5 Event Types That Require Portable Toilet Hire

Portable Toilet Hire

5 Event Types That Require Portable Toilet Hire

Throughout the country there are events happening almost every day of the year. Particularly as we gear up for summer with warmer weather and long evenings, the number and variety of outdoor festivals and events available is very exciting.

But one of the things that festival organizers and attendees tend to overlook or leave to the last minute is the need for adequate toilet facilities. Whether you’re hosting a local event, a sports race or a music festival, you need to ensure that you’ve designed a toilet solution that will cater to all attendees.

The portable toilet hire requirements for different events varies, but we’ve covered some of the most popular ones: food and beverage festivals, weekend festivals, sporting events, music festivals and VIP luxury parties.

1. Food and Beverage Festivals

The popularity of food and beverage festival is growing. Food festivals are springing up all over the place specialising in organic produce, cheese, charcuterie, chocolate and more. Beverage festivals have long been popular, but these days even more so as people are wanting fun and different things to do with their time off. You’ll find local beverage festivals celebrating coffee, wine, artisan beer and even gin.

With food and beverage festivals there are quite specific requirements for portable toilet hire. This is especially true if the event lasts for longer than six hours and is spread over a number of days, which is very common for most festivals. Additionally, because alcohol and food are being served, you will need to increase the number of toilets that you hire by around twenty percent. Consider also whether you will have VIPs or disabled persons who may require separate options, where you will need to think about luxury portable toilets and disabled portable toilet hire.        

2. Weekend Festivals and Portable Toilet Hire

There are many different types of weekend festivals from local community events and summer fetes that celebrate a specific area or town, to extended cultural events that may take place in one location or across several establishments.

When planning where and how many portable toilets you will need to provide, you’ll need to take a number of factors into consideration. This will include where they need to be placed if the event is spread over a larger geographic region, and how many you will need. This decision will be impacted by the duration of the event, how many people are coming, whether you are serving food and drink, and how many days the festival will go one for.

To plan for your event, a good estimate to work with would be one toilet per 85 attending women, and one toilet per 425 men. Additionally, you will also need one urinal unit per 125 men. If the event will have food and beverages available you will need to increase the number of toilets to cater for this. If the event will last longer than 6 hours, you may also need to increase the number of portable toilets that you hire.

3. Sporting Events

Sporting events such as a bicycle race or a run will need portable toilet hire. One of the biggest logistical hurdles is planning the placement of these toilets, as well as estimating the number of people that you are catering for.

You will need to have good facilities at the start – people will want to start the race with an empty bladder and there’s a good chance they’ve had a couple of coffees before they arrive. You will also need an adequate number of portable toilets at the finish when participants finally take a break to go to the toilet.

Remember that you will also need to factor in supporters who, in addition to cheering on the participants, will also need to go to the toilet at some stage. They may even need to go multiple times if the event lasts for a couple of hours.

Don’t forget to ensure that there are portable toilet facilities along the route – both for supporters and participants. Plan to place the toilets at popular spots where there are likely to be large numbers of supporters, as well as at strategic intervals when participants are likely to need a toilet break.

4. Portable Toilet Hire for Music Festivals

Music festivals almost always need a well thought-out portable toilet hire installation. Part of ensuring the music festival’s success is providing enough toilets so that the queues to go to the toilet aren’t too long. Your attendees won’t want to miss the show because they’re forced to stand in a 30-minute queue for the loo.

You will also need to factor in the need for additional facilities if there will be food and alcohol served as the more people eat and drink, the more frequently they will need to go to the toilet. We work on a guideline of one toilet for every 75 women and one for every 400 men with one additional  urinal for every 100 men. 

5. Parties and Events that Require Luxury Portable Toilets

Give your guests the ultimate in luxury when you throw your next VIP party or event. You’ll want to ensure that you have every detail covered from the food and drink to the entertainment. But one area that you might not have thought about is providing adequate toilet facilities. You can take your even to the next level by ensuring that you have this small but vitally important detail covered.

For bespoke, upmarket events you can select a luxury portable toilet hire solution. We understand that you want a hygienic, enjoyable toilet option so that your guests feel comfortable and relaxed even when going to the toilet.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a VIP toilet trailer hire that is spacious with good quality finishes and an attractive aesthetic, ensuring that guests feel well looked after. Your guests will enjoy the VIP experience that they deserve and a have toilet experience that rivals that of a traditional fitted bathroom.

If the nature of your party lends itself to it, you may also wish to provide your VIP guests with shower facilities. Deluxe portable shower units are fully equipped with washroom facilities to ensure that your guests can stay clean, and enjoy their shower experience. With hot water, anti-slip flooring and luxury fittings, you know that you’ve given your guests an event where every detail has been taken care of.

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