20 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Luxury Portable Toilets

220,Reasons To Upgrade To Luxury Portable Toilets

Portable toilets can provide a convenient place to answer the call of nature in a variety of situations. Maybe it’s an outdoor festival, gala or other public event at which hundreds or thousands of attendees will be called to a remote location. Perhaps your sports club is hosting a hotly anticipated match and needs overflow facilities to meet expanded attendance. Or it could be that your office bathrooms are undergoing renovation and a temporary solution is required in the interim.

While standard portable toilets could do a job in each of these scenarios, they’re not an ideal solution where a certain level of quality is expected. Upgrading to luxury portable toilets is advisable for a wide variety of different reasons and, although luxury loo hire might be more expensive in the short term, it could pay massive dividends in the long run. Here are 20 reasons why going the extra mile and splashing out on a more upmarket type of facility makes perfect sense:

1) Increased comfort

It’s not called a comfort break for nothing, after all. The time spent on the john is a welcome respite from the rigours of a stressful work schedule for many people, which is why it’s important to ensure that those using your facilities are as comfortable as they can possibly be.

While standard porta potties are serviceable enough, they can hardly be said to be conducive to creating a relaxing environment. Luxury portable toilets, on the other hand, have been designed with that specific end in mind – offering those who use them a VIP experience which combines quality materials and eye-catching finishes to provide all the comfort they need.

2) Higher hygiene levels

Even the most diligently maintained single chemical toilets can suffer from poor hygiene in a hectic setting. After all, if hundreds of people are queuing up to use the facilities one after another, it’s only logical that cleanliness standards will pose a challenge to maintain. That’s doubly true in the enclosed confines and diminutive dimensions of a standard portable toilet.

Whether you choose to go for a 1+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer or its larger 2+1 or 3+1 equivalents, you can rest assured that sanitation standards will be far easier to keep at a high level. That’s because the additional space and the higher quality of the materials means they’re easier to keep clean, resulting in an overall more hygienic experience for your guests.

3) Hand-washing facilities

Speaking of hygiene, one major advantage of a luxury loo is the full sink and taps that it offers. Most portable single occupancy-sized toilets don’t contain a sink, but rather a small and rather unsatisfactory hand sanitiser dispenser fixed to the wall of the cubicle. While this can certainly serve a purpose for killing germs on your hands, it’s not a premium solution to the problem.

By contrast, a luxury portable toilet contains a complete hand-washing station, including sink and taps. In an age where access to clean water and practicing basic sanitation is so important in preventing the spread of bacteria and disease, the inclusion of a full sink in the bathroom facilities at your event will be much appreciated by health-conscious guests looking to safeguard themselves and others.

4) Premium privacy

For most people, using the bathroom is a very private act. Indeed, many individuals are so wary of sharing such a personal space with others that they dread using public toilets altogether! If that’s the case in a standard public bathroom environment, imagine how they might feel if forced to using substandard portable facilities.

Thankfully, the existence of luxury loos means that you don’t have to. Luxury portable toilets have been specifically designed to maximise the privacy enjoyed by those who make use of them, providing the next best solution to their own toilet in a situation where that home comfort simply isn’t available. In fact, the spaciousness and the elegance of the models stocked by LetLoos means that they may even more private than the one being fought over in a busy family household!

5) Mirror mirror on the wall

The majority of people instinctively check their reflection in the mirror after using the bathroom. Whether it’s to fix some wayward strands of hair, ensure they don’t have any food in their teeth or to apply a fresh coat of makeup, mirrors can serve an invaluable purpose in a toilet at any venue.

The trouble is, most standard porta potties don’t have any mirrors inside them, and the rare ones that do are hardly ideal. Either the mirror is the size of a playing card and reveals very little of the person’s face without them having to contort into an unnatural position to see their reflection, or there are no overhead lights to provide good visibility. Our luxury toilet trailers not only have a generously proportioned mirror above the sink, but they also employ overhead lighting to allow you to see what you’re doing.

6) Improved airflow

One of the least appealing aspects of using a portable toilet cubicle is the restricted airflow that’s found inside. Not only does improper ventilation lead to the build-up of unpleasant smells – even when treated with chemicals – but it also causes excessive heat inside the cabin, especially if the toilet is exposed to the baking rays of the sun for hours on end.

The larger dimensions of a luxury toilet mean that it has the space necessary to accommodate a proper ventilation system. This allows for better airflow, thus dissipating any disagreeable odours with the minimum of fuss. It also allows for the trailer to remain cool even on the hottest of days, so that those inside can take care of their business without being subject to inhospitable temperatures.

7) Impressions of grandeur

All of those previous points combine together to contribute to a fantastic bathroom experience for guests at your event. As the old adage goes, you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression, and those coming into contact with your brand for the first time will be consciously or subconsciously analysing every aspect of your performance as they formulate an opinion of your company.

It’s little touches like the addition of luxury portable toilets that can really leave a lasting impression, since the other old adage tells us that the devil is most certainly in the details. Providing a clean, comfortable and luxurious place for guests to relieve themselves while under your care will only enhance their estimation of your business, resulting in greater customer satisfaction across the board.

8) Repeat custom

And what do satisfied customers do? They come back, of course! While reaching out to new leads and achieving greater brand exposure is crucial to growing your business, you’ll only ever attain sustainable success if you make your existing customers return to you in the future.

When it comes to the events industry, it’s all about the on-the-ground experience. Every aspect of a guest’s day (or night) at your event is going to influence their perception of you, whether it be the entertainment you offer up, the food and drink you lay on or the facilities you provide for them to use. A luxury loo can go further than you might think in creating a positive first impression – and ensuring that your audience comes back to form a second and third one, too.

9) Luxury even in remote locations

Events which are hosted in the Great British outdoors can benefit from a number of factors. The purity of the air in your guests’ lungs, the feelings of freedom and spontaneity that being at one with Mother Nature engenders and the beautiful landscapes to be found all over the country are just some of those advantages – while the absence of noise complaints from disgruntled neighbours is another!

Unfortunately, access to all the modern conveniences of an urban location is not something that’s normally enjoyed when hosting an event in the back of beyond… but fortunately, LetLoos has the answer. Upgrading from standard portable toilets to our luxury toilet trailers can allow you to enjoy all of the frills and flourishes you might expect from a city-centre location – but in the middle of the wide blue yonder.

10) No compromise during refurbishment

Of course, there are plenty of other occasions that demand the use of portable toilets which aren’t based in the woods or a field or even outside of the city limits. Renovations are a common occurrence, whether they’re taking place in an office workplace, a religious place of worship, a shopping centre or any other building where large numbers of people congregate on a regular basis.

While such refurbishments are necessary to fix maintenance problems and provide a new lease of life for the premises concerned, they can leave those who rely upon them at something of a loose end. Fortunately, luxury toilet trailers are ready to step into the breach and provide exemplary facilities that rival those of the building itself, ensuring that standards don’t slip even on a temporary basis.

11) Overflow facilities which fit the bill

Another scenario where portable toilets might be required is when a commercial premises is expecting a higher footfall than they might normally experience. That could be the case if a local sports team are hosting their rivals in a grudge match or have reached a major regional final. It could concern a new restaurant that is holding an all-day opening event with promotions designed to attract the masses. Or it could be any other institution expecting a bigger turnout than usual.

In that situation, a sensible course of action would be to supplement the onsite facilities with additional toilets. While standard portable cabins might meet the basic needs of such an eventuality, it’s not the ideal solution. What is? Luxury portable toilets, of course. By looking into luxury toilet hire, you can replicate the same standards offered in your own premises but accommodate more people.

12) Choice of sizes

The wide variety of events and occasions which demand portable toilets means that it’s helpful to have some flexibility when hiring facilities to meet your needs. As mentioned above, LetLoos have a range of different-sized luxury toilet trailers to ensure that whatever your circumstances, there’s a solution on hand to satisfy them.

Our 1+1 trailers have two separate WCs and washbasins, one for men and one for women, and are designed to accommodate up to 125 guests. Meanwhile, our 2+1 trailers have two WCs for women partitioned on one side, while men can make use of one toilet and two urinals on the other. The sinks are located in a communal area in the middle and the trailers are intended for use by up to 175 guests. Finally, our 3+1 trailers operate on a similar blueprint but with three cubicles for women and one for men, plus three urinals. They’re designed to cater to a maximum of 250 people. As such, we have a solution on hand for every situation.

13) Scalable solutions

Bearing in mind that the toilet trailers come in an array of different sizes, that allows you to be better equipped to meet the fluctuating demands of any event. Organisers will be all too aware that final attendance figures on occasions which demand portable toilets are very often confirmed last minute (and sometimes not even until the day itself).

Upgrading your sanitation facilities to luxury toilet trailers allows you to easily account for all outcomes, meaning you can accommodate unexpectedly inflated attendance numbers at the drop of a hat. Having that kind of scalability on hand can be a priceless commodity in the world of event management, where so many plates must be kept spinning at all times and so many different issues require careful and continual consideration. Tick one of those off the list by deploying luxury toilet trailers in place of single cubicles.

14) Larger and longer lasting

By their very nature, luxury toilet trailers are larger and more spacious than their standard-sized counterparts. This extra elbow room not only results in a better user experience for those partaking of the facilities, but also ensures that the toilets remain in better condition for longer. With more room to breathe, they’re less likely to endure the wear and tear that smaller variations on the theme inevitably undergo.

What’s more, in the majority of cases, a larger portable toilet means a larger septic tank. That means that you can meet the needs of more guests without having to dispose of the waste, thus ensuring that the WCs are longer lasting in both a sense of their lifespan and in how long a period they can be used for in a single sitting (pardon the pun!).

15) Safety and stability

The larger size of the trailers in comparison to standard portable toilets means that they’re also far preferable from a health and safety perspective. There’s less chance of someone hurting themselves or losing consciousness in a trailer with more ample dimensions, which is an important consideration for anyone organising a major event.

They’re also much more stable. While cheap portable toilets have been known to succumb to particularly strong winds and blow over – sometimes with an unfortunate individual in the middle of using them – luxury loos are made of sterner stuff. Grounded on four wheels and with extra supports at each corner, they’re robust enough to withstand gale force winds, resulting in higher safety levels for those using them.

16) More affordable than you might think

One of the main reasons why many people tend to baulk at the prospect of upgrading their portable toilets from standard to luxury is the expense they imagine it will entail. Of course, it’s only logical that luxury toiler hire is a little pricier when compared to their standard cabin counterparts, but make an enquiry into luxury toilet hire prices and you may be surprised with the response.

We provide our services to a variety of different clients who require luxury loos for any number of purposes, so it’s impossible to give a one-size-fits all quote for when it comes to luxury portable toilet hire. However, our rates are very reasonable and when you factor in the additional income that can be earned from all of the points mentioned above, it could be that you can’t actually afford not to upgrade in the long run.

17) Premium selling point

Speaking of costings, one factor which sometimes flies under the radar is the price point which you can pass on to your customers. Luxury portable toilets are a little more expensive than standard ones, sure, but they also offer a more premium experience for your guests for all of the reasons laid out above.

Whether it’s for a music festival or high society gathering, people are always prepared to pay a little more for a better-quality service. Therefore, luxury loos can be viewed as an advantageous selling point and when the additional income across all ticket sales is factored against the extra outlay on the toilets themselves, you’ll likely find that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

18) Better land management

Anyone who has attended an outdoor concert, arts festival or other al fresco event where single occupancy porta potties are at play will know just how unsightly the ground around them can quickly become. By day two of any festival, those queuing for the loo are likely to be ankle deep in all kinds of muck and mire due to the high footfall on the land itself.

With luxury toilet trailers, you have far greater control of how the land is affected by the temporary installation of your facilities. First of all, the fact that the trailer is raised up off the ground means that the land underneath it will not be as heavily impacted as a standalone cabin. Secondly, the greater occupancy of the trailers allows for better management of those queuing, meaning that you can avoid the unpleasantness of a boggy quagmire that portable toilets so often bring.

19) Shower facilities optional

Want to go the extra mile and really add some sparkle to your sanitation facilities? Upgrading to a luxury toilet trailer is a massive step in the right direction. But furnishing your guests with the ability to clean themselves as well as relieve themselves is a real milestone in terms of achieving a hygienic, pleasurable and positive environment for all who attend.

Our mobile shower units could be the perfect accompaniment to your luxury toilet setup. Equipped with deluxe interior fittings and full washroom facilities, they’re ideal for multi-day events in remote locations where guests would like nothing more than to wash away their cares and freshen up for the following day’s proceedings. When deployed alongside our luxury loos, you’ll find that mobile shower units are a massive hit with everyone who attends your event.

20) Exemplary service levels

If you’re planning on hosting a high-end event that requires the acquisition of portable sanitation facilities, it only makes sense to plump for luxury toilet trailers. But to create a really positive impression, the quality of the product must be matched by exemplary service levels, to boot.

At LetLoos, we fully understand the importance of getting the right hired help to meet the same impeccable standards as the site itself. That’s why we employ a team of trained and dedicated toilet staff who can be on hand to provide cleaning, maintenance and restocking services as and when they are needed. With our luxury loos in place and our highly professional workforce manning them, your event is sure to go off without a single hitch.

Find out more about luxury portable toilets today

Are you interested in obtaining luxury portable toilets for your next extravaganza? With a range of options available to suit all circumstances, LetLoos are on hand to deliver the services you need at the time and place you require them. We provide deluxe sanitation facilities for all manner of occasions and can help you choose which products are best for your situation.

What’s more, we also offer a range of additional services to ensure that everything runs smoothly, from tank emptying to toilet attendant cleaning services to mobile shower units. Whatever issue you’re facing, we’re well equipped to help you overcome it – and our next day delivery service means you can even arrange a last-minute solution at the drop of a hat.

To learn more about the different types of portable toilets out there and the services we provide, read our dedicated blog post which covers all the options available to you. If you’ve got any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our friendly team of helpful professionals are waiting at the end of the phone to take your call.