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Why you should always flush a portable toilet?

If you’re at a festival or outdoor event and need to use the portable toilet hire facilities, it may be tempting to get in and out as quick as possible, and in the process, you may forget to flush the toilet.

But this is a bad idea. Toilet flushing is an important part of basic toilet etiquette. It’s good manners to flush – but are there more important reasons for flushing? We look at the top seven reasons that you really should flush after using a portable toilet hire.

It’s Polite

Nobody wants to use a toilet that is full of someone else’s waste. That is just unpleasant. In addition to the smell and the potential for the spread of disease, it is horrible to look into a toilet and see the waste that someone else has left behind. If you’re using a portable toilet, chances are that you’re at a big festival or event somewhere and there are other people in the queue behind you that are not going to appreciate using a portable toilet that has your waste at the bottom of it.

It Stops the Toilet from Smelling

The chemicals used in portable toilet hire facilities contain deodorisers that keep the toilets smelling fresh and clean. And because the most common cause of portable toilet odours come from the bacteria that feed on human waste, it makes sense to ensure that those bacteria are flushed away.

The process of flushing brings the chemicals with the deodorising properties into contact with the bacteria so that deodoriser can get to work neutralising any odours and preventing the formation of new odours as the bacteria begins to replicate.

If a toilet is left unflushed, the smell can start to spread. For toilets at a festival that aren’t flushed regularly, this can cause unpleasant odours to drift across the festival, making it a horrible experience for everyone there.

Don’t forget that just because an unflushed toilet smells terrible for humans, there other animals, particularly insects, that are attracted to the smell of decaying faecal matter. By flushing the toilet, you can ensure that you’re doing your bit to keep the festival cockroach-free.

Whether the weather is warm or cool outside, it is the deodorising ability of portable toilets that will keep them from smelling – and that can only happen when you flush.

It Prevents the Portable Toilet Hire from Developing Blockages and Clogs

If a portable toilet isn’t flushed regularly and waste matter builds up without being removed, the toilet can easily get clogged up and will no longer be able to flush. Cleaning the blocked toilet is the next logical step, and while that won’t be your job, spare a thought for the person responsible for the cleanliness of the ablution facilities. Cleaning a blocked toilet is a horrible job, but flushing regularly will ensure that this malodourous task is not necessary.

It Keeps Everything Clean

Flushing a portable toilet keeps the toilet clean and only takes a second to do. A clean toilet is much more inviting for the next person who needs to use the loo, and you also prevent any accidental spread of dirt.

At LetLoos, most of our solutions offer a hands-free flush option that makes it easier than ever to leave the portable toilet hire neat and clean. It also makes it a simple step to reduce the spread of waste throughout the event.

It Prevents Mould Growth

If a portable toilet is left unflushed for an extended period of time, the combination of moist conditions and rotting organic matter can lead to mould and mildew growth, which has important health implications.

While not all forms of mould are harmful, others such as black mould can cause respiratory problems in humans. In some cases, reactions can be even more severe. There is also the possibility that people using the toilets will be more susceptible to infection if the mould comes into contact with open wounds.

Mould and mildew are quite difficult to effectively clean once they begin to spread, so there is the additional concern that toilets with mould growth will need special attention after the event to restore them to optimal functioning.

It Prevents the Spread of Disease

Flushing the portable toilet hire after use is also an excellent way to reduce the spread of disease and illness at an event. This is because many diseases can be spread through human waste, including gastrointestinal diseases, which is always a concern at a festival. Other diseases that can be spread by human waste include hepatitis, occupational asthma and Weil’s disease.

It Means the Chemicals Can Get to Work

In portable toilets, when the toilet is flushed, the chemicals contained in the toilet’s holding tank are released and are able to get to work on your waste. In addition to the deodorising properties of the chemicals, they are also able to break down the solid waste, kill germs and reduce toilet paper, which helps to keep the portable toilet clean.

In summary, there may be good reasons to cut down on the amount of flushing that you do at home, especially if you take water consumption into consideration. But since portable toilet hire facilities use chemicals rather than water, and flushing not only impacts you but everyone else who wants to use the portable toilet as well, it is non-negotiable.

Some of the most important reasons include activating the chemicals to break down the waste as well as deodorising the toilet, preventing the spread of disease, and because it’s just good manners.

<pAt LetLoos we provide a range of different flushing portable toilets hire options that you can use for a variety of applications. Our clients use our toilets for festivals and events, weddings and parties, welfare units and construction sites.

We’re able to offer portable toilet hire, urinal hire, luxury toilet trailers, disabled portable toilets, portable shower blocks and septic tank emptying – everything you need when you’re looking for a complete portable ablution solution. And because convenience and service for our clients is our top priority, we offer guaranteed next-day delivery and twenty-four-hour customer support for short and long term portable toilet hire.

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