10 Advantages of Portable Chemical Toilets

Portable toilet and sink,Advantages Of Portable Chemical Toilets

Answering the call of nature is a basic human necessity in all walks of life. Regardless of whether it’s during working hours, at a celebratory function or while attending a major event, everyone needs somewhere safe, comfortable and private to go when the time arrives. Portable Chemical toilets can provide an appropriate solution to that problem, whatever the occasion.

Having decided that rental of the appropriate facilities is a must for your event, function or project, the next step is deciding which type of portable toilet you wish to hire. There are a wide range of different portable toilet types available to you and the right choice for your situation will depend upon your particular requirements. However, portable chemical toilets are a popular option around the world for a number of different reasons.

If you’re still in doubt about the best solution for your unique circumstances, one of the friendly specialists at LetLoos is always on hand to help. However, the following list of advantages of chemical toilets could help you make a decision on which type of sanitation facilities would serve your upcoming event most suitably.

1) Convenience

Perhaps the biggest advantage of chemical toilets is the convenience that they offer, both to those renting them and those using them. Each self-contained unit comprises a toilet, flushing mechanism, sink, hand sanitiser and toilet roll dispenser, as well as a waste storage tank beneath. This means that there is no need to connect the toilet to either electrical mains or water supply, making it the most convenient option available.

As such, it’s a ready-made solution which can be installed and removed at the drop of a hat. For an event organiser, project manager or site foreman with umpteen other concerns to consider, chalking off the provision of adequate sanitation facilities is a huge weight off their mind that can allow them to pursue other tasks and responsibilities unimpeded.

2) Comfort

Everyone deserves the right to relieve themselves discreetly and comfortably, regardless of where they are. Thanks to the aforementioned self-contained nature of portable chemical toilets, they can do exactly that by enjoying the privacy and comfort that such a unit provides. This is especially important for professional purposes (such as on a construction site) or at multi-day events (like weekend-long or week-long festivals).

What’s more, the sophisticated technology behind chemical toilets makes the experience as pleasant as possible. All waste generated by the users of the facilities is deposited into a storage tank below the toilet itself, where it is broken down by a cocktail of specially chosen chemicals. This not only separates the waste into liquids and solids and makes it easier to dispose of, but also eliminates the unpleasant odours associated with it.

3) Portability

It might seem so obvious as to go without saying, but one of the principal advantages of portable chemical toilets is, well, their portability. Because they are constructed from lightweight but durable materials, they can be easily manoeuvred into any position they are required and removed when necessary, all with the minimum of fuss. This is even more pronounced than other types of portable toilet such as those which are connected to the mains, since installation and removal is that much simpler.

That’s doubly true when you hire a portable chemical toilet from LetLoos. We handle all the logistics of delivery, installation and pick-up as a standard service. We can arrange a time and place to deliver the toilets to the location of your choosing, as well as making sure they are up and running without any issues. What this means is that the day-to-day operations of your site are subject to minimal disruption, and you can get on with planning more important aspects of the project.

4) Remote access

Building upon that previous point, the portability offered by chemical toilets is far superior to that offered by units which require connection to an electrical outlet or plumbing system. Imagine the scene – you’re hosting a romantic wedding ceremony in a remote and rural location, but the site must meet the needs of hundreds of guests. Alcohol and food will be in abundance, which means the facilities are guaranteed to come under serious strain.

In this situation, there is no mains power outlet to connect your units to, nor a water supply which can facilitate the flushing of your stalls. As a result, a portable chemical toilet is the only sensible solution to the problem. By dispensing with the need to hook up to anything externally, these units are flexible enough to meet the needs of any situation in any location.

5) Water conservation

Of course, the fact that portable chemical toilets don’t require a connection a mains water supply is useful from a logistical and practical point of view. But it’s also important from an environmental standpoint, as well. It’s an increasingly mainstream concern for consumers, too. According to a survey of festival goers, almost 60% of those asked believed that water wastage at festivals had a negative impact on the environment.

Even if you’re looking to hire facilities to service a festival, sustainability should still form a key concern of your business plan. Chemical toilets can help in this regard, given that the only water they require is that used by occupants to clean their hands. This can be supplied via an IBC water container or other solution, since the volume of water required for handwashing pales in comparison to that consumed by flushing. As a result, a chemical toilet can help your event improve its environmental credentials by conserving the Earth’s most precious resource: H2O.

6) Reliability

One of the biggest challenges of any public sanitation system is when problems with the pipework occur. After all, no one wants to visit a portable toilet when in urgent need of relief, only to find that a blockage means that it’s not usable. Such a situation can be even more frustrating at large gatherings, where queues to use the facilities make the experience even more unpleasant.

With portable chemical toilets, there is zero chance of a blockage occurring. That’s because all waste is deposited directly into the storage container below, without passing through any pipework en route. Eliminate the plumbing and you eliminate the possibility that it can become clogged, which is why many site owners and project managers see chemical toilets as a more reliable option in comparison to their connected counterparts.

7) Cleanliness

As mentioned above, one of the chief advantages of chemical toilets is the fact that all waste generated by their users is broken down and treated by a chemical combination designed to alleviate odours. As well as masking smells, portable chemical toilets also lend themselves well to a clean and hygienic environment, given that they can quickly and easily be serviced.

When hiring a portable chemical toilet from LetLoos, you can rest assured that all of our units will arrive on site steam-cleaned and ready to use right away. What’s more, we offer a weekly maintenance service which is carried out by our highly trained staff and uses the best cleaning agents available. This should ensure that your toilets remain in pristine condition for the duration of your project. If, however, you require additional cleaning services, this can also be arranged by contacting us directly.

8) Flexibility

At LetLoos, we’re well aware that different circumstances will require different sanitation facilities to satisfy their needs and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to every problem. That’s why we stock a variety of portable chemical toilets in various sizes and with an array of features and benefits, so you’re sure to find the right chemical toilet for your specific situation.

For example, a prestigious event such as a corporate conference or a landmark celebration might demand an upgrade to our luxury toilet trailers, which offer a greater degree of comfort and opulence than the standard units. Alternatively, your event might be expecting a high proportion of male guests, in which case rental of four-man urinals can help to keep queues down and improve the experience for both sexes. Meanwhile, welfare units are ideal for construction sites and easy access toilets are vital for catering for disabled guests. Whatever your needs, a chemical toilet can accommodate them.

9) Compliance

The provision of facilities which can cater to less able-bodied members of the community is now a legal requirement in many scenarios. In fact, covering yourself in terms of meeting your obligations with regard to the law is a priority concern for any event or project, regardless of the purpose it is serving or the audience it is aimed at. As such, it’s imperative that you avail yourself of all the information pertaining to your situation, be it a construction site or disabled toilet hire.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to make sure you achieve compliance with the law. Hiring sufficient numbers of portable chemical toilets – as well as the right types of facilities to cater for any and all persons who may use them – is a sure-fire way to ensure you tick all the boxes from a legal standpoint. If you’re in any doubt about how many toilets are appropriate for your situation, you can use our handy calculator to give you a better idea of the numbers involved.

10) Affordability

Last, but certainly not least, portable chemical toilets can be a financially attractive method of meeting the sanitary needs of the site in question. Balancing the books is an unglamorous but integral aspect of any successful project management strategy, so opting for a solution which won’t break the bank is always an important consideration when it comes to planning out the finer points of your event’s operation.

Hiring a portable chemical toilet can help in this respect in a number of ways. For starters, the services offered by LetLoos are all priced competitively and affordably, allowing you to access top-of-the-range facilities at a strong price point. Secondly, rental over purchase is ideal for situations where you might need the facilities sporadically or for a short-term period, since it offers great cost-effectiveness.

Finally, the aforementioned legal obligations mean that failing to comply with the law could incur significant financial penalties further down the line. As a result, arranging adequate facilities in the shape of portable chemical toilets well ahead of time is the best method of ensuring you stay out of the red with regard to your budgeting.

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