Clever Chemicals that Endure: Portable Toilet Hygiene

portable toilet hygiene

Long lasting, effective toilet chemicals are essential for portable toilet hygiene. But they also need to be safe for humans. Until recently little was known about the extent of the germs and pathogens present in portable toilets, and as such, they were all treated with formaldehyde-based chemicals.

But with research and legislation pointing towards the need for enduring clever chemicals that are environmentally friendly; portable toilet rental companies are changing the way that they do things. They’re moving away from older, less stable chemicals and embracing environmentally friendly alternatives to provide the right solution for events and functions that require portable toilet hire.

A New Long-Lasting, Environmentally Friendly Approach Using Clever Chemicals

The best solution balances the need for liquid chemicals that are not harmful to the environment but are still effective in killing pathogens. In the past, the most popular solution was to use formaldehyde. But this chemical has been found to be an irritant causing conditions such as watery eyes, burning eyes, nose, and throat as well as coughing, wheezing, nausea and skin irritation.

In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, it is a carcinogen and has been linked to a higher rate of certain types of cancers for people who are regularly exposed to the chemical. At a government level in the United Kingdom, the supply and use of formaldehyde have also been restricted to protect end-users from unnecessary exposure.

The phasing out of formaldehyde has seen the introduction of a number of greener chemical alternatives for portable toilet hygiene. The eco-friendly approach of this new generation of clever chemical is to introduce beneficial enzymes and microbes. These enzymes and microbes feed on odour-causing bacteria, and at the same time offer a pleasant fragrance. The result of this is that any visit to a portable toilet should be a more enjoyable experience.

Three Important Clever Chemicals Used in Portable Toilet Hygiene

The three primary ‘clever’ chemicals that work together in portable toilet hygiene are dyes, biocides and emulsifiers. They work together to make the disinfecting and odour-removal process effective and safe for humans.


Dyes are a clever solution to two different issues. A deep blue dye is used to firstly disguise unsightly waste during the toilet experience and secondly for its colour-changing properties. This ingenious solution means that the toilet chemicals slowly change from blue to green as an indicator that the chemical’s deodorising abilities are no longer fully effective.

At LetLoos this is less of an issue as we regularly service our portable toilets. This means that the chemicals are replaced and the waste emptied before the dye fully changes from blue to green.


Biocides are the smart solution to preventing the growth and multiplication of any odour-producing bacteria in the waste collection process. They’re widely used, not just for portable toilet hygiene, to control the populations of any unwanted (and potentially harmful) organisms and microorganisms.

They’re a great option as, unlike formaldehyde, they’re completely safe for humans. And, because they’re so effective, they ensure that a portable toilet will not need to be serviced every day. This makes them a good solution for multi-day events or the installation of a portable toilet at a building or construction site.


It’s important that the biocides are able to work as effectively as possible. Emulsifiers, sometimes called surfactants, are dissolved into the cleaning chemicals and work to reduce the surface tension between the biocides and the waste that they act on. This significantly increases the ability of biocides to work effectively on waste in a portable toilet which means that the same amount of product is able to work on a larger volume of waste.

How Clever Chemicals Work to Make a Portable Toilets a Good Solution

The hardworking clever chemicals are quick and easy to install and make an exceptionally effective water-wise solution.

Quick and Easy Installation

The chemicals in a portable toilet are stored below the toilet seat in a reservoir. When the toilet is flushed, these chemicals act to reduce odour and break down the waste as well as being a partial waste disinfectant.

Because the chemicals work effectively, there is no need for the portable toilet to be connected to a drainage or water supply. This means that hiring a portable toilet for an event is a simple process where the units can be installed quickly, and are compliant with all health and safety requirements.

The use of clever chemicals makes the installation and use of portable toilets simple and stress-free making them the perfect hygienic solution for a corporate event, a festival or event, or a construction site.

Water-Wise Solution

Self-sufficient portable toilets use significantly less water than regular toilets thanks to the efficient, hardworking chemicals. Where an average toilet uses 13 litres of water per flush, that adds up quickly for a large event.

Get the Most from Your Clever Portable Toilet Chemicals

Weather is the primary factor that impacts the effectiveness of the chemicals in a portable toilet. In the warmer month, portable toilets can get very warm if they are standing in the sun. This exposure to heat causes odour-producing bacteria to multiply faster which in turn creates a malodourous toilet.

In these situations, and where toilets are expected to receive heavy traffic, the chemicals may need to be replaced more regularly in order for the toilet to function optimally. And for those warmer days, a good option is to place portable toilets in the shade where possible.

At LetLoos, we understand the importance of using clever chemicals that are long lasting for enduring portable toilet hygiene. Our priority is to offer our clients safe, hygienic, clean toilets that meet the stringent criteria set out by our Environmental Accreditations. To do this our chemicals are carefully chosen to have as small an environmental impact as possible, without affecting the efficacy of our portable toilets.

Because of the chemicals we use, our portable toilets are enduringly hygienic, easy and quick to install and offer a water-wise, eco-friendly solution for your next event or function.