Benefits of Welfare units on sites.

Welfare units

Are you the duty holder of a construction site? If so, it’s important to understand both what you must provide to your workers and why this is important. Choosing the right welfare unit hire company can provide significant benefits to your business. 

What Welfare Services Are You Legally Required To Provide?

As a duty holder involved in construction work, you can go above and beyond when you hire a welfare unit. However, there are minimum standards that are legally required by the HSE under the general duties construction design and management regulations. This includes – 

  • Toilets – It is important that where reasonably practical, there is both running water and flushing toilets. Ideally, these should be connected to the mains water and drainage systems. If this is not possible, you are required to provide a built-in water supply and drainage tanks. Portable toilets are acceptable in cases where it is not reasonably practical to provide any other solution. 

It is also vital that toilets are ventilated, lit and kept clean. It’s worth noting that the level of cleaning will depend on the general usage of the toilets. In some cases, it’s possible that a daily clean will not be enough to keep the toilets in the right condition. 

You will also need to make sure that you are providing the right number of toilets. Typically, the number will depend on how many workers are on-site and the facilities that are being provided. Portable toilets will also need emptying. If toilets are being emptied once a week, the recommended ratio is 1 toilet per every 7 individuals. 

It is acceptable for both men and women to use the same toilets. However, this will only be the case if you are able to provide a lockable room that is separate from urinals. You will also need to ensure that toilet paper and other supplies are available. 

  • Washing Facilities – There must be washing facilities next to the toilets as well as any changing areas that are provided. The washing facilities must include soap as well as options for drying including towels. Ventilation must be provided in this area and sinks should be large enough to wash various areas of the body. This includes the face, hands, and forearms. The supply of water here should run both hot and cold. Where possible, water should be running and not stagnant. Remember mobile welfare unit hire prices will differ depending on the features and facilities included. 

You can provide unisex shower facilities. However, this should only be the case where there is a separate lockable room, suitable for use by one person at the time. 

  • Drinking-Water – You must make sure that you are providing employees with drinking water. It should be supplied from the mains where possible. If it is stored, then it needs to be protected from issues with contamination. 
  • Changing Areas – Separate changing areas should be provided for both male and female employees. In some cases, separate lockers may also be required. There may also be the need to provide an area where wet clothes can be dried effectively without issues. For instance, electric heaters will need to be ventilated. Consider this when exploring a groundhog welfare unit hire cost

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Welfare Unit

There are numerous benefits of arranging a towable welfare unit hire for workers operating on your construction site. The best welfare units arrive with all the facilities you could need. This ensures everything from a changing area that is fully lit and even a kitchen facility. A changing area can be accessed if workers will need to change into special clothing. 

A key advantage is that it will save time and ensure that your construction site is far more efficient. Workers will need to spend less time searching for the solutions that they need. They will know that all the facilities they require are all in one place. This will also improve levels of comfort which has been shown to have a fantastic impact on productivity. 

A groundhog welfare unit hire solution is also designed to be completely secure. In many cases, they can be locked up when not in use. As such, they can be used to store valuable documents, tools and personal items of your workers. You will not have to worry about issues with loss or theft when you use one of these facilities. Again, this provides comfort for employees and ensures that they will not need to worry about their personal items or belongings. 

Mobile welfare unit hire services are also available As such, they can be set up precisely where you need them. This is ideal for remote construction sites where there are likely to be limited built facilities close by. They can also be moved around the site to ensure that the facilities are precisely where you need them and work well with your current set up. A construction site is often constantly in flux and with a welfare unit, the facilities for your staff can be adjusted accordingly. 

Choosing the right mobile welfare unit for hire will also help improve your business reputation. As well as ensuring that you remain compliant with the latest regulations, it guarantees that you are sending a clear message you care about your workers. This is going to help you attract future employees and is guaranteed to impress any clients who may be visiting your sites. It provides strong evidence that you are a professional business and willing to invest the time and resources into ensuring that your team has the level of comfort they deserve. This is another reason why it’s important to choose the best welfare unit that will deliver an exceptional standard of quality. 

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It is important not to cut corners when selecting a welfare unit for hire. You must make sure that it reaches the right standards that your employees require and deserve. Furthermore, you need to find a service that fits your business budget. At LetLoos we can help. We deliver high-quality units ideal for construction sites that will match your needs and our welfare unit hire cost is sure to fit your budget. We help you comply with the latest health and safety regulations while ensuring that your team gains access to nothing less than the best facilities.