Say ‘I Do’ To Portable Wedding Toilets for Your Big Day

Wedding Tents 3,Say ‘I Do’ To Portable Toilets For Wedding Your Big Day

Portable  Toilets for Wedding

It’s no secret that your wedding day will not only be one of the best days of your life. But it can also be extremely stressful to organise. There’s the venue, catering, guest list and of course the dress – to name just a few.

With a list as long as your leg, it’s understandable that amenities like mobile toilet facilities are often the last to be contemplated. In this post, we’ll discuss why they’re more important than you think, how to find the right portable wedding toilets, and a few tips to make sure everything runs smoothly on your big day.

When are portable toilets required?

It goes without saying that not all weddings require mobile toilet facilities. But you’d be surprised how many can benefit from them. First and foremost, there’s outdoor weddings. Given that most people book their wedding during the summer months, outdoor venues are always a big hit – and definitely require adequate toilet facilities.

That brings us to weddings which often lead outdoors. Even if the ceremony is inside and there are indoor toilets, lots of venues have big, beautiful outdoor spaces which allow guests to head outside to mingle and enjoy the day. It can be frustrating if they have to head all the way back inside when nature calls – especially at larger venues.

Finally, there’s the issue of demand. Even if the indoor toilets are well within reach at all times, they might not always be available. Wedding venues range from restaurants and hotels to unique conversions – but they’re not always equipped for so many guests at once.

If you have a large guest list, you may want to consider overflow toilets – such as single toilet hire somewhere on the grounds. This will make it easier for guests to access facilities without the painful wait.

The importance of toilets at weddings

If your upcoming wedding fits into any of the categories above, you might still be wondering whether toilet hire is really a necessity. That’s especially true for overflow toilets, where you could simply go without and hope for the best.

It really is hard to overstate the importance of portable wedding toilets. When you’re planning your big day, it’s easy to focus on what people will think of the outfits, décor or food. And yes, they probably will remember those things – but you don’t want that memory to be overshadowed by the lack of toilets.

Quite simply, toilets are an essential box to tick if you want people – including yourself – to enjoy the big day and everything you’ve worked so hard on. As such, it’s definitely worth giving them a little more thought to make sure you have adequate facilities in the right places with the best features.

What to look for in portable wedding toilets

When most people think of portable toilets, they picture the cold, uninviting cubicles on a building site or even the dreaded festival toilets. But toilet hire doesn’t have to be a grotty affair.

At LetLoos, we pride ourselves on having luxury toilet hire service, which offers high end portable wedding toilets that have been designed specifically for special events. Our VIP luxury toilet trailers provide extra comfort for guests – and we think they’re a great example of what you should look for when planning your big day…


Firstly, there’s space. Look for units are spacious and constructed using high-quality materials. There are a range of luxury toilet unit sizes to suit any size guest list, each providing ample space and a premium bathroom look and feel to ensure maximum comfort for all.


Wedding toilets need to be equally impressive on the inside too. You can achieve a real bathroom feel with large mirrors, LED lighting, glass basins, porcelain bathroom furniture and high-quality features. You and your guests won’t even feel like you’re using a mobile toilet unit.


It’s important for your guests to feel like the VIPs that they are. With this in mind, ensure that all toilet facilities are impeccably clean, fresh and beautiful so they never disappoint. Be sure to check the reviews of your portable toilet provider and ask them about their cleaning procedures.


As an added extra on your big day, you might also want to opt for toilet attendant staff. This will provide added peace of mind on the day that everything is clean and fully functional, ensuring that all guests have the best experience possible.


When it comes to numbers, you’re essentially balancing cost and convenience. Nobody wants to pay too much for an unnecessarily high number of toilets. But you obviously don’t want people queuing for the loo on your special day. As a rule of thumb, look for at least 1 portable toilet unit for every 15 guests attending. Naturally this varies depending on the type of portable wedding toilets and any existing facilities at your venue.


Finally, there’s the location of your toilets. While it’s not something to look for per se, it’s definitely an important consideration. However, it’s also something that depends on your chosen venue, number of guests and number of toilets – as above.

You’ll want toilets within easy reach for guests at every corner of your venue. This is something an experienced portable toilet provider can help with, given their experience in how these events pan out and the optimal locations to cope with demand.

Get the right toilets for your big day

At LetLoos, we want to ensure that every one of our clients’ big days goes without a hitch. That’s why we ensure that our excellent customer service team are on hand to discuss your requirements and venue choice to ensure that they find the right solution for your special day.

Needless to say, we’re also fully equipped with a range of luxury toilet trailers for weddings – with the option of attendants too. For more information about our portable wedding toilets in London or Essex, or to discuss your requirements with our team, please feel free to contact us today or request a call back at a more convenient time.