The Right and Wrong Way to Wipe your Bum

Toilet Paper Portable,The Right And Wrong Way To Wipe Your Bum

Did you know that there is a right and wrong way for you to wipe your bum after you go for a poo? It’s vital that you wipe thoroughly and that you also wash your hands properly after a bowel movement. This will help you to stop the spread of various pathogenic forms of bacteria and disease too. If you have solid bowel movements then you will be able to wipe with toilet tissue.

If you don’t then you may need to find alternative ways to clean yourself. This could include using a bidet, wet wipes or even a syringe ball. This most often happens with those who have anal fissures, haemorrhoids or if you have undergone surgery.

The Right Way to Wipe your Bum

After you have passed your stool comfortably in the portable toilet hire cubicle, you need to remember to wipe yourself from front to back. You also need to make sure that you avoid skin to skin contact.

Simply reach behind your back and reach between your legs. You need to use either crumpled or folded toilet paper and wipe from your perineum to your anus. It’s important that you check the paper on a regular basis and that you carry on until the paper is mostly clean.

When using a luxury toilet hire bathroom, you should never scrub the perineal area, which is the skin around the anus. This can cause microtears and this can cause bacteria to enter if you are not careful, so keep this in mind. If you find that the toilet paper in your luxury toilet hire cubicle is too rough then consider bringing your own.

People who are not able to wipe behind their back, because of arthritis, an injury or because of their weight can reach between their legs to wipe, but they need to make sure that they wipe from front to back and not back to front. If you don’t have enough room to wipe yourself in a portable toilet hire bathroom, then consider using the disabled luxury toilet hire bathroom instead.

Wiping from front to back is vital if you are a woman because it can stop any faecal matter from entering your urethra. This is the opening where your urine exits your body. Accidental exposure to faecal matter through improper wiping in a luxury toilet hire cubicle is one of the main causes of urinary tract infections.

If exposure does occur, then make sure that you rinse the area gently with some cool water. Do not spray a strong hose or even a shower, as this can force microbes up the urethra. It’s also helpful to drink a lot of fluids as this will flush any bacteria out of your tract. 

How to Wash Your Hands after Visiting a Luxury Toilet Hire Bathroom 

When you have wiped properly and when you have flushed, you then need to try and wash your hands properly with some soap and water. Antimicrobial hand washes can be used here, and they are often provided in a portable toilet hire bathroom, but it is important to know that they are not entirely required. If you want to wash your hands properly after using a luxury toilet hire cubicle then it is advised that you:

        Wet your hands by using clean, running water which will be provided by the luxury toilet hire provider

        Apply soap to your wet hands and lather the back of your hands

        It’s also important to wash your nails as well as bacteria can become trapped

        When you have done this, make the effort to scrub your hands together for 20 seconds

        Rinse your hands with some clean, running water to remove the soapy residue and then dry

When Wiping just Doesn’t Cut It

When you have diarrhoea or if you have an upset stomach that is persistent or severe, it can be very difficult for you to keep yourself clean. This is especially the case if you are sore or red. In cases such as this, you may want to use baby wipes, as this will be much gentler on your skin.

Portable toilet hire bathrooms don’t usually provide hygiene products like this. As an alternative, you should also try and use a wet washcloth as this will do the trick. If you do not have access to either of these options, then wet toilet paper may also be an option.

Of course, there will be some situations where even gentle wiping in a portable toilet hire bathroom will cause you discomfort. If this is the case, then you may want to use a ball syringe. This can be then used to flush the area clean. Bidets are very popular, or you can use a hand shower if you want to try and rinse off any faecal matter.

If you experience some rectal pain when you have bowel movements then it would be wise for you to try and soak yourself in a lukewarm bathtub. You can add some Epsom salts to this, as this can reduce inflammation with ease. Avoid hot baths though as this can really dry your skin out and it can also make the pain you are in much worse.

Treating Anal Irritation

If you wipe too much or if you wipe too hard then this can easily cause anal itching. You may end up developing a condition such as pruritus ani. This is an autoinflammatory response which happens when the delicate tissues in the anus become stressed or compromised.

You may experience redness or swelling, and you may also have unrelenting itching. If you sit for long periods of time or if you use harsh soaps then this can only make things worse, so keep that in mind.

Home remedies, such as creams which are rich in emollients are ideal here. This can include aloe vera, Vitamin E or even Vitamin A. Petroleum jelly is also another fantastic option. If you want to help yourself here, then you might want to try and refrigerate the cream before you use it.

This will soothe you even more. It’s also important that you try and avoid using fragranced soap, toilet paper and wet wipes as well. These can all cause irritation and it can make it much more difficult for you to soothe your itching properly. The over-the-counter gel can contain steroids such as hydrocortisone and this should only ever be used if you have talked to your doctor properly.

How to Clean your Bum Properly After Visiting a Portable Toilet Hire Bathroom

If you want to make sure that you clean your bum properly after visiting a portable toilet hire bathroom then you’ll be glad to know that this is super easy to do. You just need to follow the below tips if you want to get the best result.

        Don’t rush the process of wiping

        Choosing a patting motion instead of vigorous rubbing

        Buy some extra-soft toilet paper if you can, and keep plenty on you when you visit a portable toilet hire bathroom.

        Clean yourself with non-scented wipes after you have used toilet paper

        Do not use any kind of scented toilet paper as this can cause you to experience irritation

If you cannot move freely or if you know that there is pain that is stopping you from bending over and clean yourself then you should know that there are aids that can help you with this issue.

It’s very easy for you to buy products which give you the chance to grip toilet paper with prongs and you can also hold it with the extension handle if you want. This is ideal if you struggle using a portable toilet hire bathroom. Products like this often have portable cases so you can take them with you when you go on a trip.

If you go through a luxury toilet hire service, then you’ll soon find that the toilets give you enough room to clean yourself without having to worry about space. Of course, if you go through a portable toilet hire service then you should know that they can advise you on the disabled bathrooms they have too if this is an option. Contact your portable toilet hire service to find out more.

Choosing Toilet Paper when Using a Luxury Toilet Hire Cubicle 

Out of all of the items you buy on a weekly basis, toilet paper is quite possibly the most important. While the job of toilet paper might seem very straight-forward, it’s important to know that the toilet paper you are choosing is going to have a huge impact on your life.

It also has the chance to change your experience when you visit a luxury toilet hire cubicle. Good-quality toilet paper can easily enhance the amount of comfort you have, and it can also cause you less irritation too.

Some quality portable toilet hire providers will give you access to extra-thick paper, so keep this in mind when hiring a service. 69% of people say that toilet paper is often a convenience that they take for granted. Sure enough, it may be at the top of your shopping list, but you might not take as much time as you should.

With individuals using up to 57 sheets per day, it’s vital that you start thinking about the best quality of toilet paper you can access so you can provide yourself with the highest level of comfort. If you are worried about there being no toilet paper in the luxury toilet hire cubicle, then take your own. Most luxury toilet hire service providers will refill the bathroom supplies periodically.

Of course, if you want to protect yourself when using a luxury toilet hire bathroom then you need to try and make sure that you are doing everything you can to take some toilet paper with you whenever you visit a portable toilet hire cubicle.

When you do this, you will soon find that you are able to be much more comfortable and you won’t have to worry about how you are going to wipe using the rough toilet paper that is always provided.

This is especially important if you have a special set of requirements or if you have a health condition. If you are still struggling then you should know that wet wipes often come in very small packets, so you don’t have to carry a big wad of them around with you.

If you are worried about using portable toilets or if you want to go through a luxury toilet hire service then contact us at Let Loos. When you explore our portable toilet hire service, you will soon see that we provide very high-quality toilet paper and that we also replenish the supply on a regular basis. Contact us today to find out more about our luxury toilet hire products and our portable toilet hire urinals.