The Many Advantages of Portable Toilets for Big Events

big events portable toilets

You take it for granted, and it’s not the most pleasant topic. However, going to the toilet is a natural and important part of everyone’s daily life. Still, you probably don’t pencil it in on your daily to-do list.

So should you pencil it in your event or project planning checklist? In fact, the answer is yes.

Securing toilet facilities for your family or guests is essential to ensuring that your next big event or project runs smoothly. Read on to learn about the advantage of renting portable toilets.

Why Do You Need a Portable Toilet?

You have a toilet in your house, and many public places offer facilities. So when might you need to rent a portable toilet?

Throwing parties and other large events, hosting overnight guests, and conducting home improvement projects are a few situations where you might need an extra toilet for a short time.

Portable Toilets Are Convenient

The toilets in your house serve your family well on a daily basis. Sure, your kids might fight over who gets to shower first. You and your spouse might argue about how long it takes the other to get ready.

Generally, though, your home’s permanent toilets are adequate for your needs. And if they’re not, a portable toilet isn’t a long-term solution.

When you invite guests for a party or an overnight stay, however, the demand for your home’s toilets face will necessarily increase. As a good host, you’ll need to determine whether your existing toilets can meet that demand.

If you’re hosting more than a few guests, the answer is likely no. Without sacrificing convenience or risking uncomfortable or disgruntled guests, you probably can’t count on your home’s permanent toilets to serve many more people than they typically do. Portable toilets offer a convenient, short-term solution.


For a medium to large party, renting a mobile toilet or two ensures that guests can use the facilities when the need arises. They won’t have to wait for your family members or other guests to finish, and they won’t have to worry about getting to the loo in time.

If your party guests include children, this convenience is especially important. The toilet needs of children, especially young children, tend to be more urgent than those of older guests. When a child has to go, he or she has to go. You don’t want to be host whose guests had to leave to get a change of clothes for a child who couldn’t find an open loo in time.

If you work with a toilet hire company, you won’t be that host. You’ll be the host who was thoughtful enough to consider your guests’ comfort.

Overnight Guests

For daytime or evening guests at a party, portable toilets are a convenient solution. However, they can be equally helpful when you’re hosting overnight guests.

Of course, no one wants to send an overnight guest outside in the middle of the night to use the loo. As the hosts, however, you and your family members can utilize the portable toilet. Doing so will free up your home’s toilets for the comfort of your guests.

Home Improvement Projects

Finally, there may be short periods of time when your home’s toilets aren’t adequate or available even for your family’s needs. Perhaps you’re remodelling your water closet. You may have another toilet that’s still accessible. If your family is accustomed to having access to multiple toilets, however, removing one from service creates an inconvenience.

Again, portable loo rental companies can help by delivering an extra toilet to your property. The small fee for this service is worth the peace of mind and the peace among your family members that it maintains.

Portable Toilets Help Keep Your Home Clean

If you’re planning an outdoor party, portable toilets not only serve your guests’ comfort and convenience. They also make your job as host easier. In particular, they make your cleanup efforts easier.

By renting a portable loo, you’ll keep your guests outside where the party is. They won’t need to take longer trips into your house to use the toilet. This means guests have more time to mingle and enjoy themselves.

It also means that they won’t be tracking dirt and other debris into your house. If you have pets, you also won’t have to worry about them getting out when guests come in to use the loo.

Portable Toilets Make Hosting Events Away from Home Possible

If you’re willing to risk uncomfortable guests waiting in line to use your loo, you could host a party at home without renting a portable toilet. For events at home, your family’s private toilets are an option for guests.

When hosting an event outside your home, though, you’ll need to investigate the public facilities the venue offers. Many public places offer public facilities. However, some public places don’t.

If you’re hosting an event at a park or a field that doesn’t offer public facilities, you’ll need to rent a portable toilet.

Portable Toilets are Safe and Sanitary

Reputable toilet hire companies to ensure cleanliness and safety. In construction, materials, and sanitation procedures, modern portable loos utilize the latest in sanitation technology.

Portable chemical toilets are self-contained units that keep waste—and its smell—away from you and your guests. Each chemical toilet unit secures waste in a leak-proof tank. Within the tank, chemicals that meet public health, safety, and welfare regulations break that waste down.

With the secure storage tank, you don’t need to worry about leaks. You also don’t need to worry about drainage outlets or water supplies. When your event is over, an expert will simply pick up the unit and safely dispose of the waste.

While you and your guests are using a portable toilet, you’ll also be well-equipped for personal hygiene practices. Letloos portable toilets come equipped with hand sanitiser dispensers as a standard feature.

Finally, you can rest assured that your portable toilet is clean when it arrives at your site. Each unit is fully steam cleaned to the highest standards before delivery.

For longer-term rentals, weekly cleaning and restocking are standard. Standard LED lights make units safe for nighttime use as well.

Portable Toilets are Cost-Effective

Portable toilet cost estimates can vary across companies. In general, however, loo rentals are affordable. For a small fee, you can leave the delivery, maintenance, and removable of a portable loo to the experts.

As you compare toilet hire companies, it’s wise to get cost estimates in writing. A written estimate ensures transparency. It also protects your rights as a consumer.

As you compare estimates, consider the value you’re purchasing. Portable toilet experts are skilled in the quick and effective installation of their units. You can rest assured that your unit or units will be in working order quickly without any work from you.

As an event host, this means that you have more time to spend with your guests. If you’re planning a home improvement project, it means you can focus more on the details of the project. The benefits of portable toilets far outweigh any costs.

Choosing a Portable Toilet

You’ve added “portable toilets” to your party or project planning checklist. Now how do you choose the right portable toilet hire company, and how do you choose the right loo? Making the best decision involves considering several factors.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Toilet Hire Company?

Portable Sanitation Europe (PSE) accredits toilet hire companies. It is the sole professional organisation committed to improving sanitation industry standards in the UK.

Before hiring a portable toilet service, you can check the PSE’s listing of accredited companies. Hiring a company from this list means peace of mind for you.

Other professional organisations also aim to improve and monitor standards governing events and construction projects. These include:

  • Constructionline, which supplies a listing of pre-qualified contractors
  • The Association of Festival Organisers
  • The Event Hire Association, which is the premier professional organisation for event hire companies

In addition to checking a company’s membership in these organisations, you can also rent with confidence by exploring reviews. A reputable company should boast a wealth of experience. It should also have a large group of satisfied customers.

How Many Loos Should You Rent?

If you’re planning an event, you may need to rent more than one toilet. In calculating the number of toilets you’ll need, consider the following:

  • The number of guests
  • The ratio of male to female guests
  • The ratio of adults to children
  • Whether food and beverages will be offered
  • The duration of the event

Calculators for outdoor events take the guesswork out of your planning. It can help you arrive at an accurate estimate. If you still have questions, customer service agents can offer expert advice.

Toilet design is also a factor to consider when deciding how many toilets to rent. Your venue needs to be able to accommodate your rental facilities. Ideally, it should be able to do so without making the welfare facilities a focal point.

While ensuring comfort, the design of the best portable loo units thus remains compact. Compact units made from lightweight and durable plastic allow you to offer guests accessible toilets without making the toilets the centrepiece of your event’s decor. Low-profile portable toilets fit conveniently in any space.

What Kind of Loos Should You Rent?

Portable loos include many options that allow you to customise services to your guests’ needs.

For many events, standard portable loos are an effective and convenient solution.

If your event includes more men, you might consider a 4-man urinal hire. These save space while offering male guests a high level of convenience.

Events that include guests with special needs must comply with legislation ensuring adequate accommodations for disabled individuals. If you’re planning any event, your guests are likely to include individuals with disabilities. More than 14 million of the UK’s 66.65 million people are disabled.

Responsible, law-abiding, and compassionate event organisers include accessible loos in their planning. Easy access toilets accommodate disabled guests or others who might need extra room when using the facilities.

If your guests include parents with young children, this option even includes space for a baby changing station. The unit is fully equipped with soap dispensers and nappy changing bins.

Easy access toilets also offer handholds for disabled guests and motion-activated LED lights for added convenience.

If you’re planning a long-term rental or hosting VIP guests, you might consider luxury toilet trailers or even mobile shower units. Luxury toilet trailers offer the full water closet experience with a washbasin. Mobile shower units add individual shower cubicles and changing areas.

Safety and comfort are priorities in the construction of Letloos shower units. Each unit includes anti-slip flooring and its own water heater.

Shower units are also available in mobile and static options. For smaller projects and events, single shower unit rentals are available.

Should You Hire Toilet Attendants to Clean and Maintain Your Portable Loos?

BS 6465 1:2006 legislation requires the provision of adequate welfare facilities at event and construction sites. Providing adequate facilities requires you to consider the number and type of units to rent. However, it also requires you to ensure these units are clean and well-maintained.

Hiring toilet attendants to maintain the portable loos at your site means one less job for you to do. Hiring experts to maintain your units also means that the job is more likely to get done well. Toilet attendants are trained in the latest, most effective, and safest cleaning procedures.

During your event, attendants will ensure supplies remain stocked and in full working order.

If you work with Letloos and choose to service your portable toilets yourself, you’ll still have access to our 24-hour helpline.

Let the Good Times Roll with Portable Toilets

Planning a party or home improvement project is enjoyable, but it also requires a great deal of preparation. Putting portable loos on your planning checklist ensures that your event doesn’t end up in the toilet.

As you plan your event or project, Letloos experts are happy to answer your questions. We’re also ready to supply you with a full range of high-quality portable toilets. Contact us for an estimate today.