Portable Toilet Hire London: 7 Reasons to Choose LetLoos

henry be DpI wydgJM unsplash,Portable Toilet Hire London: 7 Reasons To Choose LetLoos

Got an important event coming up? Or maybe you’re carrying out some construction work and need to ensure that your employees’ toileting needs are taken care of? If so, then portable toilet hire is probably high on your list of priorities.

Portable toilets are incredibly useful for all kinds of occasions, from fairs, festivals and sporting events, to large family celebrations and even corporate gatherings. Portable toilets, such as the ones we provide here at LetLoos, guarantee an affordable and sanitary solution, particularly if you will be catering for large numbers of people.

Despite the extensive usefulness of portable toilet hire, we understand that, for some people, the idea of portable loos can be off-putting. Perhaps you have even had a bad experience with toilets which were unsanitary or inconvenient in the past.

If so, please don’t let that deter you, particularly if you have a special occasion to plan in the near future. Here at LetLoos, we pride ourselves on delivering an all-round portable toilet hire service in London which will transform your opinion of portable loos, and show you just how efficient they can be for all kinds of situations.

Toilet hire services in London

Whether you’re in Bexley or Barnet, Redbridge or Hounslow, we are dedicated to ensuring a fast and effective service throughout London. We can provide a variety of high-quality portable toilets for every scenario, including accessible toilets designed to make toileting easier for event-goers with mobility issues. We also offer a range of linked services including toilet emptying and waste management, to help make your life as easy as possible. We can even provide toilet attendants to help out during your event or function.

That’s why, if you need to find the perfect portable toilet hire in London for hassle-free and hygienic toilet solutions, you don’t need to look any further than LetLoos.

Still not entirely sold on the idea? Read on to discover 7 reasons why you should choose LetLoos to provide your portable toilets in London. As you will discover, we always go above and beyond to ensure that all of your guests, clients or employees are as comfortable as possible when it comes to their bathroom breaks!

1.  Efficient professional toilet hire service with years of experience

When it comes to choosing a service provider, it’s advisable to choose a well-established business with a proven track record of meeting customer needs. Here at LetLoos, we have more than 25 years’ worth of experience in the welfare unit hiring industry. As a result, we can guarantee friendly, efficient and professional portable toilet hire in London, no matter what your requirements. During our many years in business, we have provided high-quality sanitation services for all kinds of events, as well as for construction sites and corporate functions.

2.  Guaranteed next-day delivery

When planning a major event, such as a music festival or sports match, it can be difficult to sort out all of the logistics. Because of this, it’s not unusual for some things to be forgotten – such as providing enough toileting units for all of your attendees.

If you don’t have any portable loos sorted out yet, or you’re worried about not having enough sanitation units for everyone, there’s no need to panic. When it comes to booking portable toilets in London through LetLoos, you won’t have to concern yourself over whether or not your additional loos will arrive on time.

We provide a guaranteed next-day delivery service, so you can be sure your portable toilets will arrive and be set up when you need them to be. It doesn’t matter where you are in London, we will make sure our toilets get there the day after your order. Plus, our 24/7 support team will be on hand to assist with any extras you may need.

3.  We provide services all across London

Whether you have a construction site in the heart of the City, or you’re hosting a well-attended corporate event in Chiswick, we can meet your needs for toilet hire in London! We cover a large number of London boroughs spread right across the capital, from north to south and east to west. If you’re planning an event in the city, be sure to use our helpful postcode checker to confirm availability in your area.

4.  A variety of toilet types to choose from

If you were under the impression that there’s only one type of bog-standard portable toilet (pardon the pun), we are here to tell you otherwise.

We offer at least three different types of portable toilet unit designed specifically for construction sites, and when it comes to events, you have an even larger selection to choose from.

Our impressive collection of event toilets range from smaller, self-contained units, to more spacious 4-man urinals, and even VIP toilet trailers. In fact, when it comes to luxury toilet hire in London, you really can’t do better than LetLoos!

Keen to find out more? Here is a quick breakdown of some of the main toilet types we offer, including their uses and amenities.

Event toilet

Our portable event toilets are cleverly designed to maximise space, while minimising the more unpleasant aspects of sanitation units, such as odours. These portable loos feature leak-proof tanks which break down the waste using chemicals that meet all health, safety and welfare regulations for use in public spaces. Made out of durable, light-weight plastics, these toilets also come fitted out with secure door locks, sanitiser dispensers and automatic LED lights. This means they can be used just as comfortably after sunset as during the day.

Hot wash site toilet

If you’re looking for portable toilet hire in London for a construction site, one of the options we have available is this comfort-enhancing hot wash site toilet. These chemical toilets come equipped with HSE compliant forearm sinks and warm or hot running water, as well as robust chemical tanks.

Perfect for both short and longer-term construction projects, our LetLoos hot wash site toilets will improve hygiene and comfort for your construction workers. They’ll also encourage them to indulge in more frequent and thorough hand washing. All you need to ensure their operation is a 110v power supply on your site. We also include a dedicated weekly service as part of our construction site toilet hire in London.

Disabled toilets

If you are holding a major event in London, it is vital to provide effective and comfortable toilet options for disabled users and for parents with young children. That’s where LetLoos comes in!

Our sizable disabled portable toilets and baby change facilities provide plenty of room for users to move about comfortably, and come fitted out with a variety of special features. These include helpful handholds for users with limited mobility and a well-equipped baby change section for families with young children. This area includes a changing surface, nappy change bins, soap dispensers, and motion-activated LED lighting, to ensure a well-illuminated environment at all times.

4-man urinals

Offering a simple and effective solution for the toileting needs of large numbers of men are these 4-man urinals. As the name suggests, these lightweight portable toilets can occupy 4 male users at a time.

Available for hire across London, they are perfect for any situation where additional men’s toilets are needed. Thanks to their compact size, they can be easily accommodated by venues with not a lot of space to play with.

As well as quick delivery of these urinals, we offer a weekly cleaning service as standard. We can also fit privacy panels around the urinals to ensure a more pleasant experience for users.

Luxury toilet trailers

Our VIP toilet trailers come in different sizes and configurations. This way, you can guarantee a premium look and feel, as well as an abundance of space and comfort for your guests. Just one of our 2+1 toilet trailers comes equipped with 3 WCs and 4 basins and is capable of servicing up to 175 guests.

There are 3 different sizes of luxury toilet trailer available: 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1. As well as the toilets, urinals and hand wash sinks installed in the trailers, they each come pre-equipped with toilet paper, luxury hand wash and even hand lotion, to give your guests that genuine VIP feeling.

5.  Portable toilets in London for every occasion

There are so many events and occasions where portable toilet hire in London will come in useful.

Unsurprisingly, building sites are some of the most common users of portable toilets, as there are usually no built-in bathrooms available for construction workers on site. That’s why LetLoos offers several options specifically for construction sites. We also include a regular cleaning service as part of our toilet hire in London – not only for toilets on building sites, but as standard for all customers.

Any outdoor event where a large number of people will be attending will usually require at least a few portable toilets. And it stands to reason that, the bigger the function, the more portable event toilets you will need.

Ever been to a music festival, a large country fair, or even a rustic wedding held in a field? Then you’ll probably have seen portable toilets and urinals dotted around the venue to guarantee that everyone attending can use the loo when they need to.

However, some people will even hire a portable toilet for a smaller event they are hosting at home. This is a good idea, particularly if they have guests with limited mobility and their house only has an upstairs bathroom or a downstairs toilet too small to accommodate a disabled user.

Investing in portable toilets to be kept outside in your garden also prevents too much ‘through traffic’ into your home which could result in muddy prints trodden into the carpets! It will also make queues for the loo less likely, which is sure to result in happier guests.

6.  Impressive credentials

When it comes to choosing the right company to provide portable toilets in London, credentials are all-important. Here at LetLoos, we have received accreditation from some of the most eminent organisations in the industry. First and foremost, we are a proud member of Portable Sanitation Europe, also known as PSE, a UK-based association committed to improving sanitation industry standards.

We are also members of several organisations representing the industries we work with, such as construction and event hire. These memberships include Event Hire Association, Constructionline and The Association of Festival Organisers. With this kind of accreditation, you can rest assured that the service we deliver will be of the highest standard, whether we are providing sanitation units for construction or for events.

7.  We can take care of all your toilet servicing and emptying needs

It’s not just the portable toilets themselves that we provide here at LetLoos. As we have already mentioned, we also provide a range of services related to the sanitation units, from prompt installation and removal to regular cleaning and emptying too. We can also provide staff to help out at your event as toilet attendants, guaranteeing clean, well-functioning toilets for the duration of the event. As a result, your attendees are sure to be impressed by the hygiene and quality of the toilets you’ve provided.

An all-in-one service for portable toilet hire in London

If you find yourself in need of toilet hire in London, use our postcode checker to check for availability in your area. If there is, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, and we will jump to work to make sure you have everything you need.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives can offer helpful advice, provide quotes, and sort out all of the logistics of delivery and installation. Whatever your portable toilet needs, LetLoos guarantees a professional and hassle-free experience every time.