Luxury Toilet Hire: Why There Better Than Plastic Portable Toilets

vip toilet trailer,Why You Should Consider a Luxury Toilet Hire for Your Event Over a Plastic Portable Toilet

If you’ve wondered how much time people actually spend in the loo, you’re far from alone. Luckily, you no longer have to wonder- studies show that the average Brit goes to the toilet an average of 8 times a day, twice for a ‘number two’ and six times for a wee.

When added up, this equates to approximately 8 months of a person’s overall adult life! Spending 15 minutes each day in the loo- even with luxury toilet hire- may sound like a chore, but 1/3 of UK citizens cite enjoying their time in the loo. They say that it’s the only alone-time they truly get during the day, which is essential to their well-being.

Because this time is so important, it’s critical that event organisers and those who are in charge of outdoor spaces take the task of finding a portable toilet seriously. Luxury toilet hire is one of the best ways that you can keep people comfortable while taking care of business.

In this monster post, we’re going to talk about luxury VIP toilets. Not only are we going to look into what they are and the man benefits of using them, but we’ll also dive into how they can make individual types of events special. Read on to learn all about these facts as well as learning about the installation of luxury loos!

The Basics of VIP Toilets

While the words ‘comfortable toilet’ and ‘outdoor event’ may sound like they’re in stark contrast, this isn’t the case at all. VIP luxury toilet trailers work to combine convenience and comfort at a variety of venues. If you’re wondering how this works, you’re in luck- that’s what we’re going to talk about in this section!

How Do Standard Portable Toilets Work?

Before we get into talking about the merits of luxury portable toilets, it’s important to note that there’s nothing wrong with using a standard portable toilet. These options are less attractive and luxurious than their VIP counterparts, but they meet all health and safety standards that the UK has in place.

Standard portable loos are small, single-WC spaces that are made from thin plastic. This makes them easy to erect at any event. They have pre-fitted hand sanitizer dispensers and doors that lock securely.

However, they’re not very aesthetically pleasing. Standard portable toilets only are emptied and cleaned between multi-day events, so they don’t provide a very luxurious feel. While they get the job done, standard portable toilets lack sinks and drainage, which makes them less appealing for VIP guests.

Are Luxury Toilets Different?

While standard portable loos are functional, they aren’t going to make your guests feel as comfortable as luxury toilets do. Luxury toilet trailers include a variety of features that standard ones don’t. These features include:

  • A larger and more comfortable interior that gives the user more space to stretch and walk
  • A premium bathroom feel accentuated by a luxury finish
  • Fully-functional glass bowl sinks (in lieu of standard hand sanitizer dispensers)
  • Options for more frequent cleanings
  • Multi-WC options

The bottom line is that luxury toilet trailers are more similar to what you would find in a permanent building. This makes them perfect for events where you want guests to feel as welcome and valued as possible.

Types of Luxury Toilet Trailers

As we brushed on briefly, there are multi-WC options for our VIP toilets. We offer three unique types of luxury portable toilets: 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1. Let’s take a look at each of these alternatives so that you can get an idea of which is right for your event.


1+1 toilet trailers are what you might think of in a commercial venue as single toilets. These trailers have one toilet and one sink so that a single person can use them at a time. They’re classified as having 2 WCs- one for men and one for women.

These trailers include all of the luxury features that all VIP booths have, including a spacious interior that allows the user to stand and move comfortably.

Single-WC units are the perfect way to give people the privacy that they crave. If you want to ensure that wee time never has to be ‘we’ time, a 1+1 toilet is definitely the way to go. Also, note that these trailers are the only ones that don’t contain any urinals, which makes them 100% private.

These toilets are made for events that have up to 125 guests. They’re a surefire way to keep everyone at smaller events comfortable.


Our 2+1 toilet trailers feature two WCs in each area so that multiple people can use the bathroom at once. Like at a shop or train station, each of these toilets is separated by a sturdy partition to ensure the privacy of your guests.

The women’s and men’s toilets are separated from one another, of course, and the women’s section has two toilets so that two people can use it at once. The men’s side has one toilet and two urinals. We have worked tirelessly to make the most out of your rented space!

The glass sink basins and faucets are in a common area. This contributes to the aesthetic that makes VIP guests feel as though they’re using a permanent bathroom at a high-end venue. Each WC is separated by a high-quality wood partition, which contributes to the vibe of a permanent commercial bathroom.

2+1 toilets are made for venues that have up to 175 guests. This makes them perfect for mid-sized events.


3+1 toilets are similar to 2+1 options in that they are multi-WC restrooms. The women’s area has three toilets separated by wood partitions. The men’s side features one private WC with a toilet and three additional urinals so that four people can use it at once.

This option is perfect for events that have up to 250 guests, so if you’re hosting a larger party or are hiring toilets for a concert or other large venue, this is definitely the right choice.

Which Is Right for You?

The primary concern in choosing toilet trailer sizes is the number of guests that you have. We’ve already outlined how many guests each option is made for, but what we didn’t say is that you can hire multiple trailers for large events.

For example, a venue with 500 guests can use either two 3+1 toilets or three 2+1 toilets. Both of these are equally comfortable options to accommodate them. However, the former might be the better option for a large event since you can place them at multiple places around the venue. This means that people won’t have to rush across the venue to find a loo.

However, sometimes you will need to save space because there are a lot of people in a small area. In these situations, the two 3+1 toilets are the better alternative because they’ll take up less overall space around the venue.

You also should consider your budget and how often you want the toilets cleaned. If you have a smaller budget, you will get better value when you hire a smaller number of large toilet trailers. This is especially the case if you want more frequent cleanings since you won’t need to pay for more tank changes than necessary.

Why Are Portable Loos Necessary?

Beyond the obvious reasons, toilet trailers are needed at all events to comply with UK health and safety standards. If there are not adequately-stocked and sanitary loos at an outdoor event, people can take legal action against your event.

Not only will this bring you a lot of bad press, but it can also cost a fortune in legal fees!

Luckily, there are clearly written standards for the conditions that must be met at any venue. The code of practice for the design of sanitary facilities and scales of the provision of sanitary and associated appliances outlines the conditions that must be met at events like yours.

This document recommends the design plans and necessary maintenance of sanitary loos in portable toilets. You can read about the provisions that must be met for each venue size, type of event, and more.

Why Luxury Toilet Trailers?

Now that you know what a luxury VIP toilet trailer is and the many varieties you get, you likely still have one question: why?

That’s a valid question since you’re likely wondering the reasons that having a nice loo to rest in is so important to your guests. Here, we’re going to answer the question of why having a nice restroom is such an important part of your next event. Read on to learn both aesthetic and practical reasons that luxury loos are important!

1. They’re Classier and Better Looking

Generally speaking, it simply is poor practise to let your event venue appear cheap and unkempt. While you can’t organise and decorate your bathroom as nicely as you could in a home or other indoor space, our luxury portable toilet designers take care to keep things well-organised and clean.

Taking pride in your venue will help you to be a better organiser in all aspects of your event. Make sure that you don’t overlook keeping a room that everyone uses looking like it’s in tip-top shape.

2. They Make Guests Feel Important

A well-put-together venue makes guests feel important. Having a nice loo is a big part of this since nearly everyone will use the toilet at some point during your event. If you have a dirty toilet like most temporary venues use, guests are going to think that cleanliness and staying sanitary are not priorities.

However, a luxury loo will show guests that you care about their comfort. This will put everyone in a positive mindset for all parts of your event since they will feel more valued by the venue organisers. They will be more likely to have positive emotions regarding both the venue and those who have created the event, which will lead to them being in a more positive mindset.

The end result will be that they will have more positive memories of their experience in the years to come. If you are hosting a personal event, this can nurture your relationships with the VIPs that were invited. For commercial venues, this can make your event logo and other branding strategies stand out in people’s minds so that they will use your services if they ever need to organise their own event.

3. They’re Excellent Hangout Spots

This advantage only really applies to the ladies’ loo, but since that’s about half of your guests, it’s still worth noting. Luxury toilet trailers are well-made and comfortable hangout spots where women can convene. This is an important social construct because it gives women a private space to convene and loosen their metaphorical corset strings in a men’s world.

Having a nice loo where they can chat, do makeup, and feel safe is a great way to endear your female guests to your event operators. It also provides a safe haven for guests that may be experiencing anxiety or stress and need to be alone with friends for a few minutes.

Most women won’t convene in the restroom for a long stretch of time- they’ll just stay long enough to take a breath and adjust their clothes and their mindsets. Plus, since these discussions will happen in the common area of the portable loo rather than the WCs, you don’t need to worry about them jamming up toilets that others need.

4. They’re Easy to Clean

Our tank emptying services can be used at any time and any venue. While many portable toilets are only cleaned after the end of the day, we can clean the tank more often at higher-end events such as outdoor weddings or classy dinner parties. It doesn’t take too long and ensures that your toilets always look clean and remain hygienic.

There are generally three types of tanks that are used in luxury toilet booths. The first, septic tank, stores waste at sites that aren’t connected to any sewage system. Since portable toilets stand alone and can be moved to any venue, this is the type of tank cleaning that you will usually need to look into hiring.

However, some portable loos contain Klargester tanks or cesspool tanks instead. The former is a tank that collects wastewater and separates solid waste from it before releasing it into a drain field.

Cesspool tanks, on the other hand, don’t release waste into any outlet. Instead, they collect and store it on-site. This requires frequent cleaning and emptying.

No matter what type of tank is used in your luxury portable toilet, you can ask our professionals to clean it at the frequency you require. This ensures that your space will remain sanitary and that your guests will not be exposed to waste materials that might make them ill.

5. They Can Be Used With Other Toilet Types

Luxury toilet trailers can be used with other portable loo varieties. They don’t need to be the only loo type that’s erected around your venue, so you won’t need to sacrifice the use of disability-accessible toilets or mobile shower units (where required). You can mix and match toilet types within a single venue and ensure that all of your guest’s needs are met.

This isn’t only good for meeting diverse needs, but it also can be financially beneficial to organisers. If your event is large and has a select list of VIPs, you can use luxury trailers specifically in areas that VIPs will be. The rest of the venue can utilise our sanitary standard portable toilets.

This saves money since you won’t need to invest in many luxury trailers. It also helps to create a more exclusive experience for your most important guests.

6. They’re a Good Investment

While luxury portable toilets cost more than standard ones do, it’s important that you look at them as an investment. This is especially the case if you’re setting up shop at a convention, auction, concert, or any other venue where sales are present.

95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious, and studies show that people are more likely to swipe their credit cards or pull out some cash when they’re in good moods. A poor experience in the toilet can give people feelings of anger and disgust, which don’t lead to them making purchases (especially food-related ones).

Because of this, getting luxury loos is a great way to raise your ROI for the event that you’ve organised!

7. They’re Unique and Interesting

Luxury portable loos aren’t something that you see every day. Most venues don’t even consider hiring these services because they don’t see the importance of having a comfortable toilet. However, since you see that this is a critical part of your event’s ambiance, you’re already ahead of other event organisers.

These portable toilet trailers are a unique fixture of any event that will stand out in people’s minds. They’ll remember this aspect long after your event comes to a close because it was such an unusual (and positive) experience. This will make them more likely to view you as someone who cares and book events with you in the future (if you’re a professional event organiser).

When Should You Use Luxury Toilet Hire Services?

Clearly, there are a multitude of benefits to hiring portable toilet services. However, it’s important that you reap these benefits at the right times and places so that you can make the most of your luxury toilet rental experience.

Higher-end personal events such as weddings, anniversary parties, and family reunions make toilet trailers essential. You need people to feel the luxury and importance of the occasion that they’re attending. However, there are other commercial occasions where having a classy toilet booth is just as important.

Read on to learn some of the situations where it’s critical that you invest in luxury toilet hire services!

Large Parties and Personal Gatherings

Throughout the year, many Brits host parties outdoors. These parties can be for a huge number of events including graduations, birthdays, significant life milestones, baby showers, and many more occasions.

Additionally, family reunions and uni class homecomings often consist of so many people that they can’t reasonably be held indoors. If one were to organise these occasions at an indoor venue, they would be much more confining and stifling than outdoor reunions are.

If you’re hosting an event outdoors to keep more comfortable, you don’t want to ruin this comfort with an awkwardly small toilet. You want to keep things consistent all around the venue.

Luxury toilet trailers are affordable and easy to bring to any venue. Have each member of the family invest a small amount of money so that you can get a nicer loo than you could otherwise rent. Everyone will benefit from this investment, so it’s totally worth the few extra quid.

Weddings and Classy Events

Classy events like dinner parties and family reunions need to be events to remember. However, this is even more the case for weddings since they’re a special day that unites two people who love each other. Weddings are days that both the happy couple and their guests will look back on for the rest of their lives, which means that they need to be as close to perfect as they can be.

Many people choose to host their special day outdoors. After all, there’s nothing as amazing as tying the knot in the sunlight surrounded by the smell of beautiful garden flowers. Outdoor weddings come with outdoor needs, however, including the need for a toilet that would be built into an indoor venue.

These weddings, like all other classy events, are the perfect occasion for hiring a luxury toilet trailer. People will be able to sustain the romance of the wedding much better in a spacious and appealing restroom interior than they would in a dirty and cramped loo. This ensures that everyone remains in a good mood all throughout your special day so that it can be picture-perfect.

Festivals and Concerts

While luxury toilets are perfect for individually-organised events, they also are an excellent choice for large professionally-organised ones. If you are part of the team designated with putting together a concert or a convention of any kind, you will want to use loos that keep the magic of the venue in place.

Luxury VIP toilets can be used in all parts of these events, but you can also only get these nicer toilets for specific parts of your venue. Specifically, they can be erected in VIP areas so that guests who pay more for greater perks have access to these nicer loos. This is a great way to keep your highest-paying customers feeling special and significant.

Even if you want to use standard toilet trailers all throughout your event to save money, you will need a place for your panelists or the band you’ve hired to do their business. Since these people are the reason that you’re gathering and often are high-profile individuals, it’s critical that you give them the best experience possible.

If they like your event, they could give you a lot of wonderful publicity by recommending your organisation to their many fans online!

Parks and Gardens

As the nation with the most gorgeous parks and gardens around the world, it’s important that the UK has high-quality restrooms in their outdoor spaces.

While erecting permanent toilets may not be feasible, luxury portable loos will help to keep a natural garden beautiful and clean. You can use a luxury toilet trailer so that guests having picnics or taking walks round the gardens have a place to comfortably do their business.

In these situations, consider getting one of our long-term toilet trailer rentals. This will ensure that you get a rental toilet at the best possible price! You also won’t need to worry about it being taken away so that someone can rent it elsewhere (and leaving your gardens without a loo).

Outdoor Exercise Facilities

Another commercial venue that might greatly benefit from luxury toilet booths is an outdoor exercise facility. Rugby fields, outdoor tracks, and tennis courts all require bathrooms so that players can continue to comfortably exercise in your facilities.

Luxury toilet trailers are ideal for this because they give people who are already tired and sweaty from exercise a chance to retreat and clean up as they cool down.

This is especially important if you have minor or major league athletes practicing at your facilities. These people will want to be treated as VIPs since they represent your district or your city in a larger league of sports teams. They’re right to expect the best treatment, so make sure that you give it to them!

Welfare Units

Welfare units are unique from all of these other venues in that people live there. Because portable toilets in welfare facilities are often the only access that residents have to restrooms, it’s important that they be of a high enough quality that people can feel comfortable and at home while using them.

Additionally, full luxury trailers provide people with space to brush their teeth and wash their faces. Standard loos aren’t roomy enough to account for this, nor do they have the sink required to carry out these activities. VIP toilets are therefore essential to keeping welfare units hygienic and ensuring that no one gets sick.

It’s also important that they coexist with a shower unit so that those who live in welfare facilities can wash appropriately. Luxury toilet trailers can be put side-by-side with these mobile showers so that people have the space that they need to stay sanitary and look good as they head off to job interviews and better their situations.

Other Long-Term Living Facilities

Welfare units aren’t the only long-term living facilities that luxury portable toilets might be required for. Uni accommodations for uni halls may require outdoor toilets as well as indoor toilets within the accommodation. Extended stay hotels also may need outdoor portable loos, as may camping grounds.

Prisons are also locations that may require portable loos to be used on their grounds outdoors.

A luxury toilet trailer is greatly helpful in keeping these living facilities up to code and ensuring that the rights of those living there are met.

Since people in these locations are bound to use the toilet often, VIP trailers are an investment that you will get a lot of use from.

Portable Toilet Installation FAQ

If any of these events sound like something you may be organising, you likely see the need for a luxury toilet trailer at this point. However, you still likely have some questions.

Why should you use LetLoos for your needs? How can you order, pay for, and install a VIP toilet trailer? Can you choose how often they’re cleaner and maintained?

Here, we’re going to take a look at these questions so that you understand the logistics of luxury toilet hire. Read on to learn about LetLoo’s VIP toilet services and why they’re the best on the market!

Why LetLoos?

There are many sites that you can use to rent portable toilets in the UK, but LetLoos is one of the best. We have been in the portable sanitation industry for a full 25 years. This shows that our professionals have high levels of experience and can adapt to your individual needs. After all, we’ve seen every situation before!

Speaking of versatility, LetLoos is able to provide customer support and create contracts that are unique to your event. As an organiser, you can communicate your individual needs to our professionals and we will work with you to make these visions a reality.

We also are involved in multiple organisations that accept only the best and most reputable sanitation experts.  The Portable Sanitation Europe (PSE) is the only UK-based association committed to improving sanitation standards in the industry, and we are part of it.

We also are involved with the Event Hire Association and the Association of Festival Organisers. This illustrates how well-versed we are in catering to events like yours.

You will always have your specific needs met to the standards that these organisations require, but we also are committed to going above and beyond to give you a high-quality and high-end service.

Does LetLoos Offer Any Other Services?

We briefly brushed on this before, but it’s worth noting that LetLoos offers other services in addition to luxury toilet trailers. If you want to hire other mobile toilets and showers in addition to your luxury trailers, there are multiple options that you can choose from:

  • Standard portable event toilet hire (for spaces outside of VIP areas at large events)
  • Easy access toilet hire (for your guests with limited mobility and disabilities)
  • 4-man urinal hire (4 urinals on one large fixture, perfect for areas with large numbers of men such as sporting venues)
  • Mobile shower units (for places that have people living there or for exercise spaces)

No matter what your needs are, we are happy to accommodate them for you.

It’s also worth noting that we can help you select the services that best fit your needs. Talk to our professionals for insight and advice into what you may need to be brought to your event or living space. We’re happy to help you figure out what’s best for the number of guests that you have as well as people’s expectations of your venue.

How Can You Order a Portable Toilet Trailer?

With LetLoos, ordering a portable toilet trailer to attend your event is easier than ever before. The short process begins with you browsing our website and deciding on the toilet hire option that’s right for you. All of our portable toilets come in the form of rolling trailers that are easy to get to and from your venue, so you can choose between a multitude of options.

If you need help with your decision, you can contact our experts with any specific questions that you have. Our friendly team is here to help you select the perfect toilet trailer option for your event!

Once you know exactly what you’re looking to order, you can head over to our website and get a quote. This is easy to do- you simply need to scroll to the bottom of our home page and fill out the form there. We’ll get back to you with the estimated cost of your toilet trailer hire services.

You then will pay and give the date and time you would like to have your luxury toilet trailer set up. Installation is easy- our professionals will deliver your VIP toilets to you at the site where you want them to be erected. Since they’re on wheels, they can easily be transported around large venues until you find the perfect place to put them.

That’s it! It really is that simple!

How Much Does Luxury Toilet Hire Cost?

The amount of money you pay for a toilet trailer will depend entirely on what your order. The best way to get a specific estimate is to get a direct quote with LetLoos.

However, there are ways that you can estimate how much a portable toilet will cost to hire. First, consider the size of your luxury toilet trailers. If you’re ordering 1+1 loos, it will be significantly less expensive than if you were to order the same amount of 1+3 loos.

The number of loos that you will be renting and the length of time you will need them impact cost, too. If you need your toilets to stay at your venue for multiple days, you will be paying more for their rental than you would if you only needed them for one evening.

We offer both short and long-term hire options. This means that you can pay a fair price for a portable toilet that remains at an exercise facility or in a park or garden for a longer period of time. You don’t need to worry about being over-charged- just let us know what your specific needs are!

Will They Be Cleaned During Your Event?

Since portable trailers can become notoriously dirty, it makes sense to wonder whether or not your luxury toilet trailer will become messy and unsanitary as time goes by.

We’re happy to tell you that this isn’t the case at all, however! When you use LetLoos, you get staff provided that work onsite as toilet attendants. These people work to keep your loo’s interior as well as your septic tank clean so that you don’t need to worry about your guests becoming disgusted (or worse, sick).

Experienced attendants can be hired to work all throughout your event. This means that they will constantly check on the welfare of your loos throughout the evening or days that your event is happening to make sure that it is clean.

These attendants also stock the loos at regular intervals. You never will be without toilet paper or soap in the dispensers of your luxury toilet trailer. This ensures the comfort of your VIPs and positive reviews of your staff later.

This is beneficial in more ways than one. By hiring a professional loo attendant, your event staff doesn’t need to waste their time and effort cleaning the toilets. Instead, they can focus on giving your guests the event experience that they paid for!

Get Started With Luxury Toilet Trailers

While there are many options for portable toilets, luxury trailers are by far the best way to go for more classy events. Not only are they easy-to-use private locations, but they have a plethora of other benefits including easy installation.

Now that you know the benefits of luxury toilet hire for your event, it’s time to get started. Contact us with any lingering questions you may have on luxury toilet trailers. Our experts are also happy to give you a quote for installation and more information on portable toilet cleaning and maintenance.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!