Are You Pooping Properly? Here’s how You Find Out

Sitting On Portable Toilet,Are You Pooping Properly? Here’s How You Find Out

Are You Pooping Properly?

You may think that emptying your bowels should come naturally and that there is no right or wrong way to do your business. This is not true at all, in fact, the way that you poop could determine how comfortable it is for you to go to the bathroom and how fast you are able to do your business.

Of course, the internet is full of products which can help you to go better, but in reality, you may find that it all comes down to your technique and that you don’t need to invest in any kind of product at all.

When Nature Calls

Even though everyone’s toilet schedule will differ, there are in fact some general pointers if you want to make sure that you’re pooping to your full potential. If you want to find out more, then take a look below to make sure that you understand fact from fiction when pooping in a toilet hire cubicle.

Don’t Hold in your Poo- Visit a Toilet Hire Cubicle At an Event

Not going when you feel as though you really need to, is not great for your body at all. In fact, it can come with some very unpleasant side effects. One of them is the fact that your poop will dry out and it will become very hard to pass.

This can lead to you being backed up, which can cause chronic constipation. Your digestive system is a machine, and if you do not keep it well-oiled by going to the bathroom often then things will grind to a halt, and your body will counteract this in other ways.

If you get really constipated then your body will create watery poo to try and dislodge the blockage, or so that the poo can seep around the hard stool in your bowels. This is a condition which is known as being overflow diarrhoea.

Things can get even worse from this point. If you are chronically constipated, then you could wind up with a very unpleasant condition called faecal impaction. This can put you in the hospital. If you want to avoid all of this, then follow the simple rule- if you need to poo then visit the loo.

Should you Squat or Sit when Using a Toilet Hire Cubicle?

There has been so much information out there that tells you that you should sit when using a toilet hire cubicle, but at the same time, there are other reports out there that say you should squat.

There haven’t been enough studies done for people to conclude if they should squat or if they should sit, but what we do know is that there is one good position for you to be in when you do your business if you choose to sit when using a toilet hire cubicle. You need to:

        Sit with your knees higher than your hips.

        Lean forward and rest your elbows on your knees

        Bulge out your stomach so you create a pressure vacuum

        Try and straighten your spine if possible while maintaining the posture 

Hovering above the seat in a squatting position when using a toilet hire cubicle can be very difficult for your pelvic floor muscles. It doesn’t matter whether you are peeing or whether you are pooping in a toilet hire bathroom, because you need to make sure that your posture is on-point so you can go quickly and efficiently.

Taking too Long to Go in a Toilet Hire Cubicle?

Do you like to take something with you to read in the bathroom? Maybe you feel as though the privacy of a portable toilet hire cubicle gives you ample time to scroll through your social media feed. Either way, you should know that if you sit for too long on the toilet, then this may mean that you spend more time straining. This can put pressure on your rectum, and it can lead to haemorrhoids.

This is actually super common and it is in fact treatable, but they are not pleasant so it helps to avoid them if possible. Avoid any distractions and also make sure that you clear out when you have done your business. Another major cause of haemorrhoids is straining too intensely when you are trying to pass poo, or if you are constipated.

If you are having to strain for more than a few minutes when using a portable toilet hire cubicle, then it is a good idea for you to leave the toilet and try again a little later on. If you find yourself being constipated more than you should be then it’s a good idea for you to visit your doctor.

Portable Toilet Hire: Proper Practices when it Comes to Toilet Paper

Some people scrunch, other people fold. When it comes to using toilet paper though, there are a few technicalities that you should be keeping in mind. It’s a good idea for you to wipe from front to back as this will help you to avoid urinary tract infections.

If you have haemorrhoids, then you’ll want to pat the area as opposed to wiping. If you are looking into a portable toilet hire service, they may provide you with either loo roll or wipes, depending on your preference.

Washing your Hands in a Portable Toilet Hire Cubicle 

Poo contains so many viruses and germs. This includes E. coli which can make you very sick. Germs like this are incredibly tiny and they are also invisible. These germs could be hiding on your doorknob, your faucet or any other portable toilet hire cubicle surface.

A study was done in 2016 and they found that out of 100,000 people in Europe, 40% of women who used a portable toilet hire cubicle did not wash their hands afterwards. 62% of men did not wash their hands either. When you go through a toilet hire service, they will make sure that they provide you with handwash.

At the end of the day, washing your hands is one of the best ways for you to stop the spread of germs, which include the flu and e-Coli as well. If you want to wash your hands properly when using a  portable toilet hire cubicle  then make sure that you:

        Wet your hands properly first by using the toilet hire cubicle faucet

        Use soap and lather your hands and fingers

        Do this for 20 seconds, or sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice

        Rinse your hands very well to remove any excess soap

        Dry your hands on either a clean towel or by using a hand dryer in the portable toilet hire cubicle

So, it’s very important that you not only go properly but that you also make sure that you are taking the time to wash your hands too. If you don’t then you may find that you end up compromising your own health. If you want to hire a cubicle then go through a reputable portable toilet hire company, as they will provide you with the best toileting experience.