Do portable toilets offer any environmental benefits?

environmental benefits of portable toilets

Environmental Benefits of Portable Toilets

When you think about chemical toilet hire, the word ‘chemical’ might make it seem that these units are anything but kind to the environment.

But you’d be wrong.

There are actually several benefits of temporary toilet hire that can help safeguard our natural environment and help the people using the units stay happy and healthy. They’re used for a wide range of purposes including outdoor events and on construction sites for worker facilities.

Here are a few examples of why chemical toilet hire is a lot kinder to the environment than you might have initially thought.

Disposing of human waste correctly

If you’re organising a festival, just imagine what would be likely to happen if you didn’t have any temporary toilet hire facilities to hand for revellers to use. Not a pretty picture is it?

Human waste can carry an array of micro-organisms that can be potentially harmful to the health of others, so even a quick dive behind a bush to empty the bladder can have damaging effects on the wellbeing of humans and animals alike.

Chemical toilet hire is a must in many situations where mains plumbed toilets and hand basins just aren’t available, so these units collect the waste in a fully sanitised unit using chemicals that help to break down waste and stop people nipping off into nearby bushes to relieve themselves.

Conserving water

A little-known fact about chemical toilet hire is that it helps conserve a large amount of one of our most precious resources – water.

The average mains plumbed toilet uses in excess of 1.6 gallons of clean water per flush, so you can imagine the amount of water that would be wasted after a single day at a festival where thousands of partygoers are queuing up to use the facilities!

As chemical toilets work using a re-useable chemical that actually breaks down and dissolves waste in an effective and highly sanitary manner, it uses virtually no water and can be used time and time again before needing to be emptied.

Of course, you’ll want to use some water to hose down the temporary toilet hire units from time to time, but the water used to give them a clean is a drop in the ocean compared to the gallons of water saved with each flush.

Keeping visitors happy and healthy

Not only does temporary toilet hire keep guests comfortable and happy, but by hiring one of our hand sanitizer stations, you’re helping to safeguard the health of your visitors and helping to protect natural resources too.

Hand sanitizer stations use no water and only utilise a powerful antibacterial gel that dries on the hands, this means that there’s no need to use any paper towels that will eventually end up in landfill or blow away at outdoor events and litter the surrounding area.

This helps keep hands clean and kills bacteria so that guests can continue to enjoy the event hygienically.

Waste disposal

To keep odour to a minimum and ensure that the London portable Toilet hire doesn’t overflow, the team at Let Loos also offer a waste emptying service to remove the waste safely and efficiently.

Once the units have been emptied, the waste is then taken to a waste sanitation facility which works in a similar way to a water treatment plant so the liquid can be treated and disposed of correctly without causing any unnecessary harm to the environment.

For more information on how chemical toilet hire can help safeguard our natural environment, get in touch with the Letloos team today.