4 Man Urinal Hire

Our urinal rental units are a cost-effective, space-efficient option for events where a large number of men will be in attendance.


The number of people our units can service depends on the size you choose and the frequency of its use. However, our luxury toilet trailers can typically service the following number of guests: 1+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer: up to 125 guests (2 WCs & 2 Wash Basins) 2+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer: up to 175 guests (3 WCs & 4 Wash Basins) 3+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer: up to 250 guests (4 WCs & 4 Wash Basins)
We have privacy Heras fence panels that we can use to enclose the urinals and create a barrier between them and public areas. Once constructed, the fencing can be covered with waterproof tarpaulin or woven mesh netting to block the urinals from view.
Urinal hire will drastically reduce queuing times for stand toilets at everything from sports events to festivals where you anticipate a large number of male attendees. They are lightweight, fully portable and compact, which means they are quick and easy to install. Plus, they’re ideal for sites where there is limited space to work with.

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Depots strategically placed around London, Essex and Liverpool allowing us to provide quality of service and toilet hire Nationwide. Our professional team of installers, cleaners and maintenance staff are on hand 24/7 for your portable toilet hire and sanitation needs. With depots strategically placed around the U.K allows us to provide quality of service and toilet hire Nationwide.

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At LetLoos, we offer a range of sanitation services, guaranteed to cater to your unique needs. We deliver a quality long-term or short-term service to construction sites, and provide temporary solutions for corporate events, festivals, weddings and more.

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