Toilet Hire 101: How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need?

confused,Toilet Hire 101: How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need?

It’s a fact of life: we all have to go to the bathroom to relieve ourselves throughout the day. In fact, it’s normal to go between 4 to 10 times a day.

So naturally, if you have an event or construction job, the people on the premises will eventually have to use the commode. In that case, you want to make sure you’re adequately prepared to avoid unhappy people and disasters.

So exactly how many portable toilets do you need for your upcoming event? This handy guide will give you better direction when it comes to toilet hire services so you don’t end up under or over hiring!

A General Portable Toilet Calculator

We’ll first start off with a general portable toilet calculator. This will give you a rough idea of how many toilets you’ll need.

Of course, this is just a rough guide. You should also read on and see what factors might affect the number of toilets needed, as it can be a drastic difference, depending on your personal situation.

In general, the toilet ratio per person will be 1 per 100 people. You’ll want to have at least 1 toilet for each gender as well, which means for any occasion, you’ll need to hire at least 2 portable toilets. That is, unless you only have 1 gender present.

This number is good for an event that’s roughly 4 hours long. But as you may have already guessed, not every event or construction job will be 4 hours, so read on to find out what else you need to think about when considering hiring portable toilets.

Factors That Affect How Many Portable Toilets You Need

What if your event or construction job is longer than 4 hours? Also, there are plenty of other factors that can require more or fewer portable toilets for your event when compared to another similar occasion.

Read on to find out what can affect the number of toilets you’ll need to hire and more.

Length of Your Event or Construction Job

So the number above is only for events that are 4 hours or shorter. What if you have a construction job that’s not only 8 hours a day, but also spanning through the week or even month?

You’ll definitely need to hire more portable toilets in that case. A rule of thumb is for a 40-hour workweek, you should get at least 1 toilet for 7 workers.

For up to 200 workers, you should get at least 1 toilet and 1 urinal per 40 workers. When you have more than 200 workers, then you should get at least 1 toilet and 1 urinal per 50 workers.

If you’re having a music festival, is it just for 1 day or does it span an entire weekend? If it’s the latter, are attendees going home every night or are they allowed to camp on the premises overnight?

Obviously, if attendees are staying overnight, then you’ll have to account for up to 12 hours more usage of toilets, which is basically double what a normal festival would accommodate. In that case, you’ll have to double the number you’d originally go with. The exact number will depend on how many guests are actually opting for camping out instead of going home.

For events or jobs spanning a few days, consider getting cleaning services. Or you can have the toilet hire company haul some toilets away and replace them with fresh, clean ones. Both services combined can be a fantastic option if your event has lots of foot traffic and you want to keep things as clean as possible.

Location of the Event

Where your event’s held will greatly affect how many toilets you need too.

If it’s out in a remote area, then each portable toilet will hold more value. This is especially true if guests must drive a good distance to get to and from the event. They’ll feel more at ease and more encouraged to stay longer if they know they can comfortably empty their bladder, particularly right before they make the long drive home.

On the other hand, if your event is at a venue that has both indoor and outdoor spaces, you can consider hiring fewer portable toilets. You can use the indoor toilets as the main ones, and the hired portable ones outside can be used to help ease traffic to the indoor ones if needed. They’ll also add convenience, as outdoor attendees won’t have to go far to use the toilet.

You need to also consider how big the venue is as well. The bigger it is, the more toilets you’ll need. You don’t want your guests having to trek across the entire space just to relieve themselves, especially if it’s a long event.

Not only does having more toilets available at a bigger space make it more convenient for the attendees, but it also reduces long unsightly queues. If you’re holding a more elegant and classy event, then this can be quite an important factor to consider.

Ratio of Females to Males

How many females vs males present at your event will definitely affect how many portable toilets you’ll need. It’s a known fact that women spend longer in the bathroom than men do. On average, it takes women 1 minute and 30 seconds to go to the toilet while it only takes 1 minute for men.

This might not seem like a huge difference, but when there are lots of people queuing for the bathroom, this can all really add up.

So remember how we said the ratio of portable toilets should be 1 per 100 people? Again, that’s a very rough estimate. To make up for the bathroom time difference between genders, you should adjust that ratio a little.

Without food and drinks, you should get 1 toilet per 85 women, 1 toilet per 425 men, and 1 urinal per 125 men.

Are you serving food and drinks? And more specifically, are you serving alcohol? Then you’ll want to read one of the later sections to further adjust your numbers.

If you have just one gender at your event, then you might be able to get away with slightly fewer toilets. But if both are present, then you should follow the rules above, as most women prefer to have a separate toilet area from the men.

Age of the Attendees

With most events, crowds will mostly be of younger ages, such as teens, 20s, or 30s. These age groups typically have good control over their bladder function, so you won’t really have to adjust your portable toilet hire numbers for them.

However, if you have family events, there are sure to be young children under the age of 10 or even 5. At these ages, they won’t have fantastic bladder control, which means toilets need to be readily available, wherever they are. Otherwise, you’ll risk having some stressed-out parents who have to leave early because their children have wet themselves.

Also, as we get older, we urinate more. Not only is this due to old age and our bodily functions starting to deterioriate, but it’s also a side effect for some medications since they can be diuretics.

So if you have elderly event attendees, take this into consideration and hire more portable toilets. Not only will they need to urinate more often, but they probably aren’t as mobile. So you want to ensure they don’t have to go far to find the nearest toilet.

Health Conditions of the Attendees

For things like music festivals, you won’t have to worry too much about people with disabilities, as they’ll be in the minority. However, you should still account for that by making sure your portable toilets aren’t spaced too far apart.

You should also ensure there’s at least a few that are close and accessible from the entrance and exit so disabled guests can easily go to the bathroom when they arrive and right before they leave.

In other cases, you might have a large number of people with disabilities present. For example, maybe you’re holding an event for people with a certain illness or the demographic that’s interested in your event has a higher percentage of disabilities. For example, a fair for pregnant women will certainly need more toilets than for usual crowds!

If this applies to the events you’re holding, then you’ll want to not only increase the number of portable toilets you hire, but also the number of easy access toilets you hire as well. These are made especially to accommodate those who aren’t as able-bodied so they can easily get in and out of the bathroom unit.

Food and Drinks Served at Your Event

What goes in must go out at some point. Whether you’re having a dignified wedding reception or a wild music festival, attendees will most certainly be eating and/or drinking.

In fact, at festivals, you can count on the concert-goers to imbibe lots of alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it’ll make them go to the bathroom more frequently. Add in the fact that many of these people go too far with drinking, and they’ll need somewhere to throw up as well.

Even at a small event where there’s no alcohol served, you should still rent extra portable toilets. If people are going to be eating food and drinking beverages (even non-alcoholic ones), then you must account for the extra elimination that must be done.

If you want to be extra-safe, you should hire a few additional portable toilets. This is just in case the food and drinks don’t agree with them. That way, you ensure that there are always a few free toilets available for them to pop into.

At the very least, you should get 1 toilet per 75 women, 1 toilet per 400 men, and 1 urinal per 100 men.

Type of Event

Let’s face it: the guests for an art festival won’t be as rowdy as say, the ones for a music festival or fair. When alcohol (and even drugs) are involved, then people can do some crazy things.

Any event that has plenty of alcohol available can cause people to act without the best judgment. They might throw things into the portable toilets that they normally wouldn’t, and this might cause clogs as well.

Plus, when festival guests are drunk, they may try some crazy antics, just for fun. When they involve portable toilets, this can often put them out of use.

So when you’re hiring portable toilets, you want to be prepared. You should expect that some toilets will become out of order at some point, especially if you’re expecting a more rambunctious crowd. Consider having more frequent pickups and dropoffs to make up for these toilets that are put out of commission.

Get Great Toilet Hire Services From LetLoos

Now you have a good idea of the numbers when it comes to portable toilet hire. The next step is to work with an experienced and reputable company.

They can help you determine the exact number you need so it’s not just an educated guess. That way, you won’t risk one 1 of 2 things: overspending or underhiring of portable toilets.

Luckily, you have LetLoos at your service! We have over 25 years in the portable sanitation industry, which means we’re efficient at what we do. So if you’re still wondering, “how many portable toilets do I need,” then feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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