The Complete Guide to Hiring Construction Toilets

construction site ,The Complete Guide To Hiring Construction Toilets

The average person goes to the bathroom four to 10 times per day. It doesn’t matter whether it is a public outdoor event, a wedding, or a construction site, you need to know how many toilets are necessary for the number of persons at the location.

When on a construction worksite there are no water lines or power supplies. Using construction toilets is a necessity. In the UK there are 3.1 million people, more than 9% of the entire workforce, employed in construction. That is a lot of people in need of a portable loo while at work.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about hiring construction toilets, your legal obligations, and the wide selection of items available.

Legal Requirements

As an employer, you have a legal obligation to provide at least one toilet on the job site, and if there are both men and women working, you must provide separate facilities for men and women. To determine the number of toilets you must have available you use the formula below:

  • 1 Toilet—1-5 workers
  • 2 Toilets—6-25 workers
  • 3 Toilets—26-50 workers
  • 4 Toilets—51-75 workers
  • 5 Toilets—76-100 workers

Men and women may use the same toilet as long as it is in a lockable room separate and away from urinals. Providing an appropriate number of toilets is not the only consideration when setting up your construction worksite. The Health and Safety Executive provides instruction on toilets and washing facilities for construction welfare.

There are two types of toilets that may be used for construction areas. You must provide flushing toilets whenever possible. You connect the toilet to mains water and drainage systems. If this is not possible then you must use a toilet with a built-in water supply with drainage tanks.

You may use portable chemical toilets, also called plastics, when flushing toilets are not a possibility. These are popular on small construction sites, and at the beginning or end of a project.

Washing Facilities

Washing facilities must be in place next to any toilet or changing room areas. These facilities must be in a location separate from where people are eating and drinking.

This is especially important in areas where workers may have exposure to hazardous substances such as asbestos, oils, pesticides, solvents, chemicals, batteries, and more.

The washbasins need to be adequate enough for workers to be able to wash their hands, face, and forearms. A portable toilet with a hand sanitizer and/or small sink is not sufficient. A larger washing facility must be close by.

Washing facilities that comply with the Health and Safety Executive requirements must:

  • Have clean hot and cold or warm running water
  • Have soap or another type of cleaning solution
  • Have towels or another type of drying product
  • Have sufficient lighting and ventilation
  • Depending on work being performed showers may also be a requirement

Men and women may use the same washing facilities. You may also provide unisex shower facilities provided they have a separate lockable room that allows for use by one person at a time.

Other requirements

All toilet and wash areas must have good lighting and ventilation. You must make sure you have adequate supplies of toilet paper, paper towels, and soap so that they do not run out.

The washing and toilets must be kept clean. You need to make sure the arrangements for cleaning are frequent enough to maintain the facilities. Depending on the worksite and amount of usage, some areas require cleaning more than once per day.

If the unit you are using has water that is heated electrically, the installation will likely be 240v. When using this type of unit you must take precautionary steps to prevent electrical injury.

Options When Selecting Construction Toilets

Whether you are in need of construction portable toilets for a residential building project, demolition project, excavation, industrial job site, or any other project, there are portable toilet options to fulfil your needs.

LetLoos provides delivery, installation, and collection in their portable hire pricing. Normal servicing is once per week unless you purchase additional service. Weekly pricing includes air freshener, sink water, hand soap refills, two toilet rolls, and removal of all waste and replenishment of chemicals.

All LetLoos staff are properly trained and use proper PPE when vacuuming out your tanks. They are licensed and regulated by the Environmental Agency.

Portable Toilet Hire

The Portable Toilet Hire has a simple installation and removal process. This unit works well on a variety of construction site sizes. The weekly hire price for this construction site toilet includes:

  • Toilets undergo steam cleaning prior to delivery
  • Toilets receive weekly cleaning using high-quality chemicals that eliminate odors
  • Toilets include a forearm washbasin that meets health, safety, and welfare requirements
  • There is no need for a ground hole, mains water system, or septic tank
  • No account necessary, ideal for both short and long term hire
  • Same or next day delivery guaranteed to be on time
  • Available in Hertfordshire, Essex, and London

For a step-up, we recommend you consider the Hot Wash Site Toilet.

Hot Wash Site Toilet

This option provides hot and cold water in the toilet hire for both short and long term time periods. The Hot Wash Site Toilet hire of includes:

  • Workers have access to premium facilities
  • Encourages handwashing on a more frequent basis
  • Increased sanitation benefits
  • The option of warm or hot water for handwashing

If you have a long-term project, we suggest you consider our Mains Connected Toilet.

Mains Connected Toilet

Mains Connected Toilet is an excellent choice for long term construction work sites. This cost-effective option offers full flushing with drain access and a freshwater supply. This choice eliminates the need for weekly emptying.

You will enjoy the premium features of this selection:

  • Operates in the same manner as a flush toilet in your home or office
  • Cost-effective and hygienic
  • Price includes site location recommendations, full installation and removal, ongoing maintenance during the time in use
  • Reduction in odor and less maintenance due to the main water connection

To make your construction site even more comfortable for yourself and workers, consider hiring a Welfare Unit.

Welfare Unit Hire 12ft Eco

Findings of a September 2017 survey reveal UK construction sites with poor welfare facilities. The poll of 3,500 Unite members shows 22% of construction sites being kept without hot and cold water and 17% without women’s toilets. In addition, one out of every 10 construction sites did not supply toilet paper and 50% did not provide showers.

Welfare facilities are a requirement of construction regulations. Unite’s assistant general secretary, Gail Cartmail, stated that providing washing and toilet facilities is a basic human right. If your company does not provide adequate and clean welfare facilities you are subject to prosecution.

This ultra-modern welfare unit is compliant with the HSE Workplace Regulations of 1992. Each unit has space for six team members to sit, eat, and relax. If your project lasts longer than 30 days the law requires you to provide a welfare unit. Arrangements for the welfare unit must be made prior to the starting date of your project.

The welfare unit arrives steam cleaned and stocked with essential items. Cleaning and emptying is performed every week. The unit comes with a chemical toilet and hotwash facilities. It arrives stocked with a microwave, kettle, toilet roll, and soap. To get things moving along we even include a box of biscuits.

Here is a quick glimpse at the Welfare Unit’s features:

  • Fully compliant with health, safety, and welfare requirements
  • Fully steam cleaned prior to arrival
  • Arrives stocked with all essentials
  • Weekly emptying and cleaning

If your worksite has a lot of dirt and grime, or your workers are dealing with hazardous substances, we recommend you also consider our shower unit.

Single Shower Unit

Portable shower units make your construction worksite safe and pleasant for all workers. The single shower unit provides your workers with a way to clean up after their shift. It also provides an ideal safety measure for cleaning after contact with a hazardous or dangerous substance on the worksite.

These units are built to withstand heavy use and are easy to operate. We offer next day delivery, will determine the best location and handle the full installation. The key features of this unit are:

  • Available immediately for hire and comes with 24-hour customer support
  • Minimizes risk of injury to workers following contact with a hazardous substance
  • A spacious interior and easy to use controls
  • On-site delivery and installation

When providing a shower unit for your workers, you need to make sure you have a sufficient amount of clean water on hand.

IBC Water Tank Hire

The main use of the IBC Water Tank is for Welfare Units, washbasins, and flushing toilets. The translucent tanks let you easily determine how much water you have on hand so you can be sure to restock prior to running out. Multiple tanks are available so there is never a concern of shortage.

You don’t want to miss out on these benefits:

  • Client 24-hour emergency helpline
  • Out-of-hours tank emptying is available
  • Available solutions for static and mobile welfare units
  • Registered with the environment agency for the safe removal of waste
  • A professional and highly-trained team is available for upkeep

While restocking the water supply for your facilities, make sure you keep your workers hydrated by also providing a Fresh Water Replenish.

Fresh Water Replenish

You will want to make sure you provide fresh drinking water to keep your workers fully hydrated on the job. Fresh Water Replenish tanks from LetLoos are constructed from a strengthened plastic with reinforced filling points. This prevents your freshwater from leaking.

All freshwater tanks are locked and tagged for security. The tanks meet all water regulations of the UK. Other prime benefits include:

  • Helpline available 24 hours for emergency client assistance
  • Available for both static and mobile welfare units
  • Out-of-hours tank emptying availability
  • Registered to safely remove waste
  • Professional and highly trained servicing team available for upkeep

In addition to maintaining water and loos on your construction site, you must also consider toilet and washroom maintenance and construction site fencing to meet all safety regulations.

Welfare Unit and Toilet Servicing

The cleaning and servicing of your welfare units and loos will be handled in a discreet and punctual manner. LetLoos servicing team wears proper PPE and removes all waste in an environmentally safe manner.

The fast, hygienic process is performed by vacuum and waste removal tankers. Once we remove all waste we restock your supplies, including a loo roll, paper towels, and hand soap. If you have an emergency we are on hand 24/7 to service you.

Site Fencing

To comply with hoarding requirements on construction sites, you must have temporary wall-like fencing built around the construction site. The purpose is to prevent the public from viewing or accessing the construction area. It also reduces the risk of theft, vandalism, and destruction.

The Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) list five legal obligations. When you are considering your construction site’s hoarding needs, extra consideration must be given to the risk of vulnerable persons or children close to the site. This includes taking the following steps:

  • Place barriers around pits or excavation areas
  • Lock vehicles on the construction site
  • Store all materials so they are unable to fall or rollover
  • Remove access ladders from scaffolding and excavations
  • Hazardous substances must be locked in a secure location

Construction site requirements demand a minimum of 2-metre high fence or hoard, but the recommendation is 2.4 metres. A high-security fence of 3 metres may be necessary in some instances.

Your fencing must be hard for children and adults to climb. It should not have any hand or footholds and there must be no gaps beneath it. You need to be sure your hoarding is able to withstand harsh weather and wind.

LetLoos offers construction site fencing that will withstand the harshest conditions. Our site fencing will keep the public out and your construction site secure. The fencing is easy to move and adaptable to your location.

Make Going to the Loo Easy

LetLoos full range of options for hire of construction toilets means you can meet all legal obligations for providing facilities necessary for your workers. We service construction sites throughout the country, providing 24/7 customer service for our clients.

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