site Toilet


If you’d like your workers to have a premium experience when they visit the loo, then our Hot Wash Site Toilet might be the perfect solution. It offers both hot and cold water and provides increased sanitation benefits. Like our classic Chemical Site Toilet, the hot wash version is available for immediate hire, both long and short term. 


Why is providing hot water so important? Ultimately, it comes down to handwashing. Workers are much more likely to complete comprehensive hand washing with warm water than they are with cold. 


Mains-Connected Toilet


Our mains-connected toilets are a great, cost-effective solution, explicitly designed for long term projects. These toilets connect to the regular mains network and provide full flushing facilities on-site, negating the need for periodic emptying of wastewater from the tank


The great thing about our Main Connected Toilet is that it offers the same benefits as our regular Chemical Site Toilet, but without the ongoing need for drainage services. Don’t worry: LetLoos takes care of the installation, plumbing, maintenance and removal. There is no additional admin work on your part. 


Welfare Unit Hire


Welfare units are a pleasant addition for your building site, offering some much-needed respite from the construction environment. Our welfare units arrive freshly steam cleaned and in full working order. They include a raft of essentials, including biscuits, kettle, facilities for making drinks, soap, a microwave and toilet paper. 


The purpose of these units is to provide your workers with a little extra luxury. All welfare units we supply are fully compliant with health and safety regulation and come with a weekly cleaning service as standard. 


Single Shower Unit


Building sites often require quality shower units so that workers can remove dirt, grime and hazardous materials. At Letloos, we’re on a mission to provide all the sanitary facilities that workers need for a pleasant on-site experience. Our showers provide washing facilities that allow them to stay clean, before, during and after a shift, especially after coming into contact with volatile or dangerous substances. 


When we were designing our portable showers for construction sites, we wanted something easy to install and could withstand heavy usage. The result is our Single Shower Unit – perhaps the most robust portable shower on the market today. The unit offers simple controls and allows workers to have a hot or cold shower, any time. 


Site Fencing


While we’re famous for our loos, we also offer compliant, quality fencing for construction sites.


The purpose of construction site fencing is twofold: first to prevent unauthorized access to the site and second, to keep passing members of the public safe. 


The rules for construction site fencing date to the Health And Safety at Work Act of 1974. Construction site fencing must be at least 2 metres tall, with hoard up to 2.4 metres. For construction sites in sensitive locations, such as near schools or city centres, three-metre fences may be required. 


Our fencing is robust, secure and easy to set up. We guarantee that it will stand up to the very harshest of conditions. 


IBC Water Tank Hire


Many construction companies hire sanitation facilities only to find that they have to change the water frequently. It can be a nightmare. For this reason, LetLoos offers IBC Water Tank Hire. The water tank has a 1000-litre capacity and will work alongside our construction site welfare unit. We make the container of toughened plastic surrounded by a metal cage, designed to help it survive harsh construction site environments. The translucent shell makes it easy to view how much water you’ve got left, letting you know when you need to refill it. We offer out-of-hours tank emptying and provide solutions for both mobile and static welfare units. 


Fresh Water Replenish


Workers, clients and site managers need a steady supply of fresh drinking water to keep them hydrated on-site. With LetLoos, you can arrange to use our Fresh Water Replenish service designed to ensure that you’re always topped up with the drinking water you need.


Our freshwater replenishment service offers a hygienic source of water for your site when you lack mains availability. All our water tanks are made of toughened plastic to prevent cracking and have lockable lids to prevent tampering, making them fully compliant with UK water regulations. Ordering our Fresh Water Replenish service is just as straightforward as any other product in our range. 


Toilet & Welfare Unit Servicing


If you operate a busy construction site, you have more important things to worry about than whether your bathroom facilities are maintained, stocked and cleaned. LetLoos, therefore, offers standalone toilet and welfare unit servicing which includes loo and welfare unit cleaning, wastewater removal, soap and toilet tissue replenishment, and hand soap refilling. 


We’re discreet, punctual, and highly trained. We remove wastewater in an environmentally-friendly manner. What’s more, we’re here 24-hours a day, seven days a week for emergency call-outs, whenever you need us. 




How much portable toilet hire costs depends heavily on how many units you need and for how long you need them. Furthermore, your choice of vendor can make a big difference to the overall price too. Not everyone is as competitive as LetLoos. Ultimately, portable toilets are an essential feature of building sites and an amenity you are wise to include to ensure a successful project outcome.

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