Party Portable Toilet Hire

Ensure your party is a roaring success with party toilet rentals. When attending a party, no one thinks twice about toilets. That’s until they’re a few drinks in and the only toilet has a queue forming. LetLoos provides the perfect solution with portable toilet hire for parties. Available across London, Essex, and Liverpool, we offer a hassle-free service. We carry out professional installation, maintenance and removal. That leaves you to enjoy the party with no concerns over facilities.

Portable Toilets for Party's

Portable Toilet Benefits for Parties

At LetLoos, our portable toilets are perfect for any party location. That includes both inside and outside parties. They can supplement permanent toilets if your numbers are large. Alternatively, they can provide the sole facilities for BBQs, picnics, or festival parties.

Your guests will enjoy comfort and convenience with our self-contained chemical toilets. Hand sanitiser and solar-powered LED lights are included as standard. Secure door locks provide safety and privacy for your party guests.  And we offer options for portable urinals and accessible portable toilets. These come with mobility support handrails and extra space for wheelchair users.

Whatever party you're throwing, party toilet hire has many benefits...

  • Convenience – Portable toilet hire for parties gives flexibility, both for party location and size. No need to worry if the venue facilities will cope with a large number of guests when you have portable toilets.
  • Cost-effective – Don’t pay for an expensive venue just for the toilets – portable facilities make sense.
  • Hygienic - Party toilet hire uses the latest methods to keep everything sanitary. A huge bonus for your party, you can be assured of clean and safe facilities for your guests to use.
  • Fully maintained - Let's face it, a lot of parties can get rowdy and messy. So, don't add toilet cleaning to your list of after-party tasks. Your portable toilets will be maintained, emptied and cleaned by our staff.

Party Portable Toilet Hire Services

How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need For Your Party?

There are quite a few factors to consider when discussing numbers for party toilet hire. Using our online calculator, we can help you figure out how many toilets you need for your guests. For example, a good rule is to hire 1 toilet unit for every 100 guests. And if you have both male and female guests, you should ensure you have a least one for each gender.

Other factors to consider include…

  • Location – You are likely to need more toilet units for a remote party. Providing the right number of facilities for guests can keep them partying longer.
  • Length of time - If your party is 4 hours or more, you will need at least 2 toilets to cater for both men and women. Remember that it is recommended to have 1 toilet per 100 guests.
  • Alcohol - If you are serving alcohol at your party, you'll need to provide enough facilities to avoid queues. Queues could lead to impatient, tipsy or drunk guests becoming disruptive.

Need to provide facilities for your party? Portable toilet hire for parties is an excellent solution. LetLoos provide stress-free party toilet hire for celebrations of every size. There is no need to have an account to order with us, and our expert team will listen and advise on your requirements.

Our team works throughout London, Essex, and Liverpool. We offer a wide variety of toilet units, so you're sure to find what you need for your celebration. Whether you want standard, disabled access, or portable luxury toilets, we can help. Call us or order online/by email. Next-day delivery is guaranteed for orders made before 12 pm.

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