Why are the Queues for Festival Toilets always So Long?

Festival toilet,Why Are The Queues For Festival Toilets Always So Long?

If you have ever been to a festival, then you will know how long the queues can be. You may feel as though they are endless at times, but there are a few good reasons why.


Festivals in the UK with the Biggest Toilet Queues

If you want to know which festivals in the UK have the biggest toilet queues, then take a look below.

Glastonbury Festival

Some of the acts that have headlined Glastonbury include Ed Sheeran, Stevie Wonder and Beyonce. The festival has a total capacity of 210,000 people, meaning that queues for the toilets are often dire. Glastonbury do provide luxurious toilets, by teaming up with welfare unit hire service providers.

Download Festival

Download is one of the biggest rock festivals in the UK. They have hosted acts that range from Iron Maiden to Black Sabbath and Metallica. They have four stages in total with bands spread across 3 days. Each festival runs for a total of 5 days with entertainment spanning across the whole event. This alone brings in over 110,000 people every year, so you can imagine what the queues are like for the welfare unit hire bathrooms.

Reading and Leeds Festival

Artists such as Eminem, Foo Fighters, Post Malone and Guns and Roses have all performed at Reading and Leeds festival. The festival brings in around 105,000 people from across the UK every single year. The welfare unit hire bathrooms are usually packed as a result.


Why are Festivals Notorious for Having Long Queues?

Festival organisers often have a hard time getting the number of toilets needed right because they have to make sure that they have enough to keep the queues down, but not so many that it stops giving them a good return on their investment.

Peak Periods

One of the main challenges that festival organisers face is having peak periods where people use the welfare unit hire facilities

. This could be at the end of a main headlining set, or between big bands.


People who drink often need to go to the bathroom much more often when compared to events which do not serve alcohol.

Quantity of People

Having thousands of people in any one location will ultimately cause long queues at the welfare unit hire cubicle.


How do Festival Organisers Mitigate Welfare Unit Hire Queues?

It’s important to know that festival organisers do often try their best to mitigate some of the festival queues that they have. They do this by:

        Having male and female toilets

        Spreading the toilets out across festival stages

        Having urinals for men in high-traffic areas of the festival

        Putting toilets near to food and drink establishments where possible

        Having bathrooms next to the campsites with disabled options also available

        Providing the opportunity of using luxury toilets if you were to pay the extra price

All of this helps to reduce the total traffic, but at the end of the day, you are never going to eliminate festival queues entirely. It’s all part of the experience, but if you are an organiser, then there are things you can do to try and help your visitors to have the best time possible.