Power of Steam: Ensuring Maximum Hygiene Standards in Portable Toilets

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We’re going to get down and dirty and dispel the myth about portable toilets, whether they put into place for an event, used as a temporary conveniences measure or for construction use. 

Ask most people what they think about portable toilets in London and they’ll turn their nose up (literally), imagining grubby, smelly little cubicles without soap or loo paper that haven’t been cleaned up in a long while.

The Power of Steam: 

Well, we’re going to turn that on its head because when you choose LetLoos for your temporary toilet facilities you get a premium quality portable toilet service that’s far more sweet-smelling than you previously thought.

The Highest Possible Toilet Sanitation Methods

Being the leaders in event portable toilet hire and construction portable toilets, we know just how important it is to maintain them to the highest hygiene standards.  After all, whatever the reason you need portable toilets, you still want them to be comfortable and pleasant to use. 

The call of nature is something we all need to do – but rather than dreading walking into a portable toilet, you’d like to think that you’re providing your users with something that’s clean and looked after properly. 

At LetLoos, we do that and we do that really well.  Using the power of steam cleaning and high-quality chemicals, our toilets all come up spic and span, giving you somewhere totally suitable for your or your customers’ needs so keeping your reputation up (as well as ours!).

Understanding Steam Cleaning

So how does steam cleaning a portable toilet work?

We believe that steam cleaning a portable toilet is one of the best ways to really get rid of bad odours, dirt, germs and generally prepare a portable toilet so that it is fit for royalty!  One of a variety ways of cleaning a portable toilet, we think steam cleaning is best because it involves getting rid of all manner of bacteria, including harmful viruses that lurk in toilets (as examples, E-Coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and Hepatitis A).

Steam cleaning uses a process that doesn’t need harsh chemicals or bleach.  In fact, by using very hot steam, our cleaning equipment gets to work breaking down dirt and bacteria getting rid of it quickly and effectively.  Not only does steam cleaning really deliver a superior job, it banishes unpleasant odours too, so that your portable toilets look spotless, and smell fresh!

Why you Should only Rely on Steam Cleaning for Portable Toilets

There are other methods of cleaning portable toilets, such as using bleach and chemicals as mentioned, but those types of harsh disinfectants linger in the atmosphere and are unhealthy to ingest.

They are also harmful to the environment.  Steam cleaning is natural, fast, practical and immensely powerful. Yes some companies prefer to use baking sodas and sodium bicarbonate but these involve a longer process and sometimes they’re simply not as effective as steam cleaning. 

There are also certain alkaline products that might well get rid of toilet stains and dirt and while they are a good method of cleaning a portable toilet, we feel strongly that for the ultimate clean portable loo experience, steam cleaning is your best and safest bet.

In short…

  • Steam cleaning is natural, rather than using harsh chemicals that dissolve their irritants into the atmosphere
  • Steam cleaning is faster than traditional portable loo cleaning methods
  • It’s effective, safe and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (including viruses such as E-Coli and Hepatitis A)
  • Steam cleaning banishes strong, unpleasant “toilet” odours
  • Steam cleaning also gets rid of mould, whereas other types of toilet cleaning techniques often fail in mould-removal

How we Steam Clean?

So now we’ve convinced you that steam cleaning is best, how do we do it?  Well, it is dirty business, as you can imagine, but the LetLoos team is used to dealing with grime and there’s something quite satisfying in restoring our loos to sparkling clean glory.

First, our team removes the toilet waste tank to clean and service it.  Then all toilets are thoroughly cleaned with industry leading Karcher steam cleaning machines.  Every portable toilet is deodorised too to smell great and of course, as well as the steam cleaning process, we replenish all consumables (water, toilet rolls, hand soaps and air fresheners etc.) leaving you with portable toilets that you can be super-proud of.

Cleaning your Loos Whenever you Want

The reality is that when you hire a set of portable toilets for an event (or maybe for temporary use while you have construction work or similar going on), the toilets arrive nice and clean but soon get dirty.  So how do you combat that?  We can help with that too because as well as supplying your portable loos we can also provide you with a team of staff to keep them clean during your event or during the day…

Choosing LetLoos portable toilet cleaning service gives you peace of mind that your welfare facilities stay clean throughout the duration of their use.  Using our steam cleaning process, we make sure your loos are kept up to scratch and we comply with BS6465 1:2006 legislation (which all event sites must meet). 

Being proud of your portable loos is really important. We’re proud of ours, and hope that when you use LetLoos you’re equally happy.  No one wants to go into a dirty toilet and if you’re considering hiring portable toilets for an event, you want to be absolutely certain that they’re in good condition, offer all the amenities a person could want and obviously that they’re clean. 

Otherwise, your customers or clients won’t return, no matter how good your events are! You can rely on LetLoos to provide you with high quality, clean portable toilets and we will keep them clean too, leaving you free to get on with your own important day to day business.  Call us to find out more – we promise to keep it clean!