VIP Toilet Trailer

Our VIP luxury toilet hire trailers provide extra comfort for guests. These units are spacious and constructed using high-quality materials.



  • Includes comfortable, hygienic and practical interiors.
  • Constructed with premium-quality materials.
  • Ample space and size within every luxury toilet trailer.
  • A luxury finish for maximum comfort.
  • Premium bathroom look and feel.

Our luxury portable toilets aim to take comfort to the next level. The use of quality materials and attractive finishes ensures that your guests will feel comfortable at your event. Our VIP toilets provide ample space, ensuring that every guest’s comfort is prioritised.

Luxury toilet hire is the perfect solution when you want to provide a pristine bathroom environment for your guests.

To ensure your guests get the VIP treatment, our VIP toilets provide the high-quality that you would expect from a traditional fitted bathroom.

Our luxury VIP toilets are larger than your standard portable toilet. For more information about the size of our luxury toilet trailers and to find out if they are suitable for your location, please contact a member of our team.

Contact LetLoos for more information about our VIP luxury toilet trailers and for your free, no-obligation quote.

Our luxury trailers are suitable for a variety of events, from outdoor festivals and wedding receptions to construction sites. As long as there is a flat surface and plenty of space, we can supply luxury toilet trailers for your event.

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Simply call us today or complete our contact form to hire our luxury toilet trailers for your next big event.

Categories: FAQs, VIP Toilet

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Height:3050 mm
Width:2226 mm
Depth:6860 mm

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