Once the parties over what happens to the chemical toilet contents?

chemical toilet contents

If you’re organising an outdoor event such as a festival, wedding or village fete, you’re going to require portable chemical toilet services or urinal units for your attendees or guests to use during their visit. You’ll also need a plan to get these units emptied, especially if your event is going to span more than one day and this is where our portable chemical toilet services can help! 

Chemical toilet contents

A chemical portable toilet works by having waste fall into a collection bin that’s filled with gallons of chemicals that help dissolve waste and reduce odour. This means that the unit can be used time and time again without overflowing and remains sanitary and safe for your visitors to use, but they will all require emptying at one point or another. 

Overflowing portable toilets aren’t a pretty sight, but you’ve got no need to worry about them becoming too full as there are a few safeguards in place in many chemical portable toilets and urinals to stop this happening. 

Each chemical portable toilet or urinal unit has an output hole located near to the waste collection bin for an easy way to empty the contents without any nasty spillages, plus many of our units are equipped with a sensor that tells you when the loo is ready to be emptied – this makes arranging collection of the waste straight forward. 

When you book your chemical portable toilet services, we’ll also advise you on the best time to have the units emptied so that you won’t need to rely on just checking the sensors alone and you won’t encounter any problems during the event.  

Once you’ve decided that the time is right for the chemical portable toilet or urinal unit to be emptied, our team will arrive with a large waste removal lorry complete with large hoses that suck the waste from each of the units via the output holes like a vacuum, so there’s no spillages or chance of the waste escaping and spoiling your event. 

This usually takes just a few minutes per unit, so there’s no need to worry that your guests won’t be able to access the facilities for extended periods of time as we’ll soon have them emptied and ready to be used once again. 

As soon as the waste has been removed, it offers our team the perfect opportunity to carry out some portable toilet cleaning. We’ll hose down the inside of each unit with water before replenishing the stocks of toilet roll and hand sanitiser for your urinal units to help keep guests happy and healthy. 

Portable toilet cleaning complete, the lorry is then driven away off-site to a designated sanitation cleaning facility where the waste will be disposed of safely and in line with waste disposal legislation. The waste is treated with another series of chemicals in a similar way to a water treatment plant, so you don’t need to worry that the waste will be simply flushed away as this really isn’t the case! 

Once the lorry storage tank is emptied, it returns to our depot in Essex where it stays until its time to visit another location and empty the next series of chemical portable toilets. 

For more information on how we empty our loos and urinal units without disrupting the event or damaging the environment, get in touch with the team at Letloos today on 0800 368 8373 or click here to use our contact us form.