How Portable Toilets Help On-Site Productivity

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Portable Toilets and On-Site Productivity

One might not hear the words ‘portable toilets for construction sites’ and automatically think about the productivity benefits they offer. Having facilities for workers isn’t just a legal requirement, it’s a sound business decision. This blog shows just how useful a quality portable toilet can be on-site.

Why (Consistent) On-site Productivity Is Important

We’ve all been in a situation where a deadline is looming because something important was left till the last minute. It’s usually at this point where we become the most productive version of ourselves — but this sort of stop-and-start productivity results in mistakes from rushing our tasks. That’s the last thing anyone needs on a construction site.

The better scenario is to have consistent productivity in place. Set smaller milestones that get hit on time so there’s less stress for the team, fewer mistakes being made, and your clients stay happy with your progress and professionalism.

How a Portable Toilet Benefits on-Site Productivity

Less Wasted Time

By their very nature, construction sites are often placed in the middle of nowhere, or at a position that makes it difficult for anyone to walk to the closest conveniences. Placing a portable toilet unit on-site means that employees don’t take a twenty-minute break every time they need to use the facilities. Even four breaks a day using an extra fifteen minutes each time results in a huge one hour of lost productivity per person. Even with only eight employees on-site, this would mean the equivalent of losing an extra pair of hands every single day.

Client Relations

Actual productivity is one thing, but perceived productivity is important to keep clients trusting your work deserves to be paid. If you have clients who regularly visit your construction site, chances are they will notice workers leaving and coming back fifteen minutes (or more) later. Hiring a portable toilet also shows that your company cares about its employees more than (theoretically) saving a few pounds each day.


All of our portable toilet units are equipped with hand-washing facilities — including water and soap dispensers. For those who work at a site where there’s a potential for contamination (in addition to general dirt and grime), a sanitary toilet facility is crucial. For productivity, it means less sick-leave taken by employees and an increase in general health and wellness.

No ‘holding’

Quality toilet units remove the discomfort employees may feel if they think they must hold everything in until their official lunch break. While this might not seem like a benefit at a glance — after all, holding it results in no time being taken by employees to relieve themselves — it means that employees are happier and more comfortable during their workday. Studies show that employees are much more productive when they’re happier.

What types of portable toilets are available to hire?

At LetLoos, we have three different types of portable toilet units for construction site hire. These are chemical toilets, hot wash toilets, and mains-connected portable toilets. Each of these have varying features, but all of them have the shared benefit of increasing on-site productivity and helping to maintain a happy workforce.

Our range of portable toilets are top quality. If your site is located in London, Essex or Hertfordshire and you want to learn more about hiring one of our portable toilet units to keep your on-site productivity top-notch, contact us by filling in our online form or calling us on 0800 368 8373 and we’ll give you a FREE, no-obligation quote.