Portable Toilet Hire Cost in Liverpool: Everything You Need to Know

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Whether you’re having your domestic bathroom renovated, hosting a festival with hundreds of attendees, or you’re in charge of a Liverpool construction site, having a portable toilet – or several – is essential. In fact, in the case of building sites and large events, they are a requirement. This means that, if you are responsible for the site, you need to make sure you have the right number of portable toilets available to cater to the needs of staff and guests. You may even need to invest in welfare facilities.  

Regardless of the scenario, if you’re in need of portable toilet hire in Liverpool, we’re on hand to help. Read on to discover all about the costs involved in hiring portable toilets and plenty of top tips for choosing the right toilets for your needs and budget. We’ll also cover some of the factors you need to take into consideration when you hire portable loos in Liverpool to help make the whole process as seamless and stress-free as possible.  

Toilet hire in Liverpool – a handy cost break-down 

Here at LetLoos, we don’t believe that you should have to break the bank to enjoy high-quality portable toileting facilities within easy reach, whether you’re working in construction or attending a festival.  

That’s why we offer a standard portable toilet for just £25 a week. For a tad more luxury, our hot wash and mains-connected portable toilets are priced slightly higher, at £30 and £35 per week respectively.  

If you require easy-access portable loos for disabled guests or visitors, these larger and thoughtfully modified toilets are available at £45 per week.  

However, the total cost of your portable toilet hire in Liverpool will depend on several factors. These include:  

The kind of toilets you need – and the number  

Unsurprisingly, some types of portable toilets will be more expensive than the standard model. Our luxury toilet trailers and 4-man urinals, for example, will be priced higher.  

The total price will also depend on how many toilets you rent. If you are on a tight budget, or if you’re not sure how many toilets you need, our knowledgeable team will be able to assist you and offer helpful advice on selecting the right toilets for your requirements.  

Hiring multiple toilets will typically work out cheaper than hiring single units. This could be something to bear in mind, particularly if you will be catering for several people or for large crowds.  

The length of time you need the toilets for 

How long you need the toilets for will have an impact on the price. While hiring a standard portable toilet for four days or for over a week works out the same, if you require portable loos for several weeks or even longer, we can provide competitive rates.  

What is included in the price of your portable toilet rental in Liverpool? 

When you opt for portable toilet rental in Liverpool through LetLoos, you will receive more than just the loos.  

As standard, our toilet rental service includes convenient extras including hand sanitiser, two toilet rolls per toilet and as much air freshener as you require to keep your toilets smelling fresh as a daisy.  

We also offer a weekly cleaning and maintenance service, to keep the toilets in good condition, and we take care of the waste removal to save you the hassle.  

If you require portable toilet hire in Liverpool for a festival or similar event, you may also wish to take advantage of our toilet attendant hire. We can provide staff to work on-site for the duration of the event, keeping the toilets looking and smelling fresh, and restocking toilet rolls and sanitiser as needed.  

Not only do they provide a helpful service, but having our attendants on hand to assist you means that you and your own staff can get on with orchestrating the event itself and making sure everything goes according to plan. 

The right portable toilet for the right situation  

When it comes to choosing which portable loos to hire for your Liverpool construction site or local event, the range of choices can make things confusing. You may also be uncertain about how many toilets you require for the number of people you’re catering to.  

Fortunately, our experienced team is always on hand to field your questions and fill you in on the necessary legal requirements. By understanding your unique requirements, we can help you choose the perfect portable toilets to suit your needs and keep everyone happy and comfortable.  

At the end of the day, the type of toilets you end up hiring will be decided by your specific needs. The toilets you book for events such as music festivals and family fairs will be different from the portable toilets required by construction sites. Read on to find out more. 

Portable toilets for events 

Whether you’re planning a Liverpool wedding, organising a concert, throwing a party or hosting a festival, having the right portable toilets is essential. You don’t want the experience of your guests to be ruined by smelly, poor-quality toilets, or by having to wait in a lengthy queue to even be able to use the facilities.  

To make sure your attendees have everything they need for a pleasant and hygienic toileting experience, we offer event-focused portable toilet hire in Liverpool, with a range of options for you to choose from. As well as our standard loos, these include: 

Luxury toilet trailers 

Our luxury toilet trailers provide a tasteful bathroom environment that will make your guests feel like VIPs. As well as being spacious and thoughtfully designed, these expertly constructed trailers can cater to dozens of people – both men and women – and come equipped with the essentials. Made out of high-quality materials, these luxury toilet trailers offer the look and feel of a hotel bathroom, but can be used safely and comfortably in the midst of a field or country estate. 

4-man urinals 

Catering to your male visitors, our 4-man urinals are a cost-effective and space-saving option for any event. Easy to install and remove, these urinals can accommodate a large number of male guests and come in a range of sizes so you can choose the type of urinal that suits your needs. If you feel your male toilet users will require extra privacy, we offer specially designed fencing panels – just ask a member of our team for more information.  

Easy-access toilets  

If you will be having disabled guests at your event, it is vital that you provide the appropriate toilet facilities so they can use the bathroom easily.  

Our disabled portable toilet units have been specially designed for comfort and convenience. They feature motion-activated LED lighting and handholds to provide extra support. They also provide ample space to move around in.  

Mobile shower units 

If you’re hosting an event that runs over the course of several days, it’s not enough to just provide toilets. To keep your visitors comfortable and refreshed, why not invest in some mobile shower units 

Our deluxe units come equipped with shower cubicles, ample changing areas, anti-slip flooring for safety and various must-have amenities. Static units are also available if you prefer. 

Toilet hire for construction sites in Liverpool 

Having appropriate portable toilet facilities on your Liverpool construction site is a must – and, in fact, it’s a legal requirement. All construction sites must, by law, provide ‘suitable and sufficient’ toilet facilities for their employees.  

The recommended number of portable chemical toilets is one for every 7 workers working 40-hour weeks – if the waste is removed once a week. However, if the waste is emptied twice a week, then the recommendation is two toilets per 7 workers.  

Another recommendation involves ease of access. Your workers should be able to use these toilets quickly and conveniently, without having to queue for long periods, and they should have toilet breaks when appropriate to ensure their health and well-being.  

There are several kinds of toilets you can sign up for when it comes to portable toilet rental in Liverpool for your construction site. These include: 

Standard portable on-site toilets 

Our convenient, standard chemical toilets are the ideal option for any construction site. Designed to meet health and safety standards, these portable on-site toilets are steam-cleaned before they are delivered to you, in order to ensure the highest levels of hygiene. Plus, they are serviced on a weekly basis to keep them in good working order for your construction workers. Each toilet includes a forearm wash basin to comply with regulations.  

Easy both to install and to remove, these chemical toilets do not require any mains services or septic tank in order to provide a functional and effective toileting facility for your staff. Same-day or next-day delivery can be arranged too.  

Hot wash toilets 

These toilets are similar to the standard portable loos, but they come with a provision for warm or hot running water, thereby guaranteeing a hygienic washing experience.  

As a result of the hot water function, our hot wash toilets do require access to a 110v power supply on your construction site, so this is something to bear in mind when ordering them for your employees.  

Mains connected toilets 

For long-term construction projects, mains-connected portable toilets may be a preferable option to the standard mobile loos, in terms of both comfort and convenience.  

Because they will be connected to the mains, they will operate in the same way as any office or domestic toilet, flushing with water and benefitting from a continual freshwater supply. Because these toilets are less prone to odour and also require less maintenance, they are a cost-effective option for long-running building work.  

Will you need extra facilities?  

As well as various toilet options for construction sites, we offer additional mobile facilities such as shower and welfare units. Not sure if your site requires a welfare unit? Check out this helpful advice article to find out more.  

If you do require them, our HSE-compliant welfare units come well-equipped with a chemical toilet and hotwash facilities. We also make sure they are stocked with thoughtful essentials to guarantee your employees’ well-being. These include a microwave and kettle, toilet rolls, and soap – we will even throw in a box of biscuits to get your team’s construction work off to a delicious start! 

Portable toilet rental in Liverpool – things to consider 

Before you confirm an order for portable toilet hire in Liverpool, there are a few things to consider, in addition to working out the number and type of toilets you require.  

For instance, you should consider the venue and its layout. Is your venue easily accessible to ensure the quick and convenient installation of portable toilets? Are there specific areas where you want the toilets to be placed? Making sure you have plenty of toilets located throughout the venue is a must, particularly if it encompasses a wide area. 

You may also wish to consider what the weather will be like. If your event is being held during the hot summer months, you may need more toilets, as your guests are likely to drink a lot more fluids to stay hydrated.  

Another thing to consider is how many disabled guests and families you will be welcoming to your site, as you should make sure there are plenty of easy-access facilities for them to use.  

Need a quote for toilet hire in Liverpool? 

Now you know how much portable toilet rental in Liverpool will cost, and you’ve read up on our helpful tips and advice, it’s time to start ordering your mobile loos!  

Here at LetLoos, we offer quotes specific to each individual client. As a result, we require details of your situation so we can provide the required number and type of toilets to fulfill your needs.  

All you need to do is fill out our quick and easy online enquiry form, and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible. We will ask a few more questions, work out the precise nature of your needs and make recommendations accordingly. We will then give you a quote for the total price.  

Have any further questions? Our live chat service is available to give you the answers you need right away! 

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