Where Can I Get a Portable Toilet with a Water Tank?

Washing Hands,Where Can I Get A Portable Toilet With A Water Tank?

There are countless situations which might demand the rental of a portable toilet with a water tank unit. Perhaps you’re a project manager in charge of a construction or renovation job and have to provide temporary facilities for your workers while they’re onsite. Maybe you’re organising your dream wedding at an idyllic location in the countryside, or you’re overseeing a music festival, sporting extravaganza or other mass gathering of people. Whatever the reason, portable toilets can offer a fast and practical solution to an unavoidable problem.

While the exact type of facility you require will depend upon the type of site and number of users, there are many times when providing clean running water is desirable – and there are others when it’s actually a legal requirement. Of course, the most convenient course of action in these scenarios would be to hook the toilet up to the mains water supply, since this will guarantee you a steady supply of H2O for flushing, handwashing and other hygienic purposes. However, there are occasions when this is simply not possible.

If the remoteness of the location or the insufficiency of the infrastructure surrounding it mean that accessing the mains is not an option, the obvious solution is to hire a portable toilet with water tank attached. This can circumvent the problem and ensure those who use the facilities are still able to wash their hands and practice basic hygiene despite the logistical shortcomings of the site. But when exactly is such a solution appropriate, what are its advantages and how can you go about hiring one? Read on to find out.

Why might I need a portable toilet with a water tank?

In an ideal world, anyone hiring a portable toilet with flushing and handwashing capabilities would simply connect it to the mains water supply and sewerage system. This way, the existing infrastructure of the UK’s water management system would take care of all the practical considerations in delivering water and evacuating waste to and from the toilet itself.

Unfortunately, there are times when a mains connection is not available, due to the geographical location, the infrastructural inadequacies or the bureaucratic red tape of the site in question. In such cases, hiring a portable toilet with a water tank can be a logical solution to the issue. Having said that, there are other occasions when doing so is not advisable. Here’s a quick peek at both scenarios to give you a better idea of when this kind of rental toilet might fit the bill:

Situations when portable toilets with water tanks are suitable:

  • Construction sites. It is a legal requirement for those in charge of any construction site in the UK to provide adequate facilities for workers to stay clean and healthy onsite. That includes the provision of handwashing facilities next to all toilets, while shower units may be appropriate for certain projects. Hiring an IBC water tank to accompany your portable toilet or welfare unit can be a great way of complying with your obligations in this situation.
  • Remote weddings. There’s no mystery as to why many couples choose to tie the knot in a remote and rural location far from towns and cities. The bucolic bliss and laid-back rhythms of country living add a sense of adventure and escapism to any nuptial’s ceremony, but that very attribute can also be a drawback when it comes to providing sanitation facilities. Thankfully, portable toilets with water tanks can sidestep the issue.
  • Any other smaller gathering or event. The main factor when considering rental of an IBC water tank to supplement the toilets onsite at your event or project is the footfall to which they’re likely to be subjected and the length of time for which they will be needed. An occasion which hosts thousands of people is certain to consume finite water supplies within a matter of hours, so it’s important to take into account the number of attendees and the duration of the event before plumping for a water tank solution.

Situations when portable toilets with water tanks are NOT suitable:

  • Large-scale festivals. These days, mainstream music festivals such as Glastonbury and Download attract upwards of 100,000 attendees every day. While smaller events don’t enjoy quite such prolific numbers, it’s still likely that thousands of people will pass through the gates of a music, food or other festival. As mentioned above, water tanks can come with substantial capacities, but even the largest models will quickly become exhausted if too many people are using them.
  • Mobile shower units for mass use. While single shower units and construction site welfare units can be serviced by IBC water units with relative ease, they are not designed to cope with the showering demands of excessive numbers of people. If you consider that the average person consumes around 50 litres of water during a 10-minute shower – and that IBC water tanks hold up to 1,000 litres – that means that only 20 people can shower before the supply is exhausted.
  • Any location where mains access is available. Despite the convenience which portable toilets with water tanks offer, it’s invariably more affordable and efficient to take advantage of the existing infrastructure that’s already present at or near a works site or event venue. With that in mind, using an IBC tank should be considered more of a backup than an alternative to connecting to the mains water supply.

Now that you have a better idea when and where portable toilets with water tanks are appropriate, it’s important to understand how you can hire them. At LetLoos, we understand that the legwork and logistics involved in arranging adequate sanitary facilities can be difficult at the best of times. But it’s even more complicated when mains access is not available. That’s why we make everything as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

How to hire a portable toilet with a water tank

At LetLoos, we’re fully aware that not every location is connectable to the mains water supply, which is why we offer a full range of products which don’t require any water to operate them at all. From the chemical toilets which break down waste and purge odours without H2O to the four-man urinals which slash toilet queues and enhance guest enjoyment, our catalogue is replete with water-saving solutions.

Having said that, we recognise that there are other times when you might want (or need) to provide flushing and handwashing facilities, but aren’t able to draw from the main waterboard to do so. In these situations, hiring an IBC water tank to accompany your toilet, shower or welfare unit is an ideal solution to the problem. These sturdy receptacles can take up to 1,000 litres of water, providing a steady flow to your site regardless of its location or infrastructural shortcomings.

Combining rental of a portable toilet with a water tank from LetLoos is convenient and cost-effective, since you can ensure that all aspects of the sanitation facilities at your site are contracted from the same firm. This keeps paperwork to a minimum and ensures that protocols and procedures can be easily followed in the event of mishap or malfunction. Simply get in touch with our team, let them know your requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Of course, IBC water tanks are primarily designed for handwashing and flushing purposes, but we also recognise that construction site managers have a duty to provide their staff with drinking water, too. That’s why we provide fresh water replenishment services, which can keep your H2O supplies topped up and your workforce hydrated at all times. At LetLoos, we’ve got all of your water needs covered.

What are the advantages of hiring a water tank from LetLoos?

Aside from the ease and professionalism with which we handle all of our projects, there are a number of other benefits to hiring an IBC water tank from LetLoos. These include:

  • The IBC water tanks supplied by LetLoos come in a range of different sizes, with our largest capable of holding up to 1,000 litres in capacity. We know that changing water frequently can present a plethora of logistical headaches, which is why the large capacity of our tanks are popular among our clientele.
  • We recognise that large as our tanks are, they’re unlikely to meet your water demands for the duration of your project. For that reason, we offer our customers the option to hire several tanks at the same time, increasing the amount of H2O onsite and guaranteeing that access to a clean and reliable supply is always assured.
  • Opaque or coloured water tanks can be a nightmare for determining exactly how much liquid is left and when they require substitution. To sidestep that problem, all of the water tanks provided by LetLoos are completely translucent. This means that you can tell at a glance how much water remains and avoid getting caught short unexpectedly.
  • We know that IBC water tanks are most commonly favoured on construction sites and other environments where conditions can be extreme. That’s why they’re all manufactured from highly durable plastic and housed in robust steel structures, lending themselves well to stacking on pallets and withstanding the day-to-day wear and tear of a busy construction workplace.
  • With such a range of options available, we can cater to almost any application you require. That includes both mobile and static welfare units, which are hugely popular among construction site managers. That kind of versatility means you can select the solution that’s most appropriate to your situation, without any need to compromise on quality.
  • We can provide continuous maintenance and upkeep for the entire duration of your project, including out-of-hours emptying and weekly cleaning. Our highly trained team of professional engineers are always on hand to allay any doubts and solve any issues you might encounter, while all employees are registered with the relevant authorities for safe waste removal.
  • 24/7 support. Speaking of the level of customer service we offer, we pride ourselves on the consistent satisfaction of our clients on each and every job we accept. That’s why we have a dedicated support team who are always available to handle any questions and fix any bugs at the other end of our 24-hour helpline. Day or night, we’ve got your back.

Solve your site’s water problems today

Whether it’s a construction site that requires comprehensive sanitation facilities or a recreational event in need of thorough organisation, we recognise that keeping so many plates spinning at the same time is no mean feat. That’s why we aim to tackle your portable tank and water supply needs in one fell swoop, via the rental of an IBC water tank to complement your welfare unit, hot wash site toilet or single shower unit.

All of the products offered by LetLoos are second to none in terms of their quality and durability, while our customer service is unparalleled across the board. Simply put, we’re a one-stop shop for all your portable sanitation needs – and we can even provide cleaning and tank emptying services to ensure that maintenance is one less worry you have to consider, as well. We’ll deliver the units to your site on the day of commencement, then pick them up from when you’re done. What could be simpler?

If you’d like to take advantage of the simplicity and convenience of arranging rental of a portable toilet with water tank from LetLoos, get in touch with us today. One of our knowledgeable and friendly team will be on hand to get back to you to answer any questions and calm any concerns you may have, as well provide a free, impartial and no-obligation quote for our services. And that’s a promise you can take to the bank. Don’t delay – get in contact with us today!