How to Find the Right Builders’ Site Toilets in Liverpool

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If you’re in charge of securing portable builders’ toilets for a Liverpool construction site, there are a number of rules and regulations that you have to follow in order to be within the law. Siphoning through all of the legal jargon and documents can be painful, however – particularly if you’re a busy project manager – which is why we’ve compiled this article to help you streamline your search for the right builders’ site toilets in Liverpool. 

We also provide a helpful overview of the particular kinds of builders’ portable toilets, welfare, and sanitation provisions that we can provide, from hot wash site toilets right through to container hires and fresh water services. Keep your employees happy by providing suitable, sanitary and sufficient portable builders toilets and welfare facilities, and make your Liverpool construction site that little bit more welcoming. 

HSE legal requirements for Liverpool construction sites 

First up – in order to find the right type and number of builders’ portable toilets, you’ve got to know how many you’re legally required to provide by HSE. The Health and Safety Executive of the government (HSE) are the national regulator for workplace health and safety, and they’re the body that have established the legal parameters for what employers have to provide for their workforce, including through the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974. So, when you’re looking at booking a portable toilet for builders on a Liverpool construction site, you always need to ensure that you are staying within HSE rules and regulations. 

What kind of portable toilets for builders will you need? 

Following HSE guidelines, you may provide two types of toilets for workers on a construction site: 

Flushing toilets

Where possible, these should be provided. They are connected to a mains water supply and drainage systems. If you are on a site where these types of toilet are not available, you may provide portable toilets that are mains-connected with full flushing facilities which are ideal for longer term projects. Alternatively, you can opt for builders’ portable toilets with a built-in water supply and drainage tanks. 

Chemical toilets

If flushing toilets cannot be provided on a construction site, chemical toilets are another great option. Note that these tend to be more suitable for short term construction projects or at the tail end or beginning of a project. 

How many portable builders’ toilets will you need? 

When you’re trying to determine how many portable builders’ toilets you may need for a site, the most important resource to consult will be the HSE Construction Welfare FAQs.

This states that for sites intending to use chemical toilets, it’s recommended that you have one toilet per seven people on a 40-hour per week schedule. However, this is an average figure, and will also depend on how frequently the chemical toilets are cleaned and restocked.

With flush toilets, you’ll need to ensure you’re following the HSE guidelines for toilets in the workplace.

How to find portable builders’ toilets in Liverpool 

Whatever your builders’ site toilet needs are, LetLoos can help. We provide delivery, installation and collection in our pricing, as well as regular servicing of facilities. Plus, you can even opt for additional servicing at an extra cost should you prefer. Our weekly pricing includes sanitising, hand soap refills, two toilet rolls, air fresheners and the removal of all waste. 

We are able to provide the following types of portable builders’ toilets, depending on your needs and the type of construction site you’re working on. 

Mains connected toilets 

A LetLoos mains connected portable toilet is a cost-effective facility for long term projects. With full flushing facilities and mains water access, these loos offer a freshwater supply and the ability to connect to a drain, making them a more hygienic option as well as one that requires less maintenance. 

Hot wash site toilet 

LetLoos’ chemical hot wash site toilets are an excellent solution for portable builders’ toilets. With the addition of hot water for added hygiene, the sinks in these facilities are HSE-compliant for increased sanitation, providing workers with constant access to premium facilities. They are available for both short-term and long-term projects. 

Portable chemical toilet hire 

Our chemical portable toilets are amongst the most flexible options for construction site facilities as they don’t require a mains water or drainage connection. Installation is simple and efficient, and we’ll also handle the removal process. All units are HSE compliant, are steam cleaned before arrival, and are entirely portable, making them appropriate for both long-term and short-term projects. 

What other welfare facilities are required for a Liverpool construction site? 

As mentioned above, depending on the work being carried out, you may need to coordinate welfare facilities alongside a portable toilet (or toilets) for builders on a worksite. Read on if you find yourself wondering whether you need to provide welfare facilities on a Liverpool site, and exactly why you might need to do so. 

Remember that it’s wise to consider the cleaning and servicing of all sanitation and welfare facilities, which will keep all units hygienic and well-stocked. 

Washing facilities 

If the work that employees are expected to perform involves heavy soiling of the face, hands and forearms, then an employer is expected to provide a greater number of washbasins, which must have adequate space for the washing each affected area. In other words, a portable toilet with only hand sanitiser and/or a small sink is not considered either sufficient or suitable.  

For sites that demand dirty work with heavy soiling, washbasins need to be increased by one extra for every 10 employees, up to a total of 50. For every 20 workers above 50 total, you must provide an extra washbasin. 

Bear in mind that there are also requirements with which you must comply when it comes to the provision of washing facilities on a Liverpool construction site, as well as factoring in actual building site toilets. 

In order to follow HSE rules, washing facilities need to be proximate and accessible to both the builders’ site toilets, and any changing rooms. Hand washing facilities should not be the same as those used for eating and drinking – and separate wash facilities are particularly important to separate from eating and rest areas if workers are likely to be exposed to hazardous substances, which can include lead, cement or micro-organisms. This is essential to prevent contamination. 

Otherwise, the rules for washing facilities are as follows: 

  • Hot and cold, clean, running water must be provided – warm is adequate if both hot and cold is not available 
  • There must be adequate ventilation and light 
  • Towels or other means of drying be provided 
  • Soap or other means of cleaning be provided 
  • Showers should be made available depending on the work 


Shower units give your workers a quick and easy way to remove workplace dirt alongside hazardous substances.  

LetLoos’ units are designed to withstand heavy use and are easy to use. Hot and cold showers are available, and we’ll provide a complete delivery and installation. 

Welfare units 

If your project is expected to last over 30 days, then you are legally required to provide a welfare unit for your employees. 

LetLoos’ welfare units provide space for six workers to make the most of breaktimes, and come thoroughly steam cleaned and stocked with essentials. We provide emptying and cleaning services as standard, and will ensure that all equipment is provided, including a kettle, microwave, soap and toilet roll. We’ll also handle delivery and collection. 


If your construction site does not have access to drinkable running water, you need to figure out another way of providing your workforce with fresh water for drinking. 

LetLoos’ fresh water replenishment tankers are locked and tagged, as well as compliant with HSE and UK water regulations. We also offer IBC water tank hire, which provides water for welfare units, washbasins and non-mains connected flushing toilets. These are also registered with the environmental agency, and LetLoos can coordinate all of your delivery, removal and upkeep needs.  

Secure your Liverpool builders’ site toilets today 

Finding and securing portable toilets for builders in Liverpool is easy with LetLoos. We have a range of construction site sanitation and welfare facilities for workforces of all sizes, and can deliver, install, empty and remove all of our HSE-compliant units according to your schedule. Contact us today on 0151 433 2717 and get your builders’ toilets locked in.