How We Ensure Total Toilet Cleanliness in Three Simple Steps

letloos,3 Step For Ensure Total Toilet Cleanliness

Portable toilets are the best solution for sporting events and outdoor festivals to ensure that all guests have easy access to ablution facilities. But one of the things that most attendees will worry about is the Toilet cleanliness of the portable loos, and most people really don’t enjoy using restrooms that are dirty or smelly.

Portable toilet rental from a company with a good reputation offers a completely different experience as you have peace of mind that the hired toilet units have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Total Toilet Cleanliness

At LetLoos we have a strict three-step process to ensure that hired loos stay completely clean and hygienic for the duration of the event, whether it’s a couple of hours or even a few days.

Step 1: Loo Hire, Delivery and Set Up at the Event or Location

Every toilet is thoroughly checked at the warehouse before it is loaded up for delivery, the smell of each loo hire unit is checked, and the interior and exterior is inspected to ensure that nothing is broken, damaged or missing. The interior of the portable toilet is inspected for cleanliness, and there is a check confirm that a sufficient supply of toilet paper is available.

There is a separate inspection of the chemicals tank that is conducted to ensure that it is sealed correctly, has been properly filled, and that the chemicals used are in the correct concentration.

Step 2: Cleaning the Portable Loos During an Event

It’s not enough to clean toilets before and after an event; they should be kept clean and smelling fresh for the duration of the event. This may mean cleaning each portable loos during the event as well. For events that will last more than a couple of hours, and where food and alcohol will be served, attendants can be available to clean the portable loos throughout the event.

The primary role is to ensure that each portable toilet is in usable condition from start to finish by spraying surfaces as well as cleaning and replacing toilet rolls when empty. They will also do regular checks to ensure the portable toilet rental unit stays clean and fresh after each use.

One of the most important aspects of the toilet’s cleanliness is the smell. Aside from the work that the toilet attendants do, the hard-working chemicals are also doing their job. The chemicals interact with the waste keep the toilet smelling good, as well as working on the waste matter to break it down and keep the toilet clean.

Step 3: A Full Clean After the Event

When the hired portable toilets are returned to the rental company, they will be professionally cleaned an sanitized to get them ready for the next event. These are the four main activities that the cleaners will perform to ensure that the portable toilet has been cleaned thoroughly:

Clear the Portable Toilet’s Holding Tank

Before anything else can happen, the waste needs to be removed from the holding tank. This is done by suctioning out the waste with a vacuum that pumps the waste out of the tank. The collected waste is then transported on sanitation trucks to a wastewater treatment plant where it is properly handled for disposal.

Clean the Portable Toilet

Our cleaning team then takes big brushes and spray bottles to wash and scrub the units. Every single millimetre of the portable toilet will be scrubbed, including the toilet seats, walls, floors and the urinals. We take our time with this process to ensure that the units we deliver are meticulously clean.

• Antibacterial Spray

The heavy-duty antibacterial spray that is used on the units kills bacteria and prevents further multiplication. The spray helps us get to the hard to clean areas such as door handles, flusher switchers and seats.

• High Pressure Clean

High-pressure cleaners are used to get off the dirt that gets tracked into portable toilet from outside. The heat of the water kills any bacteria and works with the antibacterial spray to make the cleaning procedure completely hygienic.

• Full Portable Toilet Scrub

The interior walls need to be scrubbed to ensure that all germs and bacteria have been fully removed.

The Chemical Holding Tank Needs to be Filled

One the tank has been cleaned, and the unit is ready, it needs to be charged for the next use. Here twenty litres of our blue additive chemicals are added to the holding tank. These chemicals are released on flushing and are essential for controlling odours as well as disinfecting and breaking down the waste.

For portable toilet attendees, these are also an effective way to measure the usage of the unit – as the additive turns green, it signals that the unit is ready for another service.

Ensure the Supplies in Each Portable Toilet Have Been Restocked

Your attendees will appreciate using a portable toilet that has enough toilet paper. We understand that running out of toilet paper at an inopportune moment can be very frustrating, which is why we ensure that our units are fitted with a minimum of two units of toilet paper. If you have opted for a toilet trailer hire option, we’ll also ensure that the hand sanitizer, soap and paper towels have been replaced.

If you need to hire a loo for your next event or function, ensure that the company you use adheres to stringent principles when it comes to the cleanliness of units. Toilet hygiene is a high priority for most people, and your festival goers will appreciate a portable toilet rental solution that is clean, neat and hygienic from when the event starts right up until it ends.

At LetLoos we ensure that every portable toilet that leaves our warehouse is comprehensively cleaned and ready to be installed for your festival or event. You have peace of mind knowing that the chemicals have been added and checked, that the units have been carefully cleaned and disinfected, and that the supplies have been restocked prior to delivery.

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