Five myths about portable toilet hire that just aren’t true

five myths about portable toilet hire

If you’re thinking of hiring portable toilets for a wedding, outdoor community event or to provide facilities to contractors and staff on building sites, you might be put off by some common misconceptions about portable toilets that aren’t exactly showing them in the best possible light. 

As portable toilet, hand wash stations and shower units suppliers, we come across some completely untrue statements from people who believe the myths surrounding our services often. In this article, we’ll be busting some of those myths and hopefully proving why portable toilet hire is an excellent solution for your outdoor and temporary toileting needs. 

Portable toilets harm the environment

Just because portable toilets use chemicals to break down human waste, it doesn’t mean that our units are harmful to the environment. Once the portable toilet is full, our teams visit the site to empty the units and the waste is then carried away to be disposed of in a designated facility.

These facilities use processes specifically designed to help protect the environment and adhere to the latest UK legislation regarding the disposal of waste and chemicals. Best practice is assured when renting portable toilets from Letloos.

Another common myth surrounding portable toilets and the environment is water wastage. With such a strong focus on sustainability and protecting the resources we have, you might be surprised to know that portable toilets are actually far less wasteful than standard mains plumbed toilets.

Mains toilets use up to five litres of clean water with every flush, whereas the blue chemicals in portable toilets are reused several times thanks to their ability to break down waste. This makes them far more environmentally friendly than you’d expect.

Another way that environmentally focused events can ensure that their toilet facilities keep their commitment to saving the planet is to provide guests with recycled toilet paper and consider hiring portable hand wash stations complete with hand sanitiser.

This way, the need for paper towels for drying hands is completely removed as hand sanitiser is absorbed into the skin without the need to wipe the hands. The risk of litter and rubbish caused by used paper towels is also completely removed from the event.

Portable toilet Hire: it are unhygienic

Here at Letloos, our chemical toilets undergo an intensive deep clean using high powered steam and chemicals to kill any germs and ensure that each and every unit is thoroughly sanitised before heading off to the next customer.

Steam cleaning means that bacteria is killed instantly due to the high temperatures present. Every nook and cranny is deep cleaned as the steam fills the entire unit and leaves no inch of the portable toilet untouched.

For events that last for a few days, site staff can also use portable water units to hose down the toilets internally during quiet periods to remove muddy floor and to give the portable toilets a quick refresh ready for the next day of the event.

Portable toilets are filled with germs

Another of the most common myths we hear at Letloos is that portable toilets are filled with harmful bacteria. This simply isn’t true, as you are far more likely to find more germs on coins, stairway railings and door handles than you are on a portable toilet seat!

As portable toilets are constructed from plastic, once they’ve been steam cleaned there’s nowhere for germs and other nasties to hide and grow in number, so it’s one of the most hygienic surface materials around.

They can also be regularly rinsed down with clean water during any event and will dry quickly to ensure that they stay fresh and welcoming.

Also, everybody knows just how important it is to sanitise your hands after visiting the toilet, so with a portable hand wash unit, you can provide the facilities needed to keep your event visitors or building site staff happy and healthy.

Portable toilets are unsafe

We’ve all heard of horror stories of people being locked inside portable toilets or having to withstand the embarrassment of having the unit tipped up while someone is inside trying to use the toilet in peace.

Although these childish hijinks do occur, anyone organising an event that’s expected to attract spirited attendees or that will be serving alcohol will usually have site staff supervising the portable toilet areas to ensure guest safety, ensure that queues are orderly and make sure that there’s plenty of loo roll to go around. 

Just in case you’re still concerned about the safety of our portable toilets, being locked in as a practical joke won’t cause you any physical damage as there are plenty of vents to ensure a continual supply of air.

In the event that a portable toilet should be pushed over, their outer shell is highly impact resistant, and any internal fixtures are solid and won’t come off and fall upon anyone inside, so it’s a matter of keeping visitors in check and ensuring that your portable toilets are used correctly by all guests.

Portable toilets are flimsy

Portable toilets from Letloos have been used for weddings, festivals and on construction sites, so you can be assured that they are solid and up to any outdoor terrain or weather conditions.

Constructed with robust, impact resistant high-grade plastics, each base is weighted so that even the most violent gusts of wind won’t knock them over and only the best quality internal fixtures are present to ensure that each unit is hardwearing and very difficult to damage.

They can even withstand knocks and bumps caused by heavy machinery, so they offer an ideal solution for construction sites that don’t yet have plumbed toilets.