Emergency Portable Toilet Hire In Essex

Portable toilets in a line,Emergency Portable Toilet Hire In Essex

We understand the importance of being able to source a reputable company that can provide fast and reliable emergency portable toilet hire in Essex and throughout the surrounding areas. That is why here at LetLoos, we have the perfect solutions for those not so perfect moments.

We have LetLoos hubs in Essex, London and Hertfordshire which allow us to dispatch emergency toilets on a short- or long-term basis, with 24-hour customer support and guaranteed next day delivery, we can ensure an efficient and speedy service to support those any unexpected circumstance.

We’ve supported many customers through messy times with emergency portable toilet hire in and around Essex. Broken toilets are by far one of the most common scenarios when we are called upon. Whether it be a large commercial space, your own home or place of work – these things happen from time to time.

From Brentwood to Colchester, we’ve often been a trusted supplier of single unit portable toilets or in some cases, multi-use toilet trailers. Not only have our toilet hire solutions been able to prevent uncomfortable situations, but they also ensure that you avoid breaking any health and safety regulations – and of course embarrassing moments!

Now you know a little more about what types of emergency portable toilet hire services we offer across Essex, let’s take a look at situations where we can help.

1.    No mains connected toilets on site

We’ve seen it time and time again, the last things some site managers consider is the basic site amenities for construction workers. Whether you need multiple portable toilets, staff welfare units or anything else, our friendly customer service team is on hand 24/7 to ensure that your staff are not without adequate facilities.

Perhaps there just simply aren’t enough toilets? – Ok maybe not quite an emergency per se, but companies can find themselves in breach of health and safety regulations if there are not enough facilities for the number of workers on-site – once again LetLoos can offer a quick and painless solution – take a look at our construction site toilet hire options to see which might best fit you, you can use our simple calculator to receive a quick quote or if you are unsure contact our team to who will be happy to advise you on the best amount of toilets to hire based on the workers on site.

2.    Number of personnel on your site increases

The HSE clearly states how many toilets and washbasins are required depending on the size of the workforce. For teams of between 6 and 25 you’ll need two of each. For teams of between 26 and 50 you’ll need three, for teams of between 51 and 75 you’ll need four, and so on. Failing to comply with these minimums can lead to significant fines.

Generally, the HSE guidelines make it easy to plan ahead and stay compliant. But what happens when the number of personnel on your site unexpectedly increases? Maybe your concrete pouring team arrives on the same day as your foundations team. All of a sudden, your crew has doubled in size and you need an extra toilet and washbasin to stay HSE compliant. We’ve got your back, with emergency portable toilet hire in Essex to keep your team comfortable, productive and HSE happy.

3.    Your event increases in size

If you’re planning an event, you have a responsibility to provide adequate toilet and hygiene facilities for both guests and attendees, as well as staff and volunteers. Painfully long toilet queues are one of the most common complaints received by festival organisers and the issue is often a result of poor planning. If your event increases in size at the eleventh hour, emergency portable loos can get things back on track.

4.    Your contractor falls through

Not all portable toilet hire and sanitation solution providers are created equal. We can’t count the number of times we’ve stepped up when a contractor has pulled out of an agreement at the last minute or failed to deliver a service as promised. If you’ve been left high and dry, we’re here to help with portable toilet rentals across Essex.

5.    Your existing facilities breakdown

Let’s face it, s**t happens and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. Nothing grinds a construction site or an organised event to a halt faster than out-of-order toilet facilities. Not only can a faulty toilet be a major inconvenience for your employees or event attendees, but it can also put you in breach of HSE regulations. When you need to act fast, we’re here to help. Simply give us a call and we’ll be with you as soon as we can!

6.    Your current provider isn’t meeting your expectations

As we mentioned earlier, not all portable toilet hire providers in Essex offer the same level of service. If you’re not satisfied with your current provider and want to make a change ASAP, we can your site up to scratch in a matter of hours.

When you don’t want to compromise on comfort, our luxury toilet trailers offer a premium experience. Quality materials, high-end finishes and sparkling clean hardware make these VIP portable toilets ideal for weddings and other events. Guest comfort is a priority, with every user enjoying the VIP treatment from the moment they step into the trailer. Assembly takes less than one hour, meaning you can transform an empty space into a spacious, fully-equipped bathroom in a flash.

Emergency portable toilet hire throughout Essex

In case of a serious emergency – such as fire, flood or an unexpected disaster – our teams are well equipped to ensure that whatever the incident we can provide the necessary amenities any time of day or night whenever you need it. So, wherever you’re based, from Basildon to Rochford, if you’d like more information on accessing emergency portable toilets in Essex, simply call us on 0800 368 8373.