7 Liverpool Construction Projects Planned for the Future

Tower of the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool,Liverpool Construction Projects Planned For The Future

Liverpool is a city seemingly in a state of constant transformation and reinvention. It seems like, almost every month, many of its historic buildings are being renovated and given a new lease of life, while a slew of new construction projects either await or are being given planning permission.

While some residents may be daunted or dismayed by this ceaseless development, others are no doubt excited by the positive changes coming Liverpool’s way – not to mention the new jobs and revenue they could generate.

In addition to new museum projects which are sure to breathe fresh life into the city’s cultural scene – and attract plenty of tourists throughout the year – Liverpool also has several other substantial construction projects in the pipeline for the coming months.

Intrigued? Read on to discover what they are – and, if you are a contractor, discover our helpful advice for providing all of the essential amenities your employees will need to ensure a productive build, including toilet and facilities hire for Liverpool construction sites.

Festival Gardens – one of the most ambitious projects in the North of England

One of Liverpool’s most significant construction projects is undoubtedly the development going on at the city’s Festival Gardens site.

This former landfill offers 22 acres of what is described as ‘prime waterfront land’ for development, with the goal being to potentially construct up to 1,500 new homes. The landfill site was already being excavated in the early months of 2021 by VINCI Building but is now seeking a new developer to take on this housing project.

Until the excavation work carried out by VINCI began, the land had been unused and neglected for 25 years, following its use as part of the 1984 International Garden Festival event which was attended by Queen Elizabeth II.

£45 million has so far been poured into the development of this land, which is divided into three zones, including 25 acres of Oriental Gardens and 37 acres of self-seeded grassland. It is hoped that the development of this site will bring Liverpool long-term economic benefits and millions of pounds worth of revenue.

The Wirral could gain new homes and recreational space

Leverhulme Estate is proposing to build 1000 new homes on its Green Belt property, and also wishes to establish over 3 kilometres of footpaths on its 56 acres of parkland. These footpaths would form connections between the villages of Barnston and Pensby. Leverhulme Estate is also planning to create 23 new parking spaces and bike racks to accommodate 10 bicycles.

As well as providing these ‘sustainable travel links’ and additional space for recreation, the Estate hopes to improve the parkland for its native fauna and flora too. In fact, according to Strutt and Parker, the proposed alterations could improve the park’s biodiversity by almost 90% – an undeniably impressive achievement.

New pharmaceutical production facility slated for Estuary Business Park

A Chinese pharmaceutical company called Pharmaron is seeking permission to re-develop a 10-acre parcel of land in Liverpool’s Estuary Business Park. The company’s aim is to construct a three-storey production site for its products, which would include warehouses, offices and laboratories, in addition to car parking facilities for the staff who would be working there.

There are three proposed phases to Pharmaron’s construction plans, with the first phase having already been recommended for approval.

Former NatWest is to be transformed into a hotel

Liverpool is already home to a variety of hotels, catering to various tastes and budgets, but it will soon accommodate one more. A grandiose building on Castle Street, which was formerly occupied by a branch of Natwest until 2017, has been given the green light by Liverpool City Council to be redeveloped and transformed into a hotel.

The developer is the JSM Company Group and the architect and planner for this project is Wroot Design.

Their plan is to transform part of the Grade II-listed building’s ground floor, and all of its basement and upper floors into a hotel that will span 33,000sqft in total and include 92 guestrooms. With such an elegant historic building to work with, it seems likely that the resulting hotel will provide timelessly sophisticated accommodation for tourists and visitors to Liverpool in the coming years.

Sciontec’s £35 million office building

Liverpool’s science sector is set to receive a significant contribution if Sciontec manages to gain planning permission for its latest project. This exciting build would consist of the first net-zero office building in the city. This 8-storey construction would span 116,000sqft and provide office spaces for various occupiers spanning the science, education, tech and health sectors.

Named HEMISPHERE, the proposed development would hope to achieve an environmental rating that is currently only held by 10% of buildings across the UK. As well as creating hundreds of new jobs and supporting dozens of apprenticeships during construction, HEMISPHERE will feature state-of-the-art facilities such as a wellness studio and various ‘collaboration spaces’.

The building is scheduled for construction beginning in mid-2023 and it is hoped that it will be completed in the summer of 2025.

According to Mayor Steve Rotheram, “Developments like this are befitting of a modern, forward-looking city region like ours. Sciontec’s plans for HEMISPHERE encapsulate much of my vision for the region […] attracting nationwide jobs and housing it all in one of the cleanest, greenest buildings in our region”.

Liverpool Pall Mall residential blocks

Earlier in 2022, Nextdom Property, a locally based investor, submitted an application for planning permission to erect two blocks of residential flats on Liverpool’s Pall Mall, in the north of the CBD.

These twin residential towers have been designed by Falconer Chester Hall and are slated to cost a grand total of £86 million.

Currently, the site that has been chosen to accommodate these blocks consists of sheds and car parking spaces. However, if the plans are approved, it will soon be transformed into two gleaming towers, complete with 8,000sqft of commercial and retail space on the ground floor, as well as a range of apartments with between 1 and 3 bedrooms, and parking spaces for 155 cars.

According to Falconer Chester Hall, the design of the two buildings takes its inspiration from “the historic warehouse/dockland nature of the site” which will be reflected in its arches and brickwork.

240 new homes for Liverpool residents

At the beginning of 2022, property developer Integritas purchased a Pumpfields site with pre-approved planning permission for a development project consisting of 240 new homes. Situated along Oriel and Naylor Streets, this site’s housing scheme is called The Refinery and was approved back in 2019.

It is expected that construction will begin in the final months of 2022.

According to Mitchell Walsh, the managing director of Integritas, the developer is “looking forward to delivering what is to be an exciting new project for the area”.

In fact, the Pumpfields locale is proving very popular with property developers, with a number of other impressive projects having already been proposed for the area. These include significant developments of 2000 new homes, although these have not yet been delivered.

Walsh himself is keen to place his company’s stamp on Liverpool. Not only is he heading up the £15m redevelopment of what used to be the Crown Theatre, but he has also applied for permission to redevelop another site on Commercial Road. The goal is to construct 75 new apartments.

According to Walsh, Liverpool is “certainly the place to be when it comes to property.” He reveals that investors “are flocking” to the city, indicating that the next few years could contain even more exciting transformations for Liverpool.

Your Liverpool construction site amenities – sorted!

If you’re involved with a construction project in Liverpool in the coming months, you’ll probably be hard at work planning every aspect of the build.

While building projects consist of a blend of various skill sets and highly technical jobs that must be completed according to strict regulations, the site itself also has to be managed appropriately.

Part of this management consists of ensuring the well-being of the various workers who will be employed on the project for its duration. This not only includes various aspects of safeguarding and accident prevention but also extends to their physical comfort and basic human rights, such as being able to use a suitable toilet.

To make sure that your construction company remains on the right side of the law and provides a hospitable and productive environment for its workers, one of your roles as a site manager is to provide adequate toilet facilities.

Among the various requirements set out by the Health and Safety Executive, Regulation 20 (Sanitary conveniences) explains that you must provide “suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences” and these must be “readily accessible” by your employees.

The exact number of toilets and washbasins you should provide will depend on the number of workers you employ and their gender. You can find more information here.

When it comes to sourcing these toilets, LetLoos is on hand to help your Liverpool construction site. No matter the size of your project, we’ll ensure your workers have easy access to high-quality portable toilets whenever they need them.

We have several options of toilet available specifically for use on construction sites, so the type you choose will depend on your project’s requirements and on the nature of the site itself.

Fulfilling all of your employees’ standard sanitary needs are these portable site toilets, available for just £25 per toilet per week. To help you work out how many toilets you need for your employees, you can use our quick and convenient calculator. These standard portable chemical toilets are an ideal option as they are simple to install and remove – and they include forearm wash basins that have been designed to comply with HSE regulations.

Because they are entirely portable, they can be placed on-site without the need for any septic tank or even a ground hole. To ensure their high standards of hygiene, each toilet will be steam cleaned before delivery and, as part of the price of hire, we will provide a weekly cleaning and waste removal service to ensure the cleanliness of our loos.

Other helpful options to consider

As well as our standard site toilets, you may wish to hire hot wash or mains-connected portable toilets instead.

Our hot wash toilets have the added benefit of warm or hot running water – as the name suggests – which will help to ensure the hygiene of your workers. Not only does hot water help to eradicate germs but it also provides a more pleasant handwashing experience for construction employees, which means they are more likely to wash their hands for longer. Because they produce hot water, however, these toilets do require connection to a 110v power supply on-site, so this is something to bear in mind if you are considering ordering some of these toilets for your building project.

LetLoos’ mains-connected portable toilets, as you may imagine, will be connected to the mains water to provide a bathroom experience similar to any domestic toilet. Instead of chemicals, they will use mains water to flush, which helps to reduce unpleasant odours and is more convenient, requiring less maintenance. They are also more cost-effective for long-term projects, so this could impact your choice if your proposed build will last more than several months.

Last but not least, for longer-running construction work, you may also require welfare units to ensure the comfort and productivity of your employees. Here at LetLoos, we provide well-equipped welfare units that include all of the amenities they will need during long hours of building.

These sturdy steel-built units come with a chemical toilet and hotwash facilities to promote high standards of hygiene. They also feature conveniences such as a kettle and microwave, soap and toilet rolls for the loo. On top of that, we will throw in a complimentary biscuit box to give your workers the sugary sweetness they need for a pleasurable start to the build.

Whatever project you are working on in Liverpool, to guarantee that your construction site has the highest sanitary standards, look no further than LetLoos. Not only do we offer a fast and efficient service, we also provide competitive rates, weekly servicing and plenty of advice to ensure you and your employees will have everything you need for a comfortable build.

Keen to find out more and get a quick quote? Don’t hesitate to fill out our online form or call us today on 0800 368 8373.