How much does it cost to hire a portable toilet?

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“How much is portable toilet rental?”. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions from potential customers. And the answer doesn’t need to be complicated. A LetLoos standard portable toilet costs around £25 per week. If you want a mains-connected toilet or a hot wash loo, you will pay around £35 per week per toilet.

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The factors affecting the cost of portable toilet hire

The cost of hiring a portable toilet is unique to your requirements. A few different factors will be taken into account before you receive a concise quote. These include:

  • Type of toilet – standard, urinals, luxury, hot wash toilet, mains connected
  • Number of units needed – depending on the number of users
  • Duration of hire – short and long-term are available

The type of toilet 

The cost of hiring a portable toilet will vary, depending on the type you need. If it’s event toilets you want, you can expect to pay £25 per week. Construction site toilets cost a bit more at £27. This is to ensure that they meet the strict industry health and safety standards.

Disabled access, hot wash and mains-connected toilets are a bit more expensive. They’re around £35-45 per unit. If you would like luxury portable toilets for a special event, contact LetLoos. We will provide you with a quote based on your particular requirements.

The number of toilets

It is more cost-effective to hire multiple toilets for your event or site. If you need more than one portable toilet, we can help you decide on the amount that will suit your requirements.

Use our online toilet calculator to help you get a better idea of the number of toilets you may need. All you need to do is add the number of guests, duration, and if alcohol will be served. It will immediately calculate the recommended number of toilets needed. And for construction sites, just add the number of workers. The calculator will let you know how many toilets are advisable. Simple!

The services you require

Before you hire any portable facilities, think about what service would suit you. You could need a standard portable chemical toilet, a mains-connected toilet, or a hot wash toilet. We provide a wide range of options for you to choose from.

You may want to hire something a bit special for wedding or party guests. In that case, our luxury portable toilets are the perfect solution. We are also able to provide toilet attendants and cleaning services. Just ask us for more information.

The duration

The minimum hire period for our portable toilets is 4 days. If you need them for a longer period, simply fill in our online form for a comprehensive quote. Or call us for advice or your particular requirements.

Transport and setup costs

Top tip when looking for portable toilet hire – ask for all-inclusive fees. Ensure services like transport and setup costs are included in the quoted price. This will save you from the shock you could get if extra costs are added later.

Extra costs

At LetLoos, we are fair and transparent. If you get a quote from us, that is the price you will pay. Extra costs only occur if our units are lost or stolen during a hire period. 

What does the toilet hire price include?

Wondering how much it costs to hire a portable toilet? LetLoos units are competitively priced. Especially when you see how much you are getting for your money.

Each hire includes:

  • Flushable toilets steam-cleaned and ready to use
  • Hand sanitiser
  • 2 toilet rolls per toilet
  • Solar-powered LED lights
  • Mirror
  • Air freshener
  • Next-day delivery
  • Installation and collection
  • Full weekly service and emptying

Finding the right portable toilet for your budget

Budget is clearly one of the main factors when choosing portable toilet hire. You may be worried that you will compromise if your budget is limited. However, with LetLoos, you never have to compromise on quality, no matter how much you have to spend.

We are experienced in advising customers on our diverse range of portable toilets. And will work with your budget to create a tailored package that will suit your needs.

Portable toilet hire pricelist based on the toilet types

LetLoos toilets are competitively priced. Have a look at how we stack up against our competitors.

Type of service Average UK Market Cost* Cost at LetLoos
Standard Toilet Hire £40 £25
Disabled Toilet Hire £90 £45
Hot Wash Toilet Hire £60 £35
Construction Toilet Hire £50 £27

(*Average market cost prices found on Checkatrade) 

How can you save money on portable toilet hire?

Saving on costs is an appealing thought when you are hiring portable toilets. Many people are unsure of what portable toilet hire costs. When they start researching, one of the first things looked at will be cost.

There are a few good ways to save costs when hiring portable loos, including –

  • Pick a company with no hidden costs – You won’t add extra costs without realising it with LetLoos. We are transparent with our costs and work to your budget.
  • Hire a toilet that suits your needs – Otherwise, you could pay more than you need to. Consider the number of people likely to use the toilet before hiring any.
  • Get a bigger holding tank – A larger tank will mean more waste can be stored. This will decrease the time spent emptying and the costs involved.
  • Choose chemical toilets – Hiring non-flushing toilets will save on water expenses.

Portable toilet hire cost checklist

It is a good habit to make a checklist when deciding on portable toilet hire. Below are some essential questions that need answering before you make your decision.

  1. Budget – How much can you spend?
  2. Location – Where do you need them to go?
  3. Number – How many people will be using them?
  4. Type – What type of portable toilet will suit your situation? Do you need standard, urinals, luxury, or disabled access?
  5. Duration – How long do you need them for?
  6. Logistics – Who will clean them? Is there a toilet attendant option? How will they be transported during delivery and collection?

How to hire a portable toilet at Letloos?

It is simple to hire portable toilets from Letloos. Tell us what you are looking for by filling in our online inquiry form. And once you send your inquiry to us, our expert team will reply as soon as possible.

If you want advice on what toilets would suit you, we will gladly talk you through our services. We will calculate the total price. You can then confirm if you would like to hire with us.

We also provide the option of calling us or using live chat to ask questions or to hire any of our units.

Leo Sharp
Content writer and researcher at LetLoos